Sep 172010

Captain Bluebush is a fun erotic comic by Mike Hoffman. It is a story of sexy pirates, a giant cock monster and orgies. Although filled with naked ladies, it is more of a slapstick comedy that was completely ridiculous. It is a shame that erotic comics don’t sell well anymore because this over the top story was a lot of fun. Instead of just mindlessly illustrating sex scenes, there was a kooky story of pirate extravagances. I want more comics like this.

Can I also just say that I am terribly jealous of the name, ‘Bluebush’? Cripes, the pirate naming bar has been raised.

This comic features a talking skeleton, sea monsters that look like giant cocks and a ape/woman marriage. As I write my own pirate novel, I am really toying with the idea of branching away from a psuedo-realism and embracing a more fantastical pirate story. I mean, the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise won’t be mistaken for a historical romance with their skeletons, krakens and voodoo women. Monkey Island is something I adore and it has ghosts and cannibals. I don’t want my pirate novel to be a comedy but I am leaning towards including some more fantastic trappings. A ghost or two can’t hurt.

Getting back to Captain Bluebush, I want to stress that you won’t find many great comics like this at the prices Hoffman is offering. I also highly reccomend Robin Screwso which is another great comic with the same comedic approach. You can buy both at Mike Hoffman’s site.

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  1. That one is erotically nice…
    I may purchase some soon. :)

  2. I’m glad to share the love :)

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