Aug 112010

Trooper Envo Jek looked out across the field. The captured soldiers of the Carnelian Defense Force were staked out on the ground as far as the eye could see. The soldiers were stripped naked and gagged with whatever was on hand.

He hated every single one of them.

“Are you ready?” Queen Erishella asked.

“Yes, my Queen!” Envo said.

This was his fourth day of touring battlefields with the Queen and she still took his breath away every morning. She wore her long black hair down today, the curls cascading down around her face and shoulders. A golden cloak of fur encompassed her body in a halo of warmth. Beneath the cloak she wore nothing except her exquisite beauty. The dark bush of pubic hair concealed her royal region.

“Then let us begin,” Queen Erishella said.

She walked to the first bound trooper. The gagged man stared at her as the Queen returned the stare at his cock.

“Too small,” she said. She moved on to the next staked man.

Trooper Envo placed his laser rifle at the head of the rejected prisoner. He pulled the trigger and a hot beam of pure light drilled a hole through the prisoner’s skull and fried his brains.


Because the laser rifle was on the lowest setting, it would take a full minute to cook the soldier’s brain. When they first started, Trooper Envo has used the highest setting and the skull had exploded. A piece of the prisoner’s brain had desecrated Erishella’s pure skin. The Queen didn’t seem bothered by this, but Envo was horrified.

Queen Erishella liked what she saw on the second prisoner. She stood over the bound man and lowered herself. The Queen guided the man’s cock into her cunt.

The prisoner whimpered when his cock was touched. Envo had to choke back his rage. Didn’t the Carnelian bastard understand how lucky he was? Did he have any idea how much Envo would love to have the Queen touch his cock for just a second? What an ungrateful bastard!

Queen Erishella settled on the prisoner’s cock. The golden cloak moved as the queen undulated her hips. Trooper Envo could only imagine what heavenly contractions were occurring between the lovely Queen’s cunt and the pathetic and unworthy cock of the prisoner.

The prisoner moaned. Envo’s trigger finger twitched.

“I have had better,” Queen Erishella said. She stood up and stepped over to the next prisoner.

Envo pulled the trigger a second later.


Queen Erishella looked down on the next cock. It was fully erect and leaning to the left. She shook her head and walked to the next prisoner.


Queen Erishella frowned at the flaccid cock of the next prisoner. She shook her head.

“You have five seconds to get hard, right now,” she said.

The terrified prisoner just laid there.

“You think I am not his type?” Queen Erishella asked Envo.

“My Queen, I think he is a weak worm of a eunuch!” Envo responded.

The Queen smiled. Envo felt like his own erection was about to burst from his pants.

The Queen moved onto the next cock.


Queen Erishella stood over the next prisoner. Envo tried to imagine how that must look. Bound, naked and helpless on the cold grass with the Queen looking down on you? Every night when Envo lies in bed and masturbates, he pictures this exact scene.

“At least this one is hard,” Queen Erishella said. She bent down and sat on the prisoner’s cock. The Queen moaned as she was filled with the prisoner’s cock.

Envo wanted to cook the prisoner’s skull right there and then.

The Queen leaned back. Her cloak spread open as she grabbed her heavy breasts. She clenched her eyes as her hips moved back and forth. She was trying the prisoner’s cock from every angle. Envo memorized each shift, every movement and every groan for his masturbation later.

A shiver of pleasure made her tremble. Envo growled and caressed the trigger. Maybe he could blast the guy and say it was an accident? He ruled it out. He had no doubt that if he killed someone the Queen enjoyed, his own cock would be decorating a wall somewhere. He couldn’t kill without the order.

He was free to hate though.

The Queen rose. “This is a keeper,” she said.

Envo snapped his fingers. Two troopers came forward and cut the prisoner free. The dazed prisoner was ushered away to a transport pod. Soon he would be taken to a bed chamber where he would be washed, collared and taught his new duties. The prisoner was no longer a captured soldier of war but now the Queen’s bedslave. He would be forced to indulge the Queen in decadent pleasures and ungodly orgies of sin until the Queen tired of him.

The bastard. The worse part about this job was the ones Envo didn’t get to kill. Those were the bastards who get to be inside Queen Erishella. Those were the assholes that had the good luck to be on the losing side against the Euphorian army. Well, that and have a good cock.

This is why Envo hated other planets. They get all the advantages. It was completely unfair.

“This one climaxed already,” Queen Erishella said. A splatter of seed decorated the prisoner’s chest. The Queen hadn’t touched him yet.

Envo rushed to the Queen’s side and put his laser rifle to the prisoner’s head.


“Good work,” Queen Erishella said. “At least I can rely on you, Envo.”

“Yes, my Queen!” Envo said. She knew his name!

“In fact,” Queen Erishella said, “how would you like to execute prisoners for me full time? You appear to have a zeal for it.”

Envo almost climaxed in his pants. “I can be the Royal Executioner? Does that include killing the bedslaves that you tire of?”

The Queen smiled. “Yes it does.”

“Glory to the Queen!” Envo yelled. Tears of joy rolled down his eyes.

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  1. I absolutely love his inner thoughts on this one. Yummy! It reminds me of the Olgaf comic with the labryinth at the end though (I loved that one too).

  2. t’sade- I had this one in my head for weeks, told from the point of view of the bound soldier. When I wondered what the executioner was thinking, it wrote itself.

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