Aug 182010

She was frowning when I first saw her at the party. She was still frowning when she pulled me into the side room. As she unzipped my pants and pulled out my cock, her face retained that mask of disinterest.

I tried to remember her name. Ann? Amy? I couldn’t remember what my friend called her when he introduced us. She was a blonde but she barely looked at me so I returned the favor by forgetting about her. Besides, I had a girlfriend. I didn’t need to be meeting new women.

An hour later, she had my cock out and between her lips. I was a little drunk. I was a lot horny. What was happening didn’t make sense but I didn’t care.

She sucked me. Her hand gripped around my cock and stroked me towards her lips. Only the tip of my cock was in her mouth but that was fine. Her tongue was gentle as her strokes. It was as if we had all night.

I thought about my girlfriend. Karen was going to be pissed. She was going to dump me. She was going to scream at me. She was going to have another reason to be bitchy towards me. She was going tell all her friends. She would become the martyr she always wanted to be.

Fuck Karen.

Ann, Amy or whoever she was kept sucking me. She was so tender. Saliva dripped down my cock. There was something going on here. She had something to prove or maybe someone to hurt. She sucked m cock with an affection I hadn’t earned. This was important to her. The fact that the cock belonged to me was just a lucky accident.

I could see down her shirt. Tanned breasts peeked out from behind a white bra. I wanted to reach down there and cup her. I wanted to squeeze her breasts with the eagerness that Karen never allows.

I didn’t. Whatever strange circumstance allowed my cock to be sucked by her did not extend to the rest of her body. I knew that much.

She made a whimper and another inch of my cock went into her mouth. She stroked me a little harder as she tried to coax my climax out of me. I brushed her hair out of her face. She had her eyes closed. Her mouth held onto my cock as if it was a lifeline.

My thoughts returned to Karen. I thought of excuses if I was caught. I was defending myself while my cock was sucked. I pushed them away. I don’t know why this woman was here, but I knew why I was. I wanted to be here. I would rather be here than with Karen.

The thought of leaving Karen made me happy. Having my cock sucked made me excited. Can a man have an epiphany during a blowjob? Was I really a free soul suddenly enlightened or was I in some sort of pre-orgasm delirium?

My self reflection was pushed aside by my imminent climax. Meaningless thoughts like relationships, names and excuses were nothing compared to the need to come. My hands went to her shoulders and she reacted. She tugged just a little bit harder and her mouth sucked a little bit tighter. I stared down at this blonde savior as she granted me what I most craved.

I came.

  2 Responses to “Fiction: Meaningless Suck”

  1. I liked the mental struggles in this story. It had a nice bittersweet feel to it.

    (Side and unrelated note. I wrote a short flash fiction inspired by your style of writing: look at Customer Service.)

  2. T’sade- Thanks. I was on the fence with this one.

    I thought your Customer Service story was brilliant and wish I had wrote it :)

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