Jun 252010

Tomorrow will be my one year wedding anniversary with my wife. Time flies when you are having a blast. Because it is my blog, I want to waste your time going over a few reasons why I adore my wife.

When we watch a movie where someone’s blood gets on another person, she loudly screams “Bio-hazard!”

My cat Emma is 18 years old and has been pretty bitchy for all 18 of them. Emma has not exactly warmed up to my wife but damn if my wife doesn’t keep trying.

When we play House of the Dead, I never take any damage because she always shoots the monsters threatening me first.

When we go on vacations, the woman is a packing machine. It is like playing Oregon Trail with a cheat code.

Her breasts are to die for. That is a completely selfish reason to love someone but damn. Golden, brown and delicious.

She saw Six String Samurai in the theater.

There is no one more fun to watch real murder documentaries with.

We have nearly identical tastes in mockery.

She is a monster slaying killing machine in Arkham Horror.

I dragged her to see the Death Race remake and she has never held that against me.

When sales for ‘Cell Phone Slave’ were disappointing, she cheered me out of a black depression.

Ditto when Volleyball Island Madd-ness did not set the internet on fire.

She insists that she carried our kitten around in her belly for nine months and gave birth to it. You have to love that level of dorky crazy.

She gets along with my parents better than I do. Fuck, you know how nice it is that someone else can call my mom and find out what soap opera is happening now?

So here’s to my wife. She has made me a happier person and she has made me a better writer.

  7 Responses to “Just a Few”

  1. Congratulations to both of you. If you’re making her even half as happy as she’s making you, you are both very, very lucky to have found each other.

    Enjoy. I’m giggling a bit imagining yours will be the only anniversary I know with hit points and a body count. Joe Bob would be proud.

  2. Awesome news and ‘gratz!

    Though, I love the biohazard bit.

  3. this was really sweet of you.
    and she sounds like someone i’d totally want to be gal pals with, haha.

  4. Congats, dude and dudette. Here’s to many more. Have a mojito on me. :)

  5. I was just thinking that 18 years is a damn long time, she lived well. Sorry to hear about Emma’s passing, no doubt, you have your fond memories with her and your wife (as you’ve mentioned here) will support you as always through the bad and the good.

    Late congrats, although I’m sure you’re feeling solemn a little at present.

  6. Thanks for the anniversary wishes :) We had a fantastic day, vet visit aside. French restaurants were made for anniversaries.

  7. Congratulations! I’m really happy for you!

    Also, I like the whole “Biohazard!” thing, because I think that a lot.

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