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Three lovely women waited in front of me. I had the power of their academic future in my hand. They looked at me with fear, anxiety and in the case of Marie, open lust. One word from me could crush their hopes or make their dreams come true.

Fuck, I love my job.

“Hello ladies,” I said in a not at all sleazy way. “My name is Mr. Werner and I will be handling your admissions interview. As you know, Eros University only accepts the finest minds and bodies into their exclusive halls. Our students graduate to become United Stats Governors. All of you are very qualified but it is my job to determine which one of you three will go on to attend Eros University. For the other two, I guess you can become sex bloggers or something.

“Now you may be wondering why all three of you are having your interview at the same time. We believe that competition inspires greatness. In the erotic professions, there will always be someone smarter or prettier than you. It is up to you find your own niche and exploit it. You might as well learn to do that now.

Let’s take a moment to introduce ourselves, shall we?” I turned to the girl to my left. “You, tell us about yourself.”

“My name is Marie,” said the eager African-American girl. “I was a cheerleader in high school and I managed to seduce every member of the football team, the baseball team and the basketball team. I even fucked the mascot and three of my fellow cheerleaders. I love to fuck and I want to make a career of it. That’s why I would be perfect for Eros University.”

The next girl cleared her throat. She took a deep breathe and her already voluptuous freckled cleavage swelled in front of my eyes. She brushed her long red hair out of her face and smiled.

“My name is Rita,” she said. “I might not have fucked as many people as Marie has but then I am a bit more artistic. I make beautiful photos of myself and have a large following on European web sites. I want to elevate porn into an art form and I see my body as my canvas. My fans have paid for my first car as well as the tuition I will need for a full four years at Eros University.”

I turned to the last woman. She was Japanese with very sleek looking pink glasses. I had the distinct feeling that she disapproved of me. Not many potential students could pull that off.

“My name is Ayako,” she began. “I write erotic stories and poems. I want to become a better writer and this is the best way to do it.”

“Well, simple and to the point,” I said. “Like I said, all three of you are very qualified but only one of you may be accepted. In cases like these, I prefer a simple single test. Let’s pretend that I am a sexually deviant bureaucrat that is easily swayed with sexual favors and bribes. Use your knowledge of seduction, erotica and your own talents to convince me. Hypothetically of course.”

Marie and Rita looked surprised. Ayako appeared almost disappointed. In test cases like these, it is always important to see who responds first. The ability to make quick decisions so important in erotic studies.

“Oh Mr. Werner,” Marie said as she stood up. “I wish there was some way I could convince you to accept me.”

She started to take off her skirt, which was certainly distracting, but what was most interesting is that her voice went up an octave. She sounded like she had just lost twenty IQ points. This girl knew how to act.

She wasn’t wearing panties of course. Her smooth sex had the same rich chocolate skin tone that the rest of her body had. She turned around to put her skirt in her chair but I suspect it was really to show off her incredibly pert ass. Fuck, she had an ass that just begged to be spanked and fucked.

Rita watched in shock. Ayako took out a spiral notebook and a pen. I did my best not to laugh.

Marie climbed on top of my desk. She was on all fours in front of me. I could look down her white shirt at her lovely small breasts. Marie looked at me as she reached for my pants button.

“Can I show you how much I want to be accepted?” Marie said.

I nodded.

She unbuttoned my pants and fished my hard cock out of my boxers in less than ten seconds. Marie knew what she was doing. She had my cock in hand and squeezed me.

“Oh my, it is so big,” she said. I almost believed her.

Rita decided to stand up. “Mr. Werner, I think you need a demonstration of my skills.”

She took off her blouse to reveal the fantastic structural integrity of the red bra that was holding her massive breasts. My God, the girl could have gotten a scholarship from Von Madd laboratories if she let them study the stress her bra must be under.

Rita unzipped her pants next. Unlike Marie’s tight fit body, Rita had a plump round body that you never see on billboards. The key thing was that Rita moved like she was the most beautiful woman in the world. She stripped with complete confidence despite her non mainstream body. Such independent confidence in our anorexia obsessed culture is amazing.

I glanced at Ayako. She looked at Rita’s body with mild curiosity. She then resumed writing.

“Oh Mr. Werner,” Marie purred in her false dumb girl voice. “Could I please have your cock inside me? It looks like it would fit so good.”

My cock throbbed before I could answer.

“Yes, Marie, just be sure that you don’t obstruct my view of the other applicants.”

Marie turned around on my desk so that her firm ass was in front of me. She spread her legs to either side of me and slowly slid off the desk. With athletic perfection, she backed off the desk and onto my cock. Her incredibly tight cunt engulfed my cock and gripped me. She supported herself on the desk and moaned as I entered her. She sounded like I was splitting her apart with my massive manhood.

