Jun 162010

Ashley Wu stretched out her arms. The Von Madd Total-Blindfold was doing it’s job by completely blocking her vision. She had to reach the table of vibrators but after being spun around by the Human Resources trainer, Ashley was completely confused on where it might be. The fact that she was nude was distressing as well, but when you work for Von Madd Laboratories, the world’s greatest sex research company, being naked is an occupational necessity sometimes.

“To your left!” a woman’s voice yelled. That might have been Dr. Gersten. She was always quick to give orders.

“To your left!” a man’s voice said calmly. That might have been Dr. Ino. It had the same bored tone that she associated with the brilliant scientist. Ashley had the impression that her very existence bored him to excruciating levels.

“To your fucking left, you stupid cunt!” a woman’s voice yelled. Oh yes. That was definitely Dr. Cale. She was a genius in designing latex polymers but she had the social skills of a studded paddle.

“Now, now, Dr. Cale,” the Human Resources trainer, Bill, said. He had a soothing sexy voice that Ashley could listen to for hours. She wouldn’t mind having him explain the medical insurance seminar.

“We’re here to develop bonds for your upcoming Throwable Nipple Clamps project,” Bill said. “We need to encourage trust, not fear and terror.”

Ashley wasn’t sure what that meant but she didn’t care. She was used to the abuse. She was the youngest member of the team and they treated her like a kid sister their parents forced them to hang out with. Being a Doctor of Physics did not impress a group that already held an average of a dozen patents each.

She was blind as a bat as she tried to find her way to the vibrator table. Someone left the air conditioner on and the cold air was falling all over Ashley’s nude body. Her nipples were as hard as ice cubes and twice as cold. She wondered if her pubic hair was keeping her sex warm. She wondered if she could get permission from Dr. Von Madd to conduct a study on the warming effects of pubic hair.

“To your left, about thirty degrees, Dr. Wu,” Dr. Ino said.

Ashley forgot about pubic hair studies and turned slowly. How the fuck was she supposed to know when she has turned thirty degrees?

“Stop!” Dr. Gersten said. Her sharp tone froze Ashley in her place. It also made her a little wet, but that was something to be thought about later.

“Finally,” Dr. Cale said. “Now take seven steps forward, if you can count that high.”

“Dr. Cale,” Bill said with a touch of disappointment.

“Sorry,” Dr. Cale said. “I am sure you can count to at least seven, Ms. Wu.”

Ashley walked forward, on her sixth step, several voices yelled out for her to stop.

“Damn, you got long legs,” Dr. Cale said. For once, she didn’t sound like she was insulting her.

“Agreed,” Dr. Ino said. There was a slight touch of interest in his voice. “Dr. Wu, reach out to your right for the vibrator.”

Ashley hesitated. She had briefly seen the vibrators on the table before the blindfold was put on. There was a modest white six inch one, a rather large purple one and a monstrous red one that could plug a horse. She was pretty sure the red one was on the right.

“Now Dr. Wu, remember that you have to trust them,” Bill said. “Only by trusting in your partners can you really work together.

Ashley thought she heard a female snickering.

Biting her lip, Ashley decided to trust in her project partners. She put her hand out and felt cool plastic. As her fingers traced around the object, she moaned at the size that was becoming apparent. It had to be the red one.

“Now take two steps to the left, and put your hand down for the lube,” Dr. Gersten commanded.

“Really? You want her to have lube?” Dr. Cale said.

“She is going to have to be able to walk next week,” Dr. Gersten said. “We do have a prototype to make.”

“Well if you want her to walk, then yes, let’s have her lube up,” Dr. Cale said. There was obvious disappointment in her voice.

Ashley quickly took the two steps to the left before they changed their minds. She reached around till she found the bottle. She squirted some lube into her hand and rubbed it over the giant vibrator in her hand.

“Don’t forget to put some on your pussy,” Dr. Gersten said. It was the first thing she had said that didn’t sound like an order.

Ashley did as she asked. She squirted a healthy load into her hand and then rubbed it into her sex. Her fingers were slippery inside her sex and Ashley couldn’t help moaning.

