Sep 082010

Lori looked at her phone. The caller ID had to be wrong. She hadn’t heard from him for six months. She had to anwser.

“Jack?” she said.

“Hello, Lori,” the voice said. Lori felt a shiver run down her spine.

“Why are you calling?”

“I was horny,” Jack said. He was always that direct. “I was about to take my cock in hand and I thought I would call you.”

Lori felt her face redden. “Jack, we broke up six months ago.”

“So?” he said. “I’m horny and I know you like hearing me come. “

“I have a boyfriend now,” she said.

“You had a boyfriend when we first fucked,” Jack said. “I am heading for my chair. You got five seconds to decide. Do I do this alone, or do you want in?”

Lori bit her lip. “William is picking me up in half an hour,” she said.

“Your choice,” he said.

“Wait!” she said. “Let me get my vibrator.”

“Hurry up,” Jack said. “I just took off my pants.”

Lori scrambled for her vibrator. It was beside her bed. She wiggled our of her pants as fast as possible.

Jack was already moaning. His cock was so sensitive. Lori had fond memories of lightly touching him and watching his cock twitch and throb. She loved having that effect on him.

“I have my vibrator,” Lori said. She turned it on beside the phone so he could hear it. Sitting down on the bed, she spread her legs as she positioned the vibrator.

Jack was still moaning. “Slip it in,” he said. “Slide it in fast, like I used to go in.”

Lori remembered well. She forced the vibrator into her with a sharp thrust. It took her breath away to be so suddenly violated.

It was something William never did.

“What are you wearing?” Lori gasped.

Jack laughed. “I’m wearing that black shirt you got me. The one with the silver swirls. Other than that, I’m wearing nothing. What about you?”

“I’m wearing that red blouse, the one I wore to your friend’s birthday party. You remember it? It really showed off my breasts and I have a red bra to push everything up.”

“I remember it,” Jack said. He let out a long groan. “I remember grabbing your tits. I remember squeezing while you grabbed my cock.”

It was Lori’s turn to moan. She was plunging the vibrator in. It reminded her of long summer nights of Jack fucking her so hard that her thighs would be bruised. It had been a long time since anything of hers had been bruised.

“I miss eating your pussy,” Jack said.

“I miss sucking your cock,” Lori said.

“I miss bending you over the breakfast bar,” Jack moaned.

“I miss giving you handjobs in your car,” Lori groaned.

“I miss hearing you scream,” Jack whispered.

“I miss hearing you yell,” Lori whimpered.

Neither said anything for a minute. Lori thought she could hear him stroking but it might have been her imagination. She wondered if he could hear her pussy as it was being fucked. She liked to think he could.

Jack yelled. It started loud and then faded into a stuttering groan. He had climaxed. He had made a huge mess and she wasn’t there to lick up like she used to

Lori came. She screamed as she kept thrusting. Jack wouldn’t stop for her climaxes, so neither would she. Only when her sex could take no more did she stop.

She could hear him breathing. The brief flash of sexual insanity was fading. She had regrets about what she had just done. She also had regrets that it was over already.

“You can’t call me like this again,” she said. Lori felt she had to take a stand. She couldn’t let him sabotage what she was starting with William.

“I know,” Jack said. “Next time it will be your turn to call me.”

He hung up.

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  1. Oh, what a rush. Dirty and delicious.

  2. Caramella- Thanks :)

  3. That was fantastic!

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