May 312010

The island of Sharpesblades on the planet Euphoria has had a long bloody history. The terrible deadly trees here grow leaves that are renowned in the galaxy for their natural sharpness. In the reign of King Fong, a prison was built on the island to hold his political enemies. Even if they escaped from the prison, a good strong wind would dislodge the leaves and shred people to bits.

During the reign of King Fong’s son, King Zarn, The over populated prison population managed to overcame their wardens and take over the prison. Safe within the prison walls, the prisoners issued taunting proclamations of freedom and independent art criticisms. King Zarn was a maniacal despot and a rather uninspired painter with an insecure ego. He could not allow these enemies of his father and his own art to exist.

A plan was made to deploy a dozen Rape Dogs from Tiberon III. Eight feet long from snarling snout to prehensile tail, the Rape Dogs were known for fucking anything that moves. Possessing jaw that could crush microsteel and armored in a hide of the toughest leather, the Rape Dogs were quite capable of overpowering anything that takes their fancy. Their foot long cock capable of seven orgasms meant that whatever they did fuck would be in no shape to escape the rest of the pack.

It only took the Rape Dogs two days to molest every prisoner on the island. The prisoners themselves only survived twelve hours after that before being raped to death. Unfortunately for King Zarn, the trained handlers of the Rape Dogs only lasted three minutes before their horrific beasts broke free of the control.

Rape Dogs oddly enough are vegetarians. They thrived on the island. They posses only one gender and reproduce by raping each other. Within a year, the island was bristling with Rape Dogs desperate for something new to stick their vile cocks in.

King Zarn issued a bounty of a million credits for each Rape Dog cock brought to him. Hunters from all over the galaxy came to collect the astonishing reward. A silent grim hunter dressed in mysterious armor collected four cocks before flying off to parts unknown. He collected the most cocks. Most hunters were not so lucky. The beaches became littered with the broken asses of would be cock collectors.

The population did slowly begin to dwindle. For a million credits, someone was always willing to try and some of them even managed to collect a cock or two before being horribly assaulted themselves. It became a rite of passage among macho men who wished to test their courage against the ultimate predator. By the end of King Zarn’s reign, entire small armies of mercenaries would rampage through the forest looking for just one big score.

When Queen Erishella came to the Skull Throne, she outlawed the hunting of the Rape Dogs. She declared them to be the official royal animal and thereby protected by threat of execution. The small population of monstrous violators is on the road to recovery.

It is said that one of the Rape Dogs was captured and brought to the Queen as her personal pet. It is said that she has tamed the carnal beast and it now serves at her command. Visual depictions of what she may do with the Rape Beast have become quite popular folk art with the masses.

–Euphorian Gazetteer

  3 Responses to “Rape Dogs of Sharpblades Island”

  1. Damn you, I was planning on being a dog-less household after my current dog. But, now I really, really want one.

    Honest, I don’t really hate you, but you are such a tease.

    … and I want one so badly.

  2. t’Sade- Rape Dogs make awesome pets if you don’t mind the continuous. raping

  3. It’s not really rape, it’s just cocky kisses.

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