“Moan a little louder,” Dr. Ino said. He sounded far more interested than he usually did.

Ashley plunged her fingers in deep. The moan that came out of her lips was entirely genuine.

“You better lay down for the next part,” Dr. Gersten said.

The cold floor smelled of disinfectant. Ashley shivered as her bare back pressed against the tiles. She had her knees up and opened her thighs without being told. The vibrator was in both hands and she positioned it right before her sex. She wasn’t sure if she was going to build any trust, but she was pretty sure she was about to be fucked.

“Slide just an inch,” Dr. Cale said.

Ashley groaned as the vibrator opened the lips of her sex. Obeying her project partners, she only allowed an inch inside her.

“She forgot to turn it on,” Dr. Ino said.

“Can’t have that,” Dr. Gersten said. “Turn the vibrator on, Dr. Wu.”

A touch of a dial and the vibrator roared to life. The giant toy sent waves of pleasure through her despite the minimal contact.

“She should play with her breast to enhance arousal,” Dr. Cale said.

“Yes, play with your nice small tit, Dr. Wu,” Dr. Ino said.

It was difficult to hold the vibrator with just one hand but Ashley did as she was told. She did smile at the small breast comment. Her A-cup breasts were small but Ashley was always proud of how aerodynamically perfect they were. She pinched her nipple and twisted it in her fingers. She twisted them with the same harshness that Dr. Von Madd when he gave her a job interview.

“Put two more inches into you,” Dr. Cale said.

Ashley cried out as the humming giant penetrated her. Her sex expanded as it tried to take in the massive toy. She squirmed on the cold ground but she kept pushing till she had taken the requested two inches.

“Amazing,” someone said. Ashley couldn’t tell who said. The fact that any of these scientists thought she did something amazing aroused her more.

“I think she can take another two inches,” Dr. Cale said.

“What? You must be using that non-Euclidian geometry again,” Dr. Gersten said. “Her frame is far too slender to handle two more inches, especially at that angle of tapering.”

“I agree but I do think she could handle another inch,” Dr. Ino said.

“Perhaps,” Dr. Cale said. “Dr. Wu, insert another inch.”

“Are you sure?” Dr. Wu said. The vibrations were doing wonderful things to her but she did have some concern for her internal organs.

“Now, now, Dr. Wu,” Bill said. “Trust in your teammates.”

Ashley spread her legs and pushed the vibrator in. Her sex stretched to accommodate the vibrating impalement. She felt like her body below her waist was undergoing some sort of sensation metamorphosis into a being of pure pleasure.

“She should pinch her clit,” Dr. Cale said.

“What? That would interrupt her enjoyment,” Dr. Gersten said.

“Oh I doubt it,” Dr. Ino chimed in. “Look at her. She is a classic case of a masochistic personality. The fact that we would demand it would make her orgasm.”

“I concur with my colleague,” Dr. Cale said. “I estimate a 90 percent chance of orgasm.”

“That high?” Dr. Gersten said. “Then I must explore your hypothesis. Dr. Wu, pinch your clit very hard.”

Ashley had bitten her lip throughout their discussion. She was surprised that they knew about her masochistic tendencies but at the same time, she was so turned on that they knew her that well. The fact that all three of them were standing around her, discussing her as she masturbated was arousing, but not as arousing as realizing they actually were treating her seriously.

She let go of her twisted nipple and reached between her legs. The vibrator hummed between her legs as her fingers found her clitoris. She was tempted to lightly pinch herself but she shook that thought off. She trusted her team. She pinched as hard as she could.

She screamed as her orgasm shook her body.

When Ashley had finished climaxing, the vibrator was taken from her hands. Somebody helped her to her feet and helped keep her standing when her knees refused to work at first. She was breathing hard form the orgasm, but she was energized by the progress her little group had made.

“Good work, team!” Bill said. “Now if you will bring Dr. Wu to the paddling bench, we can move on to the next team building exercise. Dr. Cale and Dr. Gersten, make sure you bring the strap-ons.”

Ashley moaned. She forgot that this was a six hour class.

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