Aug 092010

This week I work on the outline for my Violatrix book. The premise is that a spaceship crewed by explorers from Queen Erisehella’s navy goes looking for strange new worlds to exploit. It is a mish-mash of Star Trek, bdsm with a side helping of the television show, Rome. I want a crew that is fucking each other when they are not fucking over each other.

The tricky part will be not doing a full out Star Trek parody, even though it is heavily influenced by Star Trek. Shit, it is largely inspired by the evil universe version of Star Trek. I thought the dark universe epsiodes of Enterprise was ten times better than the regular series. Betrayal, conflict and sex! Does it get better than that?

I once wrote an Erishella story where I named a character Feanna, and gave her a similar background to Deanna Troi from Star Trek. Quite a few readers thought it was distracting and thought it was supposed to be Deanna. I was just being cute when what I had done was sabotaged the story I was meaning to tell. I can’t blame the reader because I was the one that suggested there was a connection.

In other words, when the security officer has rough sex with the doctor, I don’t want people thinking it is Worf buggering Dr. Crusher. I want these people to be their own characters. Considering that there has been five Star Trek shows, I have a feeling that similarities are going to happen no matter what I do.

One of the ways I plan to combat that is having the ship set in Queen Erishella’s universe. I see Erishella as my sexy Flash Gordon playground. It is based less on science and more on over the top spectacular comic strip fun. I plan to replace techno babble with great clothes and outrageous sexual practices.

So this week I will outline three plots. The A plot is the typical Star Trek plot that threatens the ship and the crew. Plot B will be a conspiracy on the part of some characters to overthrow the Captain and get promotions for themselves. Plot C will be a small conspiracy of a few characters to enrich themselves or get the ones they want to fuck. My list of characters is in the double digits so I know this will be on the of more complicated things I have written. I think it will be soap opera complicated. I am pretty excited.

I am also pretty scared. I have never written something this intricate before. It could be a fucking diaster. On the other hand, it will be fucking unique.

Sometimes you got to write what no porn writer has never written before.

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