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Zeta Thetis ran for her life. She raced through the dense foliage, wincing as the thorns scratched at her naked body. Her pampered feet protested every sharp twig she stepped on and every unforgiving tree she bumped against. The dense branches of the trees snagged at her long red hair while the coarse leaves rubbed against her silk soft skin. She was sweaty, exhausted and nearly hysterical, but Zeta kept running.

Queen Erishella was hunting her.

Only a week ago, Zeta was a harem slave of the Duke of Carnelia. She had a peaceful life of looking pretty and sucking the Duke’s cock on occasion. Her fellow harem slaves would exercise and read fashion magazines, hoping to discover some beauty secret that would convince the Duke to marry one of them. The must exciting thing that ever happened was Orgy Night when the Duke would take pills and attempt to fuck them all in a single night. He never succeeded but it was fun to watch.

That was before Queen Erishella declared war on the Gem Moons. The first that Zeta first knew of the war was when soldiers invaded the Harem. She knew it was bad when the cruel soldiers pushed her into floating cages and escorted them out of the palace. The Duke’s desecrated body hung from the flag pole, announcing to the Gem Moon of Carnelia that things will never be the same again.

Now Zeta was hiding in a dense forest, praying that the murderous Queen doesn’t find her. She heard another member of the Duke’s Harem scream from somewhere in the forest. The scream was cut short in an ominous manner. Zeta shuddered.

This morning, the harem slaves had been released on the edge of the forest. As soldiers lined the slaves up, Queen Erishella, dressed in skin tight black leather, stood before them. Her long curly hair was bound in a gold laced ponytail. The Queen carried a strange rifle and leered at the naked flesh before her.

“Anyone who reaches the other side of the forest is free to go,” the evil Queen said.

“Anyone I catch, I keep,” the Queen said.

The harem slaves ran in a blind panic. Zeta had crashed through the forest with all of her speed. She had no idea what freedom would be like, but she knew it had to be better than the Queen.

Behind her, she heard the screams of slower slaves. She heard the mocking laugh of the Queen as she caught them, one by one. Zeta ran and pushed her way through the harsh forest but the screams seemed to get closer and closer.

Her naked body was so pale compared to the dark green bushes; Zeta feared that she could be spotted miles away. The unforgiving sun managed to penetrate the thick leaves just to boil her in heat. When she ran, her heavy breasts slapped against her flesh, alerting everyone to her location.

Zeta found a thick group of bushes to hide in while she caught her breath. A few minutes later, she saw a curious sight. A blonde woman crawled along the trail. The blonde wore a silver harness over her body made entirely of chains. The woman was looking around with a desperate expression on her face.

The crawling blonde looked at Zeta and smiled. Zeta was afraid that she was going to shout but instead the woman squeaked inarticulate sounds. The woman tried to stand and point but she fell over for some reason. Her squeaking was damn loud though.

“Did find another one, Selane?”

Zeta’s body shivered. It was the Queen!

Queen Erishella walked onto the path. She had the bizarre rifle in her hands and she was looking into the bushes where Zeta was hiding. The damn blonde woman was squeaking hysterically and pointing her hands right at Zeta’s position.

She had to run. Zeta knew her life was forfeit but she had to run. She broke from the bushes and ran as fast as she could. Heavy breasts bouncing against her skin, Zeta prayed for a quick death.

A whistling noise followed her. Thin wires wrapped around her body and Zeta fell to the ground. Wire wrapped around her body as she tried to stand. Her breasts ached as the wire wrapped tightly around her breasts. Her legs were hobbled as her ankles bound together. The wrapping cord tightened around her neck and Zeta struggled to breathe.

Queen Erishella walked up to her struggling body. Zeta looked up in helpless horror. The Queen’s pet crawled over to Zeta and looked at her with scorn. The Queen towered above them both in her leather clad glory.

“Stop struggling,” the queen commanded. “Let the contact anesthetics do their work.”

Zeta did as she was told. Sleep mercifully knocked her out.

Sleep faded away and Zeta awoke. She tried to move but it was impossible. She was on her back, with her arms and legs up in the air. They were bound to unmoving hover restraints. Zeta turned her head and saw that other harem slaves were similarly bound. They also had something on their bodies but from Zetas was, she couldn’t tell what.

A man came in her field of vision. He was enormously fat. He was sitting in a hover chair to support his immense girth.

“Hello, beauty,” the man said. “My name is Lareth. I will be your chef tonight.”

“Where am I?” Zeta asked.

“You are in the kitchen,” Lareth said. He floated over to her breasts. He squeezed one of them very roughly.

“Ow!” Zeta cried.

“Very plump yet firm,” Lareth said. “I think they could easily support a gavberry sauce.”

“By the Gods!”Zeta said. “Is the Queen a cannibal?”

Lareth laughed. “No, but she likes to eat what she catches.”

