Jun 212010

Every morning, the Euphorian Army opens fire on Varthik Castle. Batteries of explosive shells send forth their deadly volleys into the thick Invincimatium gates of the castle. A legion of Terror Tanks fire scorching laser beams to chip away minute fragments of the walls. Squadrons of soldiers lay down a day long constant storm of lasers, bullets and the occasional frustrated thrown dagger. Around night fall, the Euphorian Army withdraws to allow an orbital battle cruiser to send down earth scouring ion beams in an attempt to weaken the castle.

The Castle has stood for over five hundred years. It is the only part of the planet of Euphoria that is not under royal control. It has outlasted several Kings and Queens of the Skull Throne. All have tried to crack the walls but none have succeeded.

Ages ago, during the reign of Queen Jahoris, the wealthy family of Count Diop managed their vast wine farms from this castle. Count Diop was known for possessing three things without equal on the planet. One was his mighty fortress of a castle. Second was his great collection of wines and chalices. Last, was the beauty of his twin children. Diama was considered to be fairer than the moon itself, while her brother, Diax, was considered to be more handsome than the sun.

Queen Jahoris asked for Count Diop’s children as a present. She asked for them to be delivered to her so that she could make bed slaves of them. In her infinite mercy, she even vowed to return them when she was bored of them instead of marrying them off to generals or visiting dignitaries. It was a simple request.

In an act of great treason and disrespect, Count Diop refused. He sealed the gates of Castle Varthik while his personal army gathered before him.

The army of the count was destroyed within a month. The vineyards were given to more worthy nobles within a year. The name of Count Diop became a slang term for a frigid bitch within ten years. In fifty years, the last bottle of Diop wine was auctioned for a billion credits. Eighty years later, Queen Jahoris passed away from natural causes when a laser melted her brain inside her skull.

The Castle however, remained sealed.

Succeeding Kings and Queens continued to lay siege to the castle. Defiance is never forgiven. The Skull Throne always remembers those who insult it.

Some say that Castle Varthik must be an empty shell. Some of the soldiers who lay siege to it believe that the inhabitants of Castle Varthik must be dust by now. These same soldiers usually weep with hysteria when great cannons within Castle Varthik fire back and disintegrate unsuspecting battalions. This usually happens once every couple of decades. Something still moves within the castle.

There is hope however. The great Invincimatium gates have been slowly disintegrating over the years. Scientists predict that barely a meter of Invincimatium remains to be destroyed. With constant pressure and unrelenting military abuse, the gates might crack within the decade.

The current holder of the Skull Throne, Queen Erishella, has announced a national holiday when Castle Varthik finally falls. She has announced her plans to personally attend the breaching of the castle. Queen Erishella plans to honor her great grandmother by ordering the construction of gilded cages to house the remains of the Diop twins.

The Skull Throne can never be denied.

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  1. “Eighty years later, Queen Jahoris passed away from natural causes when a laser melted her brain inside her skull.”

    I loved that.

  2. Thanks :) I have been looking for a place to use a line like that.

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