Jul 212010

I couldn’t remember the last time I saw an ice cream truck. Was I seven? I thought they had gone out of style but yet here one is. It pulled into my apartment complex with that incredibly annoying calliope music. It slowly prowled through the parking lot looking for customers.

No kids went out. It was too fucking hot. I work from home and even then I don’t check the mail till the sun sets. I felt a twinge of pity for the ice cream truck. The economy was rough and today’s lazy ass videogame playing kids weren’t going to go outside for a snow cone. I figured I would buy an ice cream sandwich out of pity.

I went down to the parking lot and the ice cream truck stopped for me. I was surprised to see a woman driving. I guess in today’s Law and Order :Underage Rape Squad world, parents feel that safer sending their kids to a woman rather than a man.

I know I did. She was a cute young woman with skin the color of caramel. She had her black hair pulled under some sort of cap. The blue uniform she wore was pretty bad but even its bad design couldn’t hide the curves of her body.

“Hey there,” she said. She leaned out the driver’s side window. Her name tag said ‘Elsa’.

“What do you have?” I asked.

“We have cones, push-ups, milkshakes, ice cream sandwiches and blowjobs.” Elsa smiled when she said it.

“I’m sorry,” I said. “What was that last one? I think I misheard you.”

“I said blowjobs.” Elsa pointed at her mouth for emphasis. “Forty dollars and I suck your cock. You have to wear a condom.”

This was sounding more unreal by the minute. “Is this some sort of sting operation? Are you a cop?”

“No, but I am a C-cup,” Elsa said.

It took a moment for me to process all of this. “Is the ice cream truck just some sort of cover?”

Elsa shook her head. “Economy is shit, you know?”

I did know. So was having to work from your home because your company had cut backs. Know what else is shit? Not having any real medical benefits. The economy was in the toilet and the summer was so fucking hot that my electric bill was almost criminal. I was tired of my miniature financial crisis.

“I deserve a blowjob!” I said.

“Good for you,” Elsa said. “Climb in the back door.”

I walked around the back of the ice cream truck. Elsa opened the door for me and I stepped in. The nice cool air inside the truck was a welcome relief from the humid baking heat outside.

Elsa got down on her knees. She unbuttoned her shirt. Lovely brown breasts made their appearance. I reached down and cupped one. It was wonderfully soft.

“Cash first,” Elsa said.

“Of course,” I said. I took out my wallet and took out the forty dollars. Shit, I didn’t need to order out for lunch this week after all.

My money in her hand, Elsa took out a condom and unwrapped it. “Blowjobs are easier if your cock is out.”

“Oh, right,” I said. I shook my head. I was acting like a virgin. To be fair, I have never been blown in the back of an ice cream truck before.

My cock came out and Elsa sheathed it in latex. She did it so fast that I realized that she must have had a lot of practice. It made me wonder how many other guys were at home during the day. Hell, it made me wonder if she even sold ice cream at this point.

“Nice and hard,” she said. She stroked my cock as she licked her lips. “I love it when a customer knows what he wants.”

I was going to respond but she took me into her mouth. Whatever clever comeback I had dissolved when I felt her mouth. The inside of the truck was chilly but inside her mouth was like the sun.

She took the head of my cock and kept going. I watched in wonder as she slid further down my cock. Elsa took all of me, swallowing my cock until her chin was resting on my balls. My cock throbbed like crazy down her throat.

I leaned back against a freezer. The cold plastic chilled my ass but her hot breathe kept me warm. I gripped her shoulders for support as my knees buckled.

Elsa moved her head. Slowly and carefully, she pulled back and forth while her lips sucked me like, well like a fucking popsicle. Look, what do you want from me? I was in an ice cream truck and this sexy woman was sucking me just like I was a delicious treat. That was fucking hot.

Which explains why I came so fast. I mean, I don’t normally pop in two minutes, you know? I tried to hold back, I really did but I had no self control. She looked up at me and I saw my cock in between this dark lips and down below the mountains of her breasts were swaying back and forth. Shit, I’m lucky I lasted that long.

I climaxed and Elsa kept sucking. Yeah I know I had a condom on but it was the thought that counted. She kept sucking until my cock went soft and then she opened her lips.

When she buttoned her shirt back up, it was like watching a sunset. You just want it to last forever but eventually it goes away.

“Thank you very much for your business,” Elsa said.

I zipped up my pants. “Thanks for um, your excellent selection.”

“I’ll be back next week,” Elsa said.

“I’ll see you,” I said. What do you say to the woman who has just blown you?

“Hey wait,” she said.

I stopped by the van door. Was I supposed to tip her?

“You forgot your ice cream sandwich.”

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  1. What a great story to read during this gawd-awful heat….shame it didn’t cool me down ;)

  2. Musns- The heat has been terrible here too. I think even if there was an ice cream truck giving blowjobs, I am not sure I would go outside for it.

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