May 252010

Every year, the youths of Euphoria gather for the great race on the Glass Staircase. Wrapped around the great mountain of Phos, the Glass Staircase coils for six thousand, nine hundred and sixty-nine steps. The only decorations on the Glass Staircase are the black marble statues of past winners. The steps themselves are made of reflective glasscrete, allowing the sun to reflect those who climb the stairs, but yet stay cool to the touch.

This is an important detail for the youths as they must run naked up the steps. Teenage boys and girls of legal age ascend the stairs in a mad dash of devotion to their Queen. The glass reflects their nudity back at them for the enjoyment of the millions of Euphorians who watch the race every year via remote video cameras. Their young flesh jiggle and struggle up the steps and many a youth are often offered careers as concubines by smitten viewers.

Most of the youths pass out on their way up the stairs. Quite a few youths find romance with each other and give up the race to pursue each other. A small number of youths fall from the stairs and their deaths are always cheered by the viewers at home. One youth was struck by a strange beam from outer space and teleported to Gods know where. Only a few ever reach the top.

For those lucky few who reach the top, they must finish the last part of the race. Queen Erishella waits for them on her Skull Throne. Her outfit changes from year to year but what never changes is how open her thighs are and how bare her royal sex is. For this is the last challenge; giving pleasure to the Queen. With their chests panting, their lips trembling with exhaustion and their chests heaving, and their mouths still gasping from the climb they must orally please the Queen.

The Queen can be quite demanding. She wraps her legs around them and pins their mouths to her sex. Boy or girl, the Queen treats them the same. She allows them to attempt to please her until she bores of their attentions. If they fail, their bodies are tossed from the top of the Glass Staircase. If they succeed, the scream of the Queen as she climaxes announces the end of the race.

The winner is granted a million credits. It is enough to enjoy a life of decadence for the talented youth. A title of Baron or Baroness is granted them as well as a sizable tract of land. Their statues are erected along the Glass Staircase to serve as an example to next year’s contestants.

–Euphorian Gazetteer

  3 Responses to “The Glass Staircase”

  1. She has awesome hobbies. :)

  2. “One youth was struck by a strange beam from outer space and teleported to Gods know where.”

    This line made it for me. :)

  3. t’Sade- A lady has to have hobbies.

    Bluewords- I think the funniest thing is when different science fiction stories get crossed. Darth Vader never had to stop to take care of an Andromeda Strain.

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