Jul 192010

This weekend I finished the first draft of Pusse’ and Cox. I still have some rewriting to do as well as seriously make one of the characters more interesting, but all of the chapters are there. It is an incredible feeling. I feel like the first day of summer vacation. I am a free man.

Which means I am free to go right into another novel. I can finally start my Violatrix book. The high concept is BDSM Star Trek. I had already worked out the crew but since I lost the notebook with all of my notes, I will need to start all over. Oh well. Time to get cracking.

When I write a novel I try to to surround myself with things that keep me inspired in the genre in which I am working. For Pusse’ and Cox, I had wallpaper from Actiongirls.com so I would always have a fresh blonde with a gun on my desktop. My writing music was the House of the Dead: Overkill soundtrack, the Planet Terror Soundtrack and everything by Electric Six. I watched any halfway interesting action movie on Netflix and Demand. I have been soaking in high octane action and a change will be nice.

For the Violatrix, I will most likely be loading up on science fiction and bondage. If I can get both then that would be a double win. I find the immersion important for when work stress, sick pets and bad moods threaten to choke out my creativity, sometimes seeing a naked breast in the right context can keep the writing flowing.

Today though, I am going to sit on my ass and enjoy my novel free day.

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