Jul 052010

I appear to have lost my writing notebook that I have used for the last 3 or 4 years. I say ‘appear’ because I am mostly in denial. I’ve had that notebook for ages and I am holding out hope that it was not left in a hotel room in Seattle like I suspect it was.

That book was crammed with notes. The covers were old fashioned pinup pictures so the naked breasts should let anyone know what depravity is inside. Granted, the sexual perversity is written in my crappy handwriting and almost tangential shorthand. I am curious if anyone can make heads or tails of it.

For example, I had the outlines for Volleyball Madd-Ness, Who Ate Claire Currie, both Wolf Inside series as anything else of length I wrote. I had pages of Prisoner of the Wizard’s Harem where I graphed the decision trees. Now when I say outline what I really mean is things like this-

2- Meet dominatrix
3- Oral with cheerleader
4- girlfriend drama

Now imagine cheerleader crossed out and a cryptic ‘cashier’ written beside it. Not the most descriptive notes ever but certainly dirty.

The only notes in the book that I hadn’t turned into a story yet was the crew of the Violatrix. That was going to be my science fiction novel set in Erishella’s universe. Essentially it was going to be the Enterprise if the crew was heavy into bdsm and murder. I had some names and character dynamics that I don’t recall with one hundred percent accuracy. Oh well, back to the spanking bench on that one.

I also wrote down the succession of Librarians for the Ashbee-Collette collection for the past two hundred years. I wrote that down in a frenzy of creative scholarship and I really wish I had made it a word document instead.

Oddly enough, I also kept my notes about what I needed to do to finalize my divorce. There was nothing identity theft important in those notes, but it was a weird souvenir of my gaining my independence. I am going to miss those notes.

So here’s to the lost notebook of Shon Richards. If you find it, I hope you fill the remaining pages with smut and lust.

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  1. I was looking back at old posts, and realized that very few had lots of comments. I look forward to reading your posts all the time, but I rarely comment. You even wrote a story about this, and I still didn’t comment, because I didn’t know what to say other than, thanks. Thanks for giving of your time to write something interesting.

  2. Kris- Thank you. I understand the sentiment completely :)

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