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One upon a time there was a beautiful island. It was always summer time except for the occasional days where the other seasons would have a turn. The world’s tastiest chocolate came from this island and every grandmother had their own special recipe for chocolate cake. The Island had universal health insurance as well as a comprehensive system of handling garbage to manage pollution. It was the greatest island ever.

This fabulous island was home to the even more fabulous Island Princess. She had a singing voice sweeter than any songbird. She had long thick hair dark that never became tangled no matter how hard the wind blew. Her legs were sleeker than a dolphin’s stomach and her hips were as round as coconuts. Upon her chest sat the two most perfect breasts in the entire world. Large, round and dark from the sun, the Island Princess’s tits made fertility goddesses jealous. She was the most beautiful Island Princess ever.

Now the Island Princess lived a care free life of spending her allowance and frolicking on the beaches of the island. The Island King insisted that she wear a modest swimsuit to cover her beauty but the Island Princess rebelled against that rule. She would often loosely tie her swimsuit around her curvy body and then go dive in the water. Her swimsuit would come loose and the Island Princess wouldn’t care. Besides, she liked how the other islanders would gasp and suffer heart attacks from the sight of her naked wet body.

One day the Island Princess was swimming on the beach. Once again, her swimsuit had come loose and the Island Princess was enjoying the warm water all over her body. She would occasionally spring out of the water and shout as loud as she could. A fisherman would see her and fall into the water from the resulting stroke. The Island Princess would giggle as his fellow fishermen would dive in to rescue him. It was a wonderful day.

The Island Princess swam in the water until she felt something against her foot. It was hard and pointy against her soft skin. She dived under the water to investigate.

It was an old red crab. It was as big as her foot and it was covered with barnacles and dents from many years under the sea. It brushed against the Island princess’s foot and the Island Princess didn’t like that at all.

She picked up a seashell and threw it against the crab.

“Go away!” she yelled. Because of the power of the Island Princess’s lungs, she was very clearly heard underwater. “This is my beach!”

The seashell bounced off the old crab. Quick as a shark, it spun around and scuttled towards the Island princess. It reached forward with its big sharp claws.


The mean crab grabbed each of the Island Princess’s nipples in its pincers! The crab clamped down tightly around her sensitive flesh. It was the bite of a hundred lovers all at once.

“Ow!” the Island Princess yelled. She swam for the surface and broke through the water with a huge splash. A nearby fisherman was struck blind by her divine body.

“Get off me, you mean old crab!” the Island Princess yelled. She grabbed the crab and tried to pull him off her tits. The crab held on tight and the Island princess’s tits were stretched forward as she pulled. The pain became too much and she let go of the crab. The crab dangled from her tits and held onto her nipples.

“Ow, ow, ow!” the Island Princess yelled. She swam back to shore as fast as possible. Each stroke of her body made the crab bounce from her chest. Her pour nipples were stinging from the sore abuse.

The Island Princess climbed onto shore. “Somebody help me, damn it!” she yelled.

Unfortunately for the Island Princess, the other islanders were running away as fast as they could. Seeing the Island Princess naked might be harmful to one’s cardiovascular system, but being seen looking at the naked Island Princess in public was bad for one’s citizenship on the island if the Island King found out. He could be a quite unreasonable father and the ocean was filled with the leaky boats of exiles that saw what they shouldn’t have.

The Island Princess stood on the beach alone. Water dripped from her naked body. The crab dangled from her poor sensitive breasts. Her tender nipples ached with a fierce pain. She just had to get it off of her!

“I am going to dance you off!” the Island Princess told the mean old crab.

The Island Princess shook her hips as fast as she could. The faster that she shook her hips, the faster her breasts swayed. The crab bounced left to right and right to left as it held on. Her long hair flew around her face and never became tangled. The island Princess danced as fast and as hard as she could but she couldn’t shake the crab from her poor sore nipples.

Some if the Islanders came back to watch. They stayed a safe distance away to avoid any bouts of cardiac arrest. The Island Princess impressed them all with her wonderful dancing.

After an hour of dancing, the island Princess collapsed to the sand.

“I hate you, you mean old crab!” The Island Princess yelled.

The crab tightened its hold on her nipples. The pain increased but something else happened too. Strange sensations ran through the Island Princess’s body. Her breasts tingled and her sex clenched with unexpected heat.

“That wasn’t so bad,” the Island Princess said.

The crab said nothing.

The Island Princess reached between her legs. She moaned as soon as she touched her sex. She knew her nipples were sensitive from being clamped, but she had no idea why her sex would be twice as sensitive. The Island Princess didn’t care. She just knew it felt good.

All alone on the beach, the Island Princess laid back in the sand. The crab settled on her smooth stomach. With her nipples still clamped, the Island Princess touched her sex. The wonderful sensations between her legs flowed all through her body. It didn’t make the pain in her nipples go away, but it was a nice distraction.

She stroked and stroked as the waves crashed on the beach. The more the Island Princess enjoyed herself, the more her beautiful body writhed in the sand. The crab tightened his claws to hold on to the Island Princess’s shifting body. The increased pain in her already abused nipples made the Island princess stroke faster. It was a vicious sexy cycle.

Just when the Island princess thought her breasts couldn’t take any more, she stroked herself to a climax. She screamed her pleasure and it echoed all through out the island.

The Island Princess was exhausted. Her fingers were sticky and the crab was still there. The afterglow mellowed the island Princess a bit and she looked at the crab. Too tired to be demanding, she tried a different tactic.

“Oh please, crab,” the Island Princess begged. “If you don’t mind too terribly much, could you please get off me now?”

To the Island Princess’s surprise, the crab released her nipples! The crab scrambled off her body and returned to the ocean.

Now the reason the mean old crab let go of the Island Princess was because she asked it nicely. This was an important lesson for the Island Princess but unfortunately for her, once the pressure on her nipples was released, this allowed the blood to flow back to her nipples. This caused a new wave of tender pain to bloom from her heavy breasts. The Island Princess grabbed her poor nipples and screamed her tantrum on the beach. She forgot all about why the crab let her go.

She did learn a lot about proper circulation in nipple play.

As for the people of the Island, the lesson they learned was that if you really want to be a good dancer, you need the right motivation. Island dancers now carry a crab and at every competition, dancers go topless with crabs hanging from their tits. Everyone agrees that this is awesome.

That is why the Island has the best dancers in the world. They also have the best crab cakes in the world, but you can only get them after the dancing season.

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  1. “Island dancers now carry a crab…”
    oh this made me giggle madly (the whole story did, actually – but this especially)

  2. Musns- I’m glad you like that version because my first draft was “Now the Island Dancers all have crabs.”

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