Jun 042010

I am blogging from the mysterious and dim city of Seattle. Clouds shroud this place and mist greets the morning. On the other hand, I had a chicken picatta to die for last night so I think it is pretty awesome so far.

The architecture here is fascinating. Buildings cling to hills and go up. I have not seen a two story gas station yet but I feel it is a matter of time.

I may be posting more this weekend if I am not too exhausted from walking every damn where.

  2 Responses to “Twilight Seattle”

  1. I had some excellent Italian somewhere in downtown Seattle when I was there for PAX last year. There’s evidently a good (24hr) breakfast place near downtown, too. We walked there in the rain, but it was worth it ;)

    I didn’t have an umbrella because I didn’t want to look like a tourist. Of course, who knows what sopping wet gamers look like;)

  2. Around here there are courtesy umbrellas everywhere so that you can pick one up, get to where you are going and then drop them off in a community box. That is some city planning right there.

    I have yet to find a bad place to eat yet. It is almost getting creepy. I suspect culinary police.

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