Jun 302010

“I need to quit drinking,” Lizzy thought.

A red ball came flying at her chest. Lizzy spun away from the ball. She felt the wind whisk across her bare breasts as the ball missed her by inches.

SMACK! The ball hit Brittany instead. The sound of the rubber ball impacting on Brittany’s C-cups echoed throughout the deserted gym. Brittany’s scream followed a few seconds later.

“You’re out!” the ref yelled. As if the giant red mark on Brittany’s breasts weren’t reminder enough.

Lizzy glanced at the guy who had thrown the ball. It was Mark, and the asshole had a grin nearly as big as the erection bouncing between his legs.

Naked dodgeball was not how Lizzy wanted to spend a Saturday night. Well, maybe against some guys she actually liked but not against the frat boys of Delta Alpha. And most definitely not for the stakes they all agreed to in a drunken stupor Friday night.

“Your mouth is as good as mine, Lizzy!” Mark yelled.

This time Jim took a shot at her. He tossed the ball at Lizzy, his own balls bouncing with the act of throwing. Lizzy was ready. She ran towards the ball and caught it. With the ball in her arms, Jim was eliminated and now Samantha could come back in. Fat good Samantha would do. The girl spent most of her time giggling and shaking her breasts at the boys.

“Nail Mark!” Jessica yelled. Jessica was pissed at Mark for hitting her best friend, Ashley, in the ass a few minutes ago. Of course, now that Jessica was warned Mark out loud, Lizzy couldn’t aim for him now.

Lizzy faked a throw at Mark and when he ran, she threw with all her might at Dave. The dumbass never saw it coming. He felt it though. The ball smashed right into his hard cock and the football player crumbled to his knees crying like, well like a boy.

“No fair!” Mark yelled.

“A hit is a hit!” Lizzy yelled.

“You’re out!” the ref yelled.

Lizzy gave Mark the bird. She blamed Mark for coming up with the stakes of the game. If the girls lost, they had to provide blowjobs to every guy on the team. If the boys won, they had to eat out the girls. If Lizzy had been sober last night, she would have pointed out that letting the boys lick them wasn’t much of a punishment.

“I really need to quit drinking,” she said.

Mark ran to the ball and scooped it up. He spun around and threw the ball sideways. Lizzy watched in horror as Samantha leaned into the ball with her hip.

“Ow! You got me!” Samantha laughed.

“This is why I am not a lesbian,” Lizzy muttered. “Some girls are fucking useless.”

Lizzy ran for the ball and picked it up. This time she went straight for Mark. She threw it as fast as she could but the asshole stepped out of the way. Worse, Paul picked the ball up as soon as it went out of bounds. He stepped back onto the court and threw it overhand. Lizzy flinched but he wasn’t even aiming for her. The ball flew to the other side of the court.


“Fuck!” Jessica yelled. She was clutching her right breast. “You fucker!”

“You gonna suck me with that dirty mouth?” Mark laughed. He took a moment to high five Paul in celebration of his wit.

“Two against one,” Mark yelled. “One more hit and you girls are having all you can suck cock!”

Lizzy glanced at her sorority sisters. Brittany and Jessica were still holding their tender breasts. Ashley was standing up because her ass hurt too much to sit. Samantha, the slut that she was, was actually licking her lips. The girls looked defeated and ready to open their mouths.

“Fuck that,” Lizzy said.

She picked the ball up and weighed her chances. A trickle of desire ran down her leg. Her heart was thumping and her thighs ached. She was aroused. Lizzy wasn’t sure if her body secretly yearned to suck Mark’s cock or if her body had more confidence in herself than she did. She knew she would find out in a few minutes.

Lizzy ran towards the center line. Her breasts bounced against her body as she ran. Mark ran to the left, away from her. Paul however was hypnotized by her breasts. Lizzy bounced the ball off his head while he was still staring.

“You’re out!” the ref yelled. Lizzy couldn’t remember what the referee got out of the bet. Knowing that perv, he probably gets to watch.

Mark didn’t wait for Paul to leave. He ran to the ball and threw it as fast as possible.

Lizzy expected that. Mark was always impatient. He asked for her phone number the first time they met. He tried to grab her tit the first time they shared a table at a bar. He fucked Samantha the first time Lizzy turned him down. The asshole was in a hurry to get his only blowjob he would ever get from Lizzy.

The ball flew at her and Lizzy was ready. She caught the ball as easy as shooting down his clumsy advances.

“You’re out!” the ref yelled at Mark.

Lizzy threw the ball a second later at his exposed cock.

“Ow!” Mark yelled. “I was out; you didn’t have to hit me!” He collapsed to his knees, clutching his cock.

Lizzy felt a surge of desire strike between her legs. “Oh I know,” she said. “I just wanted you on your knees.”

She walked up to him and grabbed his hair. Lizzy tilted his head up and looked down on him. Her sex was soaked and that was okay. She knew what her body wanted.

Lizzy pressed his head to her sex. She felt his tongue lapping away at her. A shiver ran through her. This was victory. This was awesome.

She still needed to quit drinking.

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