Jul 132010

Funny how it takes till July for me to notice Summer is here. I always seem to tune into seasons a little late. I always get in the mood for Halloween around November and I guess I get in the mood for sun drenched beauty around July. Better late than never.

Bloggers tend to slow down during the summer days and who the fuck can blame them? There comes a time when every writer realizes that they need to live life more than they need to write about it. You have to have adventures. You have to have your breathe taken away by a beautiful person that you only see for less than a minute. You have to remember what it was like to be a child looking out at the beach and thinking that on the other side of the horizon was anything you can imagine. Summer is a time when anything can happen even if it rarely does.

Not that I am one of those people who thinks that only those with experiences can write. I think nothing is more inspiring than deprivation. That yearning to have a summer romance, that ache to fuck a beauty in a bikini and that carnal need to go somewhere strange and fuck someone stranger are great reasons to write. Whether you have an adventure in real life or not is immaterial. It is that desire to have an adventure that can fuel your writing.

Go have fun.

  4 Responses to “Glitter of Summer”

  1. And how will you be having your summer fun?
    Beach volleyball? :p

  2. I have a sneaking suspicion that I will spend it wishing I was outside in a slightly cooler climate.

  3. No summer fun for me, alas – it’s winter here. That said, it’s still 17C/70F during the day – cool enough for you, Shon?

  4. Caramella- That sounds quite heavenly actually lol

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