She moved. Oh my God, she fucked on top of my cock like a machine. I watched her strong legs and tight butt move like brown marble in front of me. The only thing more impressive than the sight of her body was the feeling of her body. Fuck, I never wanted to be a high school football player so badly before.

Rita wasn’t going to be outdone. The plump redhead stripped off her bra to release her magnificent breasts. She shimmied out of her pink panties to reveal a bush of golden red hair. She walked around the side of my desk and stood in front of me. Her breasts towered over me like the most glorious mountains ever.

She ran her finger over her nipple. It was already hard.

“Would you like a lick?” Rita asked.

“Yes,” I said as Marie pumped herself on my cock.

“Or would you like a bite instead?” Rita said.

Oh that was good. She hadn’t given me my lick but she was already up selling. She’d do well in Sexual Marketing.

“I would like a bite, yes,” I said.

“What about if I lean down and cover your face with my breasts?” Rita asked. “I could do it, you know. I can let you nibble or lick to your heart’s content.”

I moaned. Whether it was from Rita’s offer or the unbelievably good fucking Marie was giving me, I wasn’t sure.

Ayako kept writing.

”Or maybe you just want to watch while I play with myself,” Rita said. Her fingers went down to her thick bush of golden hair. She pushed through the hair to open her sex before me.

“Oh yes,” I groaned.

“You are so big, Mr. Werner,” Marie yelled. She humped my cock with more speed. Her fit ass was slamming down into my thighs.

Rita ignored her. The redhead fingered herself in front of me. The sounds of her wet sex were as hypnotic as Marie’s bouncing ass. I was torn between two i
ideals of sexual perfection.

“I’m coming!” Marie sqeualled. She cried out from her orgasm as her body kept humping me. I couldn’t tell if she was faking it or not and that is quite an achievement.

“I bet if you bit my nipple, I would come right away,” Rita said. Her face was flushing as she fingered herself.

“Yes,” I groaned. I opened my mouth but she took half a step back.

“I’ll let you bite me if you accept my application,” Rita said.

I whimpered a little. It wasn’t very professional. I am only human after all.

I didn’t say anything. Rita didn’t appear to be disappointed. She kept masturbating with her lovely breasts just out of reach. She started to gasp and then she cried out as she climaxed. Like Marie, I couldn’t tell if she was faking either.

My own self control was at an end. I was going to climax. I stood up suddenly and Marie squealed. With her bent over my desk, I fucked the young cheerleader.

Marie moaned as I gave it to her. I looked at Ayako and waited for a reaction. She had to know that the test was almost over. If she wanted to bribe me, she had to act now.

She tore a page out of her notebook. She stood up and placed the page on Marie’s back. I looked down and read it while I fucked Marie.

Freckled mounds jiggle
Limber ebony legs clench
Education starts

Not bad. I came a few thrusts later. Like a good slut, Marie clenched and took everything I had. When I finally pulled out of her, my cock was completely drained. Who said that the youth of today don’t finish a job?

I sat back down. “Please have a seat ladies.”

Marie put her skirt back on before sitting. Rita sat in the nude. Ayako put her book away.

“I have made my decision,” I said. “All three of you will be accepted into the Fall semester.”

“But I thought you said only one of us could join!” Rita said.

“Yes, that is because I lied. Erotica is about surprises, unexpected outcomes and twists. There is also a lot of lying. If you ever take any courses in network broadcasting, all you will do is lie. It is important to establish from an early start that anything is possible at Eros University. Be prepared for the unexpected.”

“I expect we should also be prepared to fuck a lot,” Ayako said.

I laughed. “Oh most definitely. Congratulations ladies. Welcome to Eros University.”

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  1. A sex blogger jibe, a cute haiku and this made in impression for me:

    We believe that competition inspires greatness. In the erotic professions, there will always be someone smarter or prettier than you. It is up to you find your own niche and exploit it. You might as well learn to do that now.

    I can’t give you a reason but the story struck a few chords with me, I actually enjoyed it. :)
    (As well as it being hot to read the reactions of the man)

    Thanks for the tale.

  2. Thanks Mystique. I was pleasantly surprised by how this turned out.

  3. I super-enjoyed this! It was hot, funny, and suspenseful. The sentence that stood out for me was, “‘Hello ladies,’ I said in a not at all sleazy way.” Also, “Let’s pretend that I am a sexually deviant bureaucrat that is easily swayed with sexual favors and bribes. Use your knowledge of seduction, erotica and your own talents to convince me. Hypothetically, of course.'”

    Thanks for being excellent.

  4. Bridget- Thanks :) I am always pleased when I manage to hit all three of those goals.

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