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Latanya Gray felt her buzzer vibrate. Someone else was requiring her technical skills. She ignored it for the moment. She kept sucking the cock that was in her mouth. She gripped her dark breasts in her hands because she knew the scientist was watching. Men loved to see her breasts as she squeezed and pulled on them. Her breasts were just as important to men as her lips, her tongue or her ability to swallow any length of cock.

Layanta knew that sucking cock is only a small part of a blowjob. There was presentation. There was enthusiasm. There was quite a bit of eye contact. Anyone can put a cock in their mouth but it took skill to get that cock to come.

The scientist climaxed. Latanya felt his seed fill her mouth. She moaned with pleasure. She didn’t need to fake her enjoyment. Latanya loved sucking cocks. It was something she was very good at. In less enlightened times, she might have to work as a prostitute or a very promiscuous housewife but because it was 2010, Latanya had a job at Von Madd Laboratories as an Oral Technician. The young woman never attended college but everyday she helped brilliant scientists get over their frustration and work stress in order to create the world’s greatest sex toy products and applications.

Dr. Zeckary looked down at her with something close to worship on his face. “Thank you,” he whispered. “I feel a lot better about those failed lubrication tests now.”

Latonya stood up and buttoned her blouse. “No problem. That is what I am here for. If you can just fill out this client satisfaction form and turn it in before Friday that would be great. We are always interested in becoming better serving our clients.”

Dr. Zeckary nodded weakly. He was too relaxed to even button his pants. Latonya considered him to be a job well done.

She stepped out into the hall and checked her pager. The room number on the screen made her frown. She knew that office. It belonged to the head of Von Madd Laboratories, Dr. Otto Von Madd himself.

“Son of a bitch,” Latonya whispered. Dr. Von Madd was the one down side of the job. Oh, he was polite and he kept his cock very clean unlike some scientists in the Theoretical Penetrations department, but he had this one annoying habit when he used Latonya’s mouth: he never climaxed. After a few minutes of sucking, Dr. Von Madd always makes a genius breakthrough and then dismisses her. He always gave her a great review but it was personally annoying. Latonya liked to finish a job.

“This time,” Latonya muttered. “This time the asshole is going to come.”

She checked herself in the mirror that was stationed outside Dr. Von Madd’s office. Her standard uniform was a red blouse and a red skirt that came down just shy of her ergonomics required kneepads. Knowing the Doctor’s tastes, Layonya popped open all the buttons on her blouse except the bottom one. She also pulled her skirt completely off and left it in the hallway. She ran her fingers through her bush of pubic hair and made sure she had a few dew drops of desire clinging to her hair. She gave each nipple a hard twist and licked her lips.

She walked into his office. Dr. Von Madd was sitting at his desk. His pants were already removed. He had his purple goggles on so she couldn’t tell what part of her he was staring at. She knew he was staring because his hard cock bounced twice with anticipation.

“Excellent, I am glad it is you, Latonya,” Dr. Von Madd said. “The thermodynamics of this new chastity gel is very perplexing. I know I can figure it out with your help.”

Latonya nodded. She had no idea what that shit meant. She didn’t care. She was going to make that cock pop.

She looked at him as she dropped down to her knees. He looked down at her as she stuck her tongue out. Without the use of her hands, she used her tongue to guide his cock into her mouth. Her lips sealed over his cock as she took him. Down she went, relaxing her throat until she had all of him in her.

She kept her eyes on him. The goggles hid his eyes and she wasn’t sure if he was looking at her. When he groaned, she felt a small triumph. He was probably thinking about this science shit but his body couldn’t ignore her.

Latonya reached between her legs. She was as wet as he was hard. She used both hands and stroked herself. One hand plunged inside her while the other rubbed at her clitoris. She couldn’t help moaning which is what she wanted. Her lips and throat vibrated with his cock inside her.

“Maybe a pseudo-plastic coating would work…” Dr. Von Madd muttered.

He was thinking. Less experienced Oral technicians would have resorted to speed. They would face fuck themselves in order to coax a climax as fast as possible. Latonya knew better. The only thing that was going to get Von Madd’s attention was technique.

She lifted her head and let his cock fall out of her mouth. One of her pussy soaked hands grabbed his cock and gave it a slight squeeze. She stuck out her tongue and licked the side of his cock. A brilliant man like Dr. Von Madd can make an epiphany at any moment but Latonya licked as slowly as she could. Up one side of his cock and then down the other. Her hand gripped the base of his cock to keep him still while her mouth traveled over him.

“Then I can use a graduated-oh, that’s good!” Dr. Von Madd groaned.

Latonya’s own sex clenched. That was the first time she had ever made him lose this train of thought! She reached for his hand. She cupped his hand to her dark breast and squeezed. She wanted him to feel how plump she was. She wanted to make him think of tits and mouth instead of his science crap.

“I…I…really enjoy this technique….” Dr. Von Madd said between moans.

Latonya let go of his hand. He was groping her enough on his own. She reached for his balls and gently played with them. His cock went back into her mouth as her fingers stroked his balls. She caressed his balls gentler than any lover. She wanted every part of him to be aware of her.

She sucked just a little harder on his cock. It was the smallest amount of suction so that he would have to pay attention to even notice it. When his hand tightened on her breast, she knew it worked. She had Dr. Von Madd’s attention.

Some of the other Oral Technicians did tongue exercises. They developed techniques that involved pressure points and rapid flicking. Latonya thought that was pointless. All the tongue tricks in the world couldn’t beat an affectionate mouth.

“We should really improve our oral simulator,” Dr. Von Madd groaned.

Latonya smiled with his cock in her mouth. He was talking about work but at least it was about her work. She pulled her mouth up his cock until only the head was between her lips. She used her fingers to stroke his cock. She used upward strokes, as if she was trying to pull the seed into her mouth.

He let go of her breast. Both of his hand went to her head. His fingers enmeshed with her frizzy hair. He didn’t pull her head down. He was trusting to her skills.

Latonya sucked.

A burst of semen landed on her tongue. She almost cheered with joy, but she kept sucking. She took more of him into her mouth as Dr. Von Madd ejaculated down her throat. Her whole body was tingling with excitement. She had finally made him come!

When he was done, she looked up at him. He was certainly looking down at her. The googles hid his eyes but there was no hiding the giddy smile on his face.

“Well done,” Dr. Von Madd. “You have relieved my tension but unfortunately I no longer give a fuck about the new chastity gel.”

Latonya gave his cock another lick. “I am happy to help. I am sure you will be inspired to work again shortly.”

“Well, I do have an idea or two for a better oral simulator using that new android technology we devolped,” Dr. Von Madd said. He reached a for a notepad and a pen.

Latonya rose from her kneeling position and buttoned her shirt. Dr. Von Madd was already hard at work. He didn’t notice as she quietly slipped out of his office. That was okay. The taste of his seed was all the thanks she needed.

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