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“Amazing,” Dr. Otto Von Madd said. “You are a remarkable likeness.”

“As are you,” the woman said. You said your name was Otto Von Madd? How interesting. My name is Octavia Von Madd, I was named after my great aunt, who pioneered lunar spelunking in 1917.”

“Interesting,” Otto said. “I was named for my uncle, who achieved the same thing in my reality.”

The two doctors looked at each other from opposite sides of the lab table. They both were wearing the same white laboratory coat as well as goggles with the same purple lenses. Otto was a few inches taller than Octavia but she made up for that with her abundant chest. Octavia had long brown hair that cascaded past her shoulders while Otto had an unruly mess of short brown hair.

“I like the goatee,” Octavia said.

“Thank you,” Otto said. “I was admiring the fullness of your lips.”

“I assume that we are sharing a temporary reality due to the nature of our experiments?” Octavia asked.

“That is my hypothesis as well.” Otto pointed at the green orb of energy that was floating above the table. “This solar powered vibrator was malfunctioning and producing very strange delpha waves. A minute later, you appeared.”

“How curious,” Octavia said. “I had a self-adapting testicle restraint device with a faulty mass adjuster and it was producing some very unusual fluctuations on an atomic level.”

“Ah, then I can assume that both of our malfunctioning devices are what bridged our worlds and caused this lab to share realities. “ Otto grinned at her. “I know for example that I do not possess a cock length chart in my laboratory.”

Octavia smiled back. “And I don’t have a cup that says ‘World’s Greatest Pussy Eater’ on my table. I believe our worlds are only overlapping in a very limited space.”

“Most likely our worlds will separate as soon one of our malfunctioning devices ceases malfunctioning in this reality bending synergy that is occurring. We should snap back at any moment.”

“I am curious if the effect could be reproduced,” Octavia said. “But the dual malfunctioning devices means there are millions of variables at play.”

“I suspect that our chances of ever reproducing this effect are quite astronomically low,” Otto said.

Octavia looked over her counterpart. “I estimate that we have only minutes left.”

They looked at each other. “We should fuck,” they both said.

“I mean, how often does one get to fuck themselves from an alternate reality?” Octavia said.

Otto was unzipping his pants. “We must do this for science. Also, you possess attributes that inspire a great amount of sexual excitement in me.”

Octavia threw open her lab coat and tore off her shirt. “You have the qualities of a highly preferable mating partner.”

“That is the sexiest thing anyone has ever said to me,” they both said.

She reached down for his penis. He groaned as her fingers squeezed around certain pressure points.

“I am glad to know that my alternate self has a good size for a cock,” Octavia said.

He sunk his fingers into her firm breast. She groaned as his fingers did something clever with her nipple.

“I admit that I am relieved to know if I was born a woman, at least I would be busty,” Otto said.

Octavia hopped on the table. She spread her legs to reveal the thick bush of hair that Otto knew would be there. Some preferences are universal.

He slipped his cock into her. Octavia’s legs wrapped around his body and he kissed her ear. He breathed in her perfume and felt his cock throb with excitement.

“What is that lovely scent?” he asked.

“It is my own design,” Octavia said. Otto thrust inside of her and she moaned. She bit his ear and whispered the chemical formula to him.

Otto kept pumping. The table shook with the violence of his thrusts. The green glow where their experiments had intersected flickered for a moment. He suspected that they didn’t have much time left. His hips shifted and he thrust into her with a technique that he had perfected in college.

“Oh, oh, oh!” Octavia said. “What is this?” Her fingers curled against his back and dug fresh scratches into his skin.

“It is a motion I discovered from observing a counter weight pulley,” Otto said. He whispered the principles involved as his hips demonstrated the theory.

“I think I love me,” Octavia said.

“I love me too,” Otto groaned.

They climaxed together. Orgasms rippled through both of their bodies with a shocking intensity.

Their mouths found each other and they kissed. They kissed hard, exploring each the other’s mouths. With the desperation that comes from knowing how limited their time was. They delighted in the contrasts while relishing their shared similarities.


Otto fell onto the table as Octavia faded into nothingness. The solar power vibrator sat inert on the scan plate. He glanced over to the wall and saw that the cock size chart was gone as well.

He would remember her. He owed it to himself.

  6 Responses to “Fiction: Love Thyself”

  1. I have to say that I don’t actually believe in the multi-verse theory. However, the stories are just so damn fun to write, as evidenced by this one. Gives the phrase “Go fuck yourself” a whole new meaning. “With pleasure!” will be my answer now, should the occasion arise (snicker).

  2. My first comic was a multiverse story and well, I have yet to recover. I just can’t beleive it took me this long to write one for Otto.

  3. Oh.

    I believe that’s all I have to say at first. Oh.

    But then, when I was twelve I stumbled across a collection of xxxenophile comics, and fell absolutely in love with a story from the second issue –the idea of fucking yourself silly. The genderswap took longer to reach my mind, but it’s still there.

    Having kinks that can’t be achieved in the real world is so frustrating. Thank you for giving me stories, at least. <3

  4. Mesix- XXXenophiles is great for illustrating the impossible. I really wish it was still making new issues. Oh well, more for me to write I guess.

  5. They looked at each other. “We should fuck,” they both said.
    This got a good laugh outta me. One, cause I was thinking it’d lead to that anyways and two, I just love the ‘normality’ of it.
    (Like it’s the obvious thing that we should do at times like this)

    Not to mention, it was pretty damn hot <3
    Thank you for some Otto love, missed the guy. :D

    I may as well add in here as well, I think the latest Claire story you wrote (simple hand work with Mr Dillon but also had this touch of vulnerability from both sides) made it one my most favourite stories from the lot.

    And lastly, the Euphorian Gazetteer collection that you’ve been writing. xD
    I read those in a row, it’s pretty fascinating and a nice set up to the world of the Queen and her wacky, ruthless ways and customs.
    Not sure on the rape dogs though, spent a few minutes trying to tune out my imagination from composing a mental image from it.
    Left me somewhat uneasy, broken butt bones doesn’t sound pleasant at all… :\
    (I mean, how exactly can they reproduce with each other using 12 inches on each other and nothing else) x.x;;;

    – Thus is my round up on my catch up with your blog, as always, I appreciate the literary love from you <3

  6. I’m very sad that there are no XXXenophiles. Or that lovely little card game, there were some great things in there.

    But, absolutely lovely little story. I actually met my evil twin, opposite gender, same personality, even born within a day of me. It was actually pretty fun, but sadly, never got to actually fuck them.

    Now, they live in Wyoming.

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