Aug 042010

“How about anal?” Misaki asked.

Before I could answer, she let loose a hail of bullets against the aliens. Red tracer fire lit up the dark afternoon before the exploding bio-luminescent internal organs of the monsters decorated the sidewalk. Bullets flew from her machine gun and her sweaty face was illuminated by the gunfire. Her black hair was coming lose from her morning ponytail. Her tank top was plastered onto her breasts with sweat. She was wearing that cowboy hat we found earlier and it made her look like some kind of strange Japanese redneck. God, she was hot.

“So like I said,” Misaki continued, “You in my ass,ramming that white cock up my tight little hole while I stroke myself. Does that sound good?”

It was the only entertainment we had in this god forsaken apocalypse: trying to figure out we were going to fuck tonight.

“Sounds awesome,” I answered. “But we did that two nights ago. Hold on, hostiles.”

I sighted down my rifle. A nasty looking spiked monster was in the front window of a grocery store. The alien was eating some the skull of a poor bastard lying six feet away. I lined up my cross-hair right at the center of the monster’s chest. That was where these aliens keep their brains.

BAM! One less alien invader on Earth.

“Yeah, now that you mention it, we did just do that,” Misaki said. She took point and walked down the street. The smell of gunfire and dead bodies was thick in the air.

“What about double oral?” I said. “You could sit on my face and suck on my cock.”

“That is fun but all we had to eat today was those beef stew rations we found,” she said. “You know it makes me pussy taste funny for at least three days.”

I laughed. I remembered how horrifying that taste was. It was like some sort of weird revenge for stealing those rations off the dead soldier.

“Handjobs?” Misaki offered.

“No, thanks,” I said. “Hostiles at your right.”

Misaki turned around and opened fire. One solid minute of bullets dissecting aliens before our very eyes. When the shooting stopped, she turned back to me.

“What’s wrong with my handjobs?” she asked.

“Look, I’m sure they were great before all of this,” I said. “But nowadays you walk around carrying a rifle and shooting off belts of ammo. Your grip is a bit strong, you know?”

Misaki smiled. “I used to be really good at them,” she said. “My boyfriend loved my handjobs.”

I didn’t have an answer. I looked down my rifle scope and searched for more targets. Talking about her boyfriend just reminds me of my wife. Thinking of my wife just reminds of her screaming inside the car while some fucker from outer space ate her.

I saw an alien heading away from us. I shot it through the chest.

“We should head back to camp,” I said. “It will be dark soon.”

“How about good old cowgirl?” Misaki asked. “I can wear this cowboy hat and ride your cock.”

My cock stirred at that but my heart was in it.

“What about kissing?” I said.

Misaki frowned. “I already said oral was out.”

“No, I mean just kissing. We can make out while dinner cooks.”

“What are you, a teenage girl?” Misaki laughed.

“I just thought it would be different,” I said. “I mean, we have been fucking since that day we ran across each other at the mall. You’re a great fuck Misaki, and you are a great person to survive with. I just thought we would do something a little different than fucking our nights away.

Misaki looked at me strangely. “Something intimate, you mean?”

Intimacy. Now that was a word I hadn’t thought of for a long time. Like television, a Big Mac or alien life that wanted to be friends with you, it seemed like a fairy tale.

“Yes,” I said. I felt nervous. I fought for my life every day but for some reason, asking my lover of the last six months to kiss was scaring me to death.

“All right,” Misaki said. Her face was a little redder than usual. “It might be …nice.”

She fired a burst of bullets at a alien that was crawling on top of a van. The monster disintegrated under her expert aim.

“Should I toss this cowgirl hat then?” she asked.

“Save it for tomorrow night,” I said.

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  1. “Yeah, not that you mention it, we did just do that,” Misaki said. She took point and walked down the street. The smell of gunfire and dead bodies was thick in the air.

    Should be “NOW that you mention it”?

    Good preview. I’d be interested in readingr more.

  2. Anonymous- Nice catch, I’ll fix it.

    Sadly that was not a preview, that was the story :)

  3. You come up with the most amazing ideas. Also, mmm, kissing!

    xx Dee

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