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The hood was pulled from Maz Warper’s head. The execution chamber was brightly lit. His hands were bound behind his back and he seemed to be standing against some sort of pole. Heavy manacles held onto his feet and prevented him from taking a single step. As his eyes adjusted to the light, he noticed the video cameras. Undoubtedly his execution was going to be broadcast all over the planet of Euphoria.

Maz realized he really shouldn’t have written that paper about the power of free democratic elections. Especially not when the current ruler was the crazy and highly dangerous Queen Erishella.

The Queen was here for his execution. In accordance with the seriousness of the event, she was wearing a black gown from shoulders to her feet. Because she was a Queen, diamonds were woven into the gown so that it shimmered with every move. Because she was a hedonistic dictator, a hole in the gown allowed her lefty breast to be exposed in all of its pert glory. Her long black hair was swept up in a tower that defied gravity.

“Mr. Warper,” the Queen said. “You have been tried and convicted of trying to organize in the interest of treasonous elections. You have been found guilty of trying to incite the people to elect unqualified men and women to rule over them. You have been found guilty of not loving your Queen. You have been sentenced to death but I have decided to show you mercy. “

Maz shook his head. “A society held under the control of a tyrant can never know mercy!”

Queen Erishella surprised him by clapping her hands. “Very nicely said. “Your death spasms are going to be good, I can tell. Shall I explain your execution now?”

The Queen stepped closer to him. His eyes were drawn to the single breast the gown exposed. It was free of any kind of support but yet it was so round and firm. If he was a weak willed royalist, he might believe such a breast was divine.

“It is quite simple,” the queen said. “A group of nanobots had been inserted into your body. Right now it is binding itself to your nervous system. It is waiting for a trigger to release the deadly neurotoxins inside you. Can you imagine what they trigger is?”

“Your command?” Maz said.

“Oh, that is a good idea but not very entertaining,” Queen Erishella said. “No, the trigger is an orgasm. And to make it more interesting, the nanobots will self destruct within a certain time limit and you will be unharmed. Well, you will be sent to the prison planet of Tor, but you will not be killed by the poisons. In fact, the time limit is five minutes from starting now.”

“All I have to do is not climax in five minutes?” Maz said. “That is easy.”

“It is not so easy to defy your Queen,” Erishella said. “Do you see this breast? “ She gently pinched her nipple. “Would you consider it perfect?”

“Yes,” Maz admitted.

Queen Erishella smiled. “My mouth is better.”

The Queen dropped to her knees in a graceful motion. Warm lips engulfed Maz’s cock and he cried out. Oh, it was so much better! Soft heat wrapped around his cock while her tongue lapped at him. Within seconds he was hard.

“No,” he moaned. He had to be strong. He tried to think of jet cycles. He tried to think of his mother. He even tried thinking about statistical voting analysis but it was useless. Erishella’s mouth defeated any mind trick he tried to play on his cock.

It didn’t help that he was surrounded by video screens. The cameras caught every angle and every angle was being displayed for his view. Over here he could see a side view of his cock disappearing between the Queen’s lips. Beside it was a screen showing the view from underneath Maz and how his balls pressing against the Queen’s chin. One camera was dedicated solely to showing the Queen’s exposed breast sway back and forth as the Queen bobbed her head.

Erishella took his cock out of her mouth. His cock was covered in spit. She stroked him slightly as she pressed the tip of his cock against her cheek.

“No one denies their Queen,” she said.

She took him back in her mouth. Any snappy comeback that Maz had was forgotten as he felt the back of her throat. Her tongue did something tricky to his cock and he bit his lip to keep from climaxing.

That was when he noticed the clock. There was a screen telling him that he had exactly four minutes of sucking to survive. He was sure the viewers at home had access to the clock as well.

He had to keep from climaxing in the Queen’s mouth. He had to do it for freedom!

The Queen touched his balls. She cupped them in her hand and rolled them in her palm. Maz began to tremble. He had to resist. He had to ignore how great that felt.

Three minutes and thirty seconds remained.

The Queen took him out of her mouth and kissed down the side of his girth. Her lips wrapped around his cock from the side as her tongue slipped under. Up and down she slid his cock between her lips, playing him like some sort of perverse musical instrument. Oh, how badly did Maz want to explode!

Three minutes left.

Both hand wrapped around his cock. Strong powerful strokes directed his cock to her lips. The Queen looked up at him and stuck out her tongue. She was giving him a place to climax. She was allowing him the pleasure of shooting onto her tongue and lips. All he had to do was give in.

Two minutes and thirty-six seconds left.

He was back inside her mouth. The Queen took him between her lips and kept going. Down, down, down her throat he went until she was pressing her face against his crotch. He could feel her gasping breath. He had often wanted to choke the queen but he never imagined he would do it with his cock.

One minute and fifty seconds left.

The Queen caved in her cheeks with the power of her suction. Maz groaned as he felt the force of her suction. It was tight, so wonderfully, deliciously, fatally tight. She pulled her head back ever so slowly so that every inch of his cock that came free had to pull against her tight lips.

One minute and seventeen seconds left.

The Queen was moving impossibly fast on his cock. Up and down, she was fucking his cock with her mouth. Spit dribbled from her mouth. The tower of her black hair became loose and fell all round her shoulders. She was impaling herself on his cock faster than his hips could ever move. He had never seen a woman facefuck herself.

Forty-three seconds left.

He was going to live! He knew it! Despite the royal harlot’s best actions, he was going to live!

The Queen slowed down. For a moment he thought she had stopped but no, she was just going very slow. Her tongue traced the veins of his cock with a casual laziness. She was tracing her way up to the tip of his cock.

Thirty-six seconds left.

Her lips were around the tip of his cock. She gently licked at the opening of his cock. One, two, three, four licks as she tried to draw his seed out.

“Oh no,” he groaned. He could feel it coming.

The Queen’s eyes looked up at him. She was holding him with her right hand. He realized she did that so he could have an obstructed view of her left breasts. It was such a perfect breast but the Queen was right: her mouth was better.

Twenty-eight seconds left.

He was going to climax. He could feel it surging. The Queen seemed to notice as well. Her grip around the base of his cock tightened. He winced from the pain but he realized what she was doing, she was stopping his climax. For some reason, the Queen was saving his life.

Nineteen seconds left.

Maz was in a sweet limbo of pleasure and agony. He was on the verge of a climax but the Queen’s grip was stopping it. She was still sucking him though. Her tongue, lips and mouth were still seducing him. It felt great but he was so confused. What did he do to earn such mercy?

Eleven seconds left.

He was looking down at the Queen. She had his cock out of her mouth but her tongue was licking him. She flattened her tongue against his cock with each lick.

Queen Erishella looked up at him and winked.

Her iron tight grip on his cock relaxed.

Three seconds left.

He climaxed. A surge of seed flew from his cock and onto the lapping tongue of Queen Erishella. His cock betrayed him and pumped load after load until the vile woman’s lips. The bitch hadn’t spared him; she just wanted a dramatic finish.

The Queen’s seed stained face looked up at him as the poison kicked in. He was pleased to see that a drop had landed on that beautiful bare breast.

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  1. I’m grinning. This was the perfect story to read after giving my sadistic and insatiable Master a half hour blow job.

    Well, at least a half an hour. I couldn’t quite see the clock from where I was…


  2. One of the best stories so far. Very nice.

  3. Hottest one yet!

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