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Nash Nighthammer grunted with annoyance. He had heard that the Blood River was difficult to cross but this was ridiculous.

He watched as a flesh ripping Claw Eagle swooped down to skim the surface of the river. The bird was capable of ripping a man’s intestines out with its razor-sharp beak. It didn’t have a chance to use it’s beak as a crimson crocodile leaped out of the water and crunched the Claw Eagle with one bite. As the fearsome crocodile fell back towards the river, another terrible beast reached out of the water and caught the crocodile with its tentacles. The crocodile was ripped to pieces in the air and the bloody chunks fell into the water. Nash could only assume that the unknown beast was devouring the bits, unless it too was consumed by some other creature in the river.

This was a problem. Nash set down his mighty warhammer and debated. The wind coming off the Blood River was cool and refreshing but it also smelled of quite a few dead things.

Nash had taken this shortcut hoping to shave a week off his travel time. He thought he would cross the Blood River and be at the gathering of Heroes in time for the Dragon Hunt. If he turned back now and took the long way, he would miss the Hunt for sure. If he tried to wade through this horrible river, Nash was sure that he would only contribute to the grim food chain that played out here.

“Oh boy!” a small voice said. “Are you going to go get eaten? Can I have your hammer?”

Nash looked around for the voice. He looked down and saw a strange flying body looking up at him from below his waist. Barely eight inches tall, the creature appeared to be a naked woman floating on yellow butterfly wings. The small woman appeared to be looking up his loincloth.

“Hail, Fairy,” Nash said. “No, I do not intend to enter that river.”

The Fairy fluttered her beautiful yellow wings and came to eye level with Nash. She had long red hair that floated on its own magic. A tiny tuff of scarlet hair covered her sex. The proportions of her hefty bust and wide hips did not look aerodynamically possible but she flew with a delicate grace.

“My name is Raya,” she said. “I’m a Fairy.”

“Yes, I know,” he answered. “My name is Nash Nighthammer. I need to cross the river.”

Raya nodded. Nash noticed that it her breasts jiggled with each flutter of her wings. “I know. Humans are always going somewhere. They go back and forth across the river unless they go into the river and then they just die and get pooped out and then their poop bodies go down the river.”

Nash frowned at the mention of poop bodies. “How do people cross the river?”

Raya played with a strand of her floating red hair. She chewed on the end and appeared to be deep in thought. As she floated, she reached down and idly played with the hair covering her sex.

“They cross at the magic bridge,” she answered.

“Where is the magic bridge?” Nash asked gently.

“It is a secret!” Raya said. She spun around in the air so that her back was to him. Her cute tiny ass clenched for no good reason. “Would you like to know?”

“Yes, Raya,” Nash said. “Could you please tell me where the magic bridge is? I would really appreciate it.”

Raya turned back around. “Okay, I will tell you. But you have to pay my price.”

Nash was prepared for this. He carried a pack that he wore slung around his shoulder that carried supplies for just this occasion.

“Ah, would you like some pretty beads?” Nash asked. “Or perhaps a piece of chocolate from the distant lands across the sea? I think I have a silver coin in here somewhere.”

Raya shook her head. It made her breasts shake from side to side as well.

“I want a sticky shower. That is my price for showing you the magic bridge.”

“A sticky shower?” Nash said. “What is that?”

Raya rolled her eyes. “What are you, a virgin? Everyone knows what a sticky shower is!”

She floated down to his loincloth. “You take out your thingy and you stroke it. Spray me so I can bathe in it!”

“Uh, you don’t mean that I should pee on you, right?” Nash asked.

“Eww!” Raya said. “You’re thinking of Night Fairies! They love that. I want your man seed. It helps keep away wrinkles!”

“Fairies don’t get wrinkles,” Nash said.

“Duh!” Raya said. “This is why! Now whip it out! I want a sticky shower and I want it now!”

Nash looked around. He wasn’t sure if this was some sort of Fairy trick. All he saw was some bubbling from the Blood River as some terrible struggle happened beneath the surface of the water.

“As you wish,” Nash said. He lifted his loincloth and took his cock in hand. It was hard already from watching Raya’s naked form.

“Holy shit!” Raya cried. “You could kill a Unicorn with that thing!”

Nash grunted and started stroking.

“Here, I can help,” Raya said. She flew under his cock and wrapped her arms and legs around his cock. Her tiny breasts pressed into his hard flesh. The grip of her thighs and arms were surprisingly tight. A small amount of moisture pressed against him and he knew it came from between her legs.

The Fairy fluttered her wings and Nash groaned as she tugged on his cock. Up and down she pulled as arms and legs struggled to hold onto him. Her long red hair coiled around his length, adding a silky touch to the already seductive feel.

“Come on, Nash,” Raya yelled. “Shower me already!”

The Fairy kissed the head of his cock. Her small lips covered the crown of his penis with a hundred tapping kisses. Raya’s breasts were pressed flat against his cock and the hard nubs of her nipples were like delicate scratches on his skin.

Nash reached out and braced himself against a tree. The Fairy was good. He wondered how many other travelers had paid this toll. He then wondered how many come back just to pay the toll.

Raya pulled herself on top of his shaft. She wrapped her legs tightly around his cock and sat upright. Her wings pulled her body back and forth over his cock. Her sex left a damp trail over the length of his cock. Raya grabbed her tits and looked up at Nash.

“Are you ready to shower me yet?” she asked.

“Yes,” Nash groaned.

“Yay!” Raya said. She let go of Nash’s cock and fluttered down below him. She hovered in the air and spread her arms and legs wide.

“Sticky shower me!”

Nash looked down at her floating naked body. He looked into those sparklingly green eyes and the wide open smile of her lips. He looked at her pert tits and wished he could have gotten one lick. He thought about the dirty thing she wanted so badly from him.

He climaxed. He aimed his cock downward. Raya squealed with delight as his seed sprayed down to her. She closed her eyes opened her mouth as the seed fell on her. It landed in her hair, on her chest, in her mouth, on her legs, on her wings and when she turned around, he covered a good part of her ass too.

When Nash was done, the Fairy floated around him. She was rubbing his seed into every part of her skin.

“Good job!” Raya said. “I should give you a reward or something.”

“I’ll settle for directions to the magic bridge,” Nash said.

“Oh yeah!” Raya said. She clapped her hands together. A shimmering bridge appeared beside Nash. It led to the other side of the river.

“I’d hurry if I were you,” Raya said. “It only lasts till your seed dries.”

Nash scooped up his warhammer and started running. The bridge glowed with rainbow colors but it supported him. He could see down through the bridge and at the menacing shadows that prowled in the Blood River. He ran as fast as he could, his hard cock bouncing underneath his loincloth.

“Come back soon!” Raya called from the other side of the river.

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  1. I love the unicorn line. :) I always loved the idea of a little thing like that getting me off. Though, I’ll admit I’ve only written two stories with that them.

    But, very yummy!

  2. I’ve fallen behind on your stories, got tons to catch up on but I started with this one (from the top) especially since I love nash as it is.
    Got a friend to read it out loud as I knew it’d have some comic value and it did have my poorly, sick self in giggles.
    A nice way to try to get better, many thanks for the tale <3

  3. t’sade- I was running a Rifts game once and I introduced this Fairy character. I usually don’t get attached to my NPCs but man, I loved using her. There is something funny about an almost naive voice busting out dirty jokes about Night Fairies.

    Mystique- Ha, I should totally do some audio readings of Nash stories.

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