Jul 092010

I have two projects vexing me at the moment. I love both of them but damnn if i can make them work at the moment. Well, they work but they just don’t work the way I want them to.

The first one is Pusse’ and Cox. It is about a male stripper turned bounty hunter teaming up with a college cheerleader turned detective. Together they are chasing down a mad scientist who is turning people into sex crazed zombies. It is a combination of an action novel with a sex novel. Quite a few chapters are crammed with gunplay and dead people while other chapters are pure porn. I am pretty fond of it in theory.

I am not so fond of it in execution. This might be the pulpiest thing I have ever written which is good, but it is so far outside my usual comfort zone that I find myself second guessing myself. My inspirations have been mostly movies like Planet Terror, Bitch Slap and the cartoon series, Aeon Flux. The problem with using movies as inspiration is that they are visual things. Books are more cerebral and sometimes I just can’t write “And then a ten minute slaughter-fest happens.” I have to write the damn thing.

I am close to finishing it by about three chapters. It reminds me of the old saying “If it is not finished, then you have created nothing.” I feel that is so true. This story is longer than my usual works but man, I feel both exhausted and lazy. It is not done so I feel I really have nothing to show for the work. I should just finish it but deep down I worry that the whole thing is shit.

I see now why some writers always write about the same topic over and over again. They know that topic. They don’t spend their time wondering if they got it right.

My second big project is a follow up to my fictional zombie blog I did a while back. The premise is that the blogger is investigating mysterious paranormal events in Atlanta. To start with, he checks out a haunted house. He investigates the house for a month with a daily posting schedule until he satisfies his curiosity. Then he blogs once a week checking other small events until he comes across another big mystery in which it goes back to a daily schedule. I alternate back and forth to give myself space to write the next big mystery.

I like the idea because it lets me write horror on a regular basis but at the moment, the first haunted house is kicking my ass. I have one really unique idea annnnnnnd that’s it. One idea does not make a story. Even the zombie blog had three or four mysteries in it. I wrote about three weeks of entries before I realized I was padding a little. I put the blog away for a little bit and decided to take a few months off. Well a few months passed and I am still stumped.

I planned to start it in October of this year so I still have time to fix it. Which incidentally is why I write these things ahead of time. If I started posting them as soon as I was writing, I would be crushed by the terrible deadline and failure.

Remember this kids, write ahead. It saves you from having to write posts explaining why the conclusion of the story is delayed.

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