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I saw her ride into the town of Curveback. Being the town drunk, I didn’t have much else to do that afternoon. It was a good thing that I had only drank twelve whiskeys that morning because a sight like her needs to be seen with sober eyes.

She had long blonde hair the color of the Texas sun. A vest covered her giant tits but it did a poor job of it. Leather chaps covered her legs but they couldn’t hide how tightly those legs were wrapped around her horse. That was a woman who could ride damn near anything and come out on top.

The cowgirl rode right up to me. I stood up and offered her a drink from my bottle of whiskey. She took my bottle and opened her lips. Would you know that she took six inches of that bottle into her mouth and swallowed all of it’s contents? Damn, the girl had talent.

“My name is Texanah,” she said. She tossed the bottle back to me. “I hear you got yourself a ghost problem.”

“That’s right, ma’am!” I said. “We had ourselves a real Romeo type a few weeks back. His name was Big Bart and he was quite popular with the ladies. He had half the women in town and the only reason he didn’t have the other half was because he hadn’t gotten around to them yet. Why, he had a new woman every night and not a single one of those ladies blame him to the sheriff. The women would claim that they slipped and fell onto his manhood, or that they had fainted and he was trying to revive them with a French method. You know, that sort of thing.”

“And how did the menfolk take it?” Texanah asked.

“Well, they didn’t take it at all,” I said. “They got tired of Big Bart and decided to finish the problem. They dragged out of the bed of the school teacher and brought him to the town square. They strung up a rope and then they strung him up. They say his pecker was still hard and frustrated when they hanged him.”

“That is an essential part of the story, right?” Texanah said.

“Damn right,” I said. “Well, ever since we hung him, the ghost of Big Bart has come back. Every night he haunts and assaults a new woman in the town of Curveback. Only now, there ain’t nothing the men can do it about it! The Hung Horseman can’t be shot, beaten or hanged again. He’s a ghost now!”

“The Hung Horseman?” Texanah asked with a twinkle in her blue eyes. “Is that his new name now?”

“Kind of catchy, right?” I said. “Just because we are being haunted and our womenfolk dishonored is no reason to not have an interesting name for our local ordeal. Besides, we needed a good name for when we put out the reward posters. Five hundred dollars to the person who can get rid of the Hung Horseman!”

Texanah nodded. “This is Curveback’s lucky day,” she said. “I am going to bust your ghost once and for all.”

She had a simple plan. She set up her bedroll right in the middle of town square. While the town slept, she stripped down to butt naked. I knew this because my sleeping spot was right outside the town saloon and once you see Texanah strip down naked, it wakes your drunk ass right back up.

So there she was, lying on the ground as naked as a baby. The moonlight made her big breasts glow like smaller moons. She had her legs spread wide and it took all of my self control not to get up and go over there to crawl between them. She had her hat over her face but her blonde hair spilled around like a golden pillow.

That was when the Hung Horseman appeared. He rode out of the night sky on a horse as black as, well, night. On hooves of fire, the horse rode down from the sky and the Hung Horseman was riding him bare naked. The long rope of the noose dangled behind him for even in death he couldn’t be rid of the mob’s noose.

The Hung Horseman flew down to the ground and then he got off his spectral horse. He walked carefully over to Texanah’s nude body. His cock got hard and god damn! That thing was as long as the Rio Grande and twice as thick. Even though he was a ghostly manifestation of a dead man, I had to admire the healthy size of his side iron.

At this point, Texanah sat up. She put her hat on her head and looked at the Hung Horseman. They stared at each other for a minute.

“What the fuck you waiting for?” Texanah said. “Ride me, Horseman!”

The Hung Horseman laughed. It was a creepy evil laugh. It gave me the shivers just to hear it. He did what she said though. He got right down between her thighs and stuck that monster of a cock inside her.

Texanah didn’t even grunt. She just wrapped her legs around the Hung Horseman pulled him down onto her chest. Her heels kicked his ass to spur him into doing what he did best.

The Hung Horseman fucked her. Sweet Baby Jesus and his Mother Mary, did the Hung Horseman fuck her. His ass was a blur as he pounded into Texanah with all his might. The sound of cock entering pussy echoed through out the town as the Hung Horseman left her have it.