The fat man placed a red sponge in her mouth. Zeta tried to protest but the red sponge expanded and filled her mouth. She was gagged and couldn’t get it out. The sponge dripped a sweet juice into her open throat and she had no juice but to swallow it.

Lareth went to work on her body. He squeezed komolate icing onto her arms and legs, tracing intricate designs of skulls onto her flesh. He removed the hair from her sex and replaced it with dark shavings of draya candy. He whipped up a thick red gavberry sauce and covered her breasts till they resembled candy mountains. White cream was sprayed onto her thighs like the remains of a messy lover.

“Perfect,” Lareth said. “You are ready now.”

The hover restraints flew through the air, taking Zeta’s bound body with it. The motion was gentle enough that not a single drop on Zeta’s body fell.

Out of the kitchen and into a giant dining hall. Courtiers applauded as Zeta’s body was transported over the table. She looked down on the table and saw that other harem slaves fulfilled roles as other dishes. There was Delly, half submerged in giant gravy bowl. Here was Paxia, her body buried under breast shaped mountains of vegetables. Meats of varying thickness were crammed into poor Gammi’s various orifices. Each plate was a culinary delight and a slave’s nightmare.

Sitting at the head of the table was Queen Erishella. As Zeta’s restraints placed her in front of the Queen, Zeta looked between her gavberry sauced breasts to look at this mysterious Queen once more.

The Queen had shed her leathers and now wore a single woven purple scarf. The scarf snaked around her shoulders and came down to bind her breasts together in an impressive display of cleavage before stretching down to the Queen’s waist and out of Zeta’s sight. Zeta had to admit that Erishella looked more like a Queen than her former master ever looked like a Duke.

“A fitting dessert,” the Queen said. Zeta felt the Queen’s finger wipe some sauce from her nipple. She shuddered at the queen’s casual touch.

“Delicious,” the Queen said. Zeta felt a strange twinge of pride. What did she care if this wicked Queen approved?

She felt the Queen’s hot breath as the queen dipped her head between Zeta’s thighs. A flickering tongue licked the drops of cream on her thighs. Lick by lick, the Queen moved down to Zeta’s candy shaved sex. As each nibble came closer, Zeta could feel her sex clench in anticipation.

Zeta bit down hard on the sponge in her mouth. The Queen’s mouth was inches from her sex but the Queen choose to eat the candy shavings first. Zeta moaned in frustration as she felt the Queen’s mouth teasing her. Teeth would bite down so achingly close to her sex while the tongue would lick the candy instead of her clenching sex.

Finally the candy shavings were all gone. Zeta cried out as she felt the first flicker of the Queen’s tongue on her. She pulled against her restraints as the Queen devoured her. The Queen’s tongue reached deep inside Zeta while the royal lips nibbled at Zeta’s sex.

Through the haze of bliss, Zeta wondered if the strange liquid that was dripping from the sponge was causing her arousal. Perhaps she had been drugged to respond so strongly to this debasement. Zeta clung to that idea. It was better than considering that she was enjoying this humiliating ordeal simply because she liked it.

The Queen feasted on Zeta’s sex. The restraints held her as the Queen had her way with her. Long hungry licks attacked Zeta’s sex. Fast starving licks made her toes curl. Casual slow licks at the Queen’s discretion made Zeta whimper with need.

Zeta screamed her first orgasm but the sponge gag turned it into a barely audible muffle.

Zeta screamed her second orgasm as well but the sponge turned it into a whimper.

Zeta moaned her third orgasm but the sponge gag absorbed it all.

The Queen moved her head away and snapped her fingers. The hover restraints lifted Zeta’s body away from the table. With a sickening speed, the restraints carried her down many hallways and down many stairs before dropping her into a cell. The restraints flew off and the door slammed behind them.

Zeta collapsed on the floor. She pulled the sponge from her mouth and took a breath of air. Her stomach growled with hunger.

In the darkness of the cell, Zeta wiped her hand over her breast. She ate the gavberry sauce from her fingers. She nibbled on the komolate icing on her arm.

Zeta did not despair that she was spending the night in a dark cell, eating the leftovers from her body. She belonged to the Queen now.

There would be other games.

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  1. This was an oddball one. A lot of things going on. First a hunt, then, dessert? :) Easy to go with, though. I was wondering if anyone got away, and if they were truly better off for it…

  2. Being where I come from, I was expecting a slightly different ending, but still nice and fluffy. Thank you! I loved it.

    (Stupid login still isn’t working for me.)

  3. (Hrm, strange, now it does. Go figure.)

    Still love it, but want to subscribe to answers. *grin*

  4. Bluewords- Now you got me thinking about the one who gets away.

    I had two story ideas that I wasn’t crazy about that I liked a whole lot better together.

    t’Sade- The Queen is a big fan of leftovers :)

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