Aug 162010

I have spent a week on this outline for the Violatrix and it is so close to being done I can taste it. (It tastes like salty pain.) The book centers on the senior officers of a starship which is comprised of five couples and the asexual science officer. By the end of the book, most of the characters will have fucked each other. These things are important to know.

A lot of my fellow porn writers dislike outlines but man, I need them. I need a plan. I need to know ahead of time what I am writing today. Outlines also help me see patterns and omissions in my story. In the first outline, the First Officer had twice as many chapters as any other character. They were essentially the main character, except that they weren’t. Oops. The other interesting oversight was that the Communications Officer only had one sex scene and she is arguably my favorite character at the moment.

My main concern this weekend was fashion for the crew. I wanted a uniform that was sexy but simple. Normally in a written book I need only concern myself with how a uniform can be described to the reader, but since this will be a book with a cover, I have a chance to visually show the uniform.

Star Trek already has a famous evil universe uniform which is basically jagged lines and midriffs. I am quite fond of this look but since I am not writing a Star Trek book, I got to come up with something different.

I turned to Flash Gordon and was amused that although royalty wore great clothing, the soldiers wore rather boring clothes. Neck to toe leather in a vaguely Russian Tsar-era uniform is kind of cool but not terribly sexy.

I am leaning towards some sort of skin tight lyrca-like substance managed by a belt. Press a button and your pants disappear. It has a sci-fi feel to it but it lacks the visual striking quality that the jagged midriff look has.

This is where I wish I could hijack Project Runway and use their skills.

“Designers, your challenge is to create a look for a sci-fi BDSM porn novel. Make it sexy and make it work! Be sure to use the Adam and Eve accessories wall wisely!”

Which reminds me, I have not even started on what the Violatrix itself looks like.

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