Aug 302010

The most popular beverage on the planet Euphoria is Ravish. This fizzy drink was invented during the reign of King Fong as a way to help finance the war effort against the Kellian Cluster. The typically cowed populace was getting restless with King Fong’s tendency to declare war against any planet that he could reach with his war fleets.

The real success of Ravish was due to King Fong ordering that the drink be flavored with the sexual juices of captured populations. Males and females were given mind blowing aphrodisiacs and then strapped to terrible fucking machines while intravenous tubes kept their bodies hydrated. The men would have their cocks sucked on by relentless pumps while kept in near constant state of orgasm. Women were strapped by the hundreds to merciless phalluses that would fuck them every hour of the day. The men would produce gallons of semen while the females would have all of their sexual lubrication drained from them.

The soda fuck factories would add the juices and semen to a commemorative edition version of the popular soda. Ravish-S was made from the output of men while Ravish-J was made from the output of women. For the more sexually enlightened, there was Ravish-A which was made from the sexual output of both genders. Cans were decorated with the nude bodies of the nobles that had been conquered for that particular planet.

The population eagerly snatched up cans of Ravish. It allowed the Euphorians to taste the spoils of victory without ever having to leave their home planet. Support for never ending war was never in question again.

Incidentally, working in the soda fuck factories is the most desired job of menial labor classed Euphorians.

Each conquered planet’s population produces a different flavor due to the difference in planetary biospheres. The drinks made from the juices of the women from the planet of Hatoonie were known to have a rather desirable spicy flavor while the men of the planet Ligel IV were known for their deliciously sweet flavor. Blind tasting games are a popular pastime among young ladies of the nobility.

Some editions of the soda become very popular and when the captured slaves set aside for the great soda fuck factories are exhausted, these editions became extremely rare. There is a thriving secondary market of the more popular sodas and in some cases, a six pack of a particular edition has been sold for a large fortune. Euphorians everywhere are always on the look out for forgotten Ravish cans of conquered worlds from long ago.

Currently the great soda factories are busy processing the captured slaves of the war against the Gem Moons. The women of Amethystine have become the most popular flavor with their sweet tangy qualities. Queen Erishella has already another round of enslavement in order to produce larger quantities of the soda.

–Euphorian Gazetteer

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  1. “Incidentally, working in the soda fuck factories is the most desired job of menial labor classed Euphorians.”

    Laughs and where do I find the application?

  2. It allowed the Euphorians to taste the spoils of victory
    Yeah… I’m never going to be able to read that expression in the same way again. >< Moreover, I’m surprised Otto didn’t come up with this one, it is quite a quirky idea that seems fitting of him. :)

  3. Musns- The application involves a lot of soda tasting and military history questions.

    Mystique- Yeah, I was kind of proud of the spoils line myself.

    The general rule of thumb is that whenever a story goes into non-consensual subject matter, it’s Erishella. Awesome consensual subjects are Otto’s.

  4. How do you come up with these things? Absolutely fantastic :)

    xx Dee

  5. Dee- Would you beleive that I have wanted to do a soda story for awhile? Once the spoils of war angle came to mind, I was finally able to put it together.

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