Texanah seemed to like it too. She let out a loud yoddle as he tore up that pussy. That was a scream of pure pleasure if I have ever heard one. Her heels kept kicking at him, urging him to go deeper and harder. The whole time her heels are kicking, she was screaming like a cat in heat.

Well, it wasn’t long before the Hung Horseman pulled out of Texanah. He stood up with that cocky grin that the women of Curveback knew so well. Texanah just laid there, breathing hard with her legs still spread.

The Hung Horseman headed back to his horse when Texanah called out to him.

“Hey, where you going?” she yelled. Texanah rolled over onto all fours. She shook her ass at him like a filly.

The Hung Horseman grinned and went back to her. He got down on his knees and slipped his rifle into her from behind. Texanah screamed again as he filled her. He grabbed her hair like they were reins and yanked her head back like she was an Injun bow. With her head pulled back like that, her wonderful breasts were pushed forward so I could admire them better.

He fucked her. He fucked her like a dog on the streets. He fucked her like a stallion taking his pick of the herd. He fucked her a supernatural ghost tearing up some pussy at the stroke of midnight. It was an awesome sight let me tell you.

Texanah took it. Hell, she kept asking for more.

“Harder, cowboy!” she would yell.

“Come on now, I heard you were good,” she would yell too.

“Damn, I’ve had city slickers fuck me harder!” she screamed at one point.

That just pissed the Hung Horseman off. He fucked her twice as hard till those pretty tits of hers were bouncing all over the place. Texanah stopped taunting him and started screaming as she came. She screamed three times before the Hung Horseman screamed his pleasure as well.

The Hung Horseman stood up on shaky legs. He stumbled back to his horse and was getting ready to ride off. That was when his noose yanked him off his feet and he landed on the ground.

Texanah was holding the other end. “I ain’t done with you yet,” she said.

Before the Hung Horseman could do anything, Texanah sat down right on his cock. This time he was the one that cried out as Texanah took back inside her insatiable pussy. She settled down on him like he was her favorite saddle. She wrapped his noose around her arm; making sure she had him by the leash.

I watched as Texanah fucked the Hung Horseman. Fuck, I thought he was fast but Texanah was like a damn tornado on his cock. Up and down she bounced; her blonde hair and big tits bouncing all around her. She used one hand to hold onto her hat as she fucked the shit out of the ghost.

Texanah screamed herself hoarse as she rode the Hung Horseman. I think the gal must have had a dozen orgasms. She rode him for hours, sometimes fast and vicious and sometimes real slow like as she grinded her hips on him. She rode him hard until the first rays of sunlight started to peek over the horizon.

“All right,” Texanah finally said. “I guess I am done with you.”

“Jesus Christ,” the Hung Horseman said. He got up on shaky legs and stumbled to his horse. Texanah had to give him a push up.

“Now don’t come back around here no more!” Texanah said. “You scaring the men folk!”

“Shit,” the Hung Horseman said. “I don’t think I will ever fuck again.”

“Good ghost!” Texanah said. She slapped the demon horse on the butt and it flew off into the sky. “Don’t make me come back to this shithole town!”

“Yes ma’am!” the Hung Horseman yelled from the sky.

After he flew off, Texanah walked over where I was sitting. I noticed she was walking real tender like and a little bow legged.

“Go wake up the sheriff,” she said to me. “Tell him I want my five hundred dollars. Then go to the saloon and tell them to get a tub of hot water ready for me.”

I nodded and started to get up. She grabbed me by the neck and told me one last thing.

“And get me some riding cream from the general store. That Hung Horseman name was mighty accurate.”

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  1. That was a great little story. I liked the tone the most, it fit perfectly with everything else. Yummy, very yummy.

  2. Of course, you can’t actually subscribe to comments unless you post a second time. :(

    But, I <3 cowgirls.

  3. I think the tone is my favorite part about Texanah. I find when I am blocking any other kind of story, I can always write one about Texanah.

    And yep, I love cowgirls too.

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