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Constructed during the reign of King Zarn, the Bone Pleasure Palace was designed to house his two thousand and two bed slaves. The King decided that he wanted the bones of a Space Leviathan to build his den of decandece. It took seven ships of the Royal Space Navy, three of which were destroyed, to kill a Leviathan and harvest the bones. A small brick with the names of the lost ships was added to the construction as a memorial.

For many decades, King Zarn housed his favorite slaves here. The King was a fickle man and would often replace slaves that displeased him with new slaves. Slaves he no longer fancied were killed and their bones were used to interior decorating. Sometimes out of cruelty, King Zarn would hold contests where he would have his pleasure slaves fight each other and the losers were slain.

Although the bones of the Space Leviathan are responsible for the walls, floors, foundation, ceilings and domes, it is estimated that the bones of slaves make up 40% of the palace.

When King Zarn passed away, his successor, Queen Erishella came to the Bone Palace. She presented the slaves with a choice. They could either be freed, or they could join her service as her personal guard.

All of the two thousand and two pleasure slaves signed on as her personal guard. Forced to endure depraved sexual demands and endless cruelty, they were eager for the chance to inflict some themselves.

Clad in red leather that clung to every sensuous curve, the pleasure slaves were given the name of the Queen’s Whips. Each one wears a black mask that covers their faces except for their blood red lips. Their hair is bound into ponytails as befitting executioners of the Queen’s will.

The Queen’s Whips operate as the Queen’s personal touch. Sometimes the Queen’s Whips will descend on a factory that is lagging behind in production and inspire the workers with ruthless punishment. On rare occasions, the Queen’s Whips will administer mind blowing sexual acts for those special subjects who earn the Queen’s approval. They can be both harsh and sensual as their Queen desires.

The Bone Pleasure Palace still serves as their headquarters. Instead of the bones of failed slaves, they now decorate their home with the bones of the Queen’s enemies. It also serves as their training ground for new members. The Queen’s Whips only accept the most beautiful women into training, but they only keep those who display equal amounts of viciousness and sexual prowess.

Tours are available to the public every six days.

–Euphorian Gazetteer

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  1. That last line was the kicker. :)

  2. I can only imagine what the gift shop looks like.

  3. I think their criteria for slaves is suitably harsh.

  4. Phantom- There was a minor debate over lessening the standards but those people were flayed.

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