May 192010

Nash Nighthammer waited by the stairs. The cellar was dark except for a single dim lantern. The air was cool but a regular gust of warm air would come from the other side of the cellar. From exploring earlier, Nash knew that was where the man sized hole in the wall was. Nash was pretty sure that the warm air was the breathing of the monster snake.

He gripped his warhammer and felt no fear. Sure, the snake was supposed to be terrible. Sure, the snake had devoured three people the last time it came out. Nash didn’t care. Monsters could be killed. Monsters could be smashed if you hit them enough times. The only thing to fear from a giant snake was death and Nash stopped being afraid of death a long time ago.

What worried Nash more were the three bard women upstairs. They expected Nash to choose one of them as a reward for slaying their monster. It was a good reward. He would be happy to bed any one of them. That wasn’t a problem.

What worried Nash was the feelings of the two bards he doesn’t pick. Nash Nighthammer could endure harsh elements, multiple stabs and dreadful supernatural creatures, but he had one weakness. He hated to hurt the feelings of women. He would sooner stab himself in the thigh than watch a woman feel rejected.

He patted his full stomach. The stew he had eaten was truly the best he had ever had. He thought of Rhian, the bard who had cooked the meal. He thought of her round hips, her plump ass and barrel sized breasts. Rhian had sung a song with her bells about a woman taken by the wind. She created cravings in him that mere food could not satisfy.

He gripped his warhammer and thought of Lita. She was a warrior bard, as equally skilled with a blade as she was with her lute. Lita had played a sad song while he waited for dark. It was a song of closing one’s eyes for the kiss of death. That was a woman who had seen horror but still had the lust for life.

He took a drink from a flask of water and thought of Dylie. The small dancer had performed for him in the crackling of the fireplace. The way she danced was so hypnotic, he couldn’t get her out of his head. She reminded him of everything that was joyous in the world and he wanted nothing more than run with her, hand in hand.

A hissing sound came from the other side of the cellar.

“Come to me, whoreson,” Nash said. He braced himself and lifted his warhammer. He looked forward to the simplicity of battle.

An hour later, Nash Nighthammer ascended from the basement. He was covered in sweat and quite a few snake parts. Gore dripped from his warhammer. He looked exhausted.

“Is it dead?” Dylie asked.

Nash nodded. “You have enough snake meat down there to feed you for a year.”

“Are you injured?” Lita asked.

He shook his head. “I just need to wash again and I will be fine. It has been a long day.”

“Well you certainly earned your bed tonight,” Rhian asked.

A pause hung in the air. This was the moment, perhaps more so than the actual death of the monster, that the three bards were waiting for.

“I certainly did,” Nash said. He wiped some snake blood from his forehead. “And I made my choice. I have decided that since I saved the inn for all three of you, that all three of you should warm my bed tonight.”

The bards looked at each other in confusion. For once, all of them were speechless.

“For right now, I am going upstairs to bathe again,” Nash said. “I expect to see all of three of you, or none at all.”

Nash climbed the stairs to his room. He was feeling quite cocky. Not only did he destroy a nasty beast, but he solved a dilemma with mature wisdom. Knowing women as well as he did, he was sure that the bards would realize how silly it was to compete with each other. If songs and stories were any guide, they would understand how close they came to ruining their friendship. Right now they are probably all getting drunk together in a surge of friendship.

Nash regretted that he would sleep alone tonight but he prided himself on solving a difficult problem. He couldn’t wait to brag about this to some other bard so they can record his wisdom. He was a strong warrior, but he wished more people knew how smart he was.

He thought about this as he bathed. Lucky for him, snake blood cleans rather easily. In no time at all he was clean enough for bed.

There was a knock at the door. Before Nash could open, in came the three bards. He was a little disturbed by how they were smiling.

“You are correct, Nash,” Lita said. “It should be all or nothing.”

“Thank you for showing us that we are stronger in harmony than when we are singing alone,” Rhian said.

“So we decided that all of us would fuck your brains out,” Dylie said.

“All-Mother’s tits,” Nash muttered. There would be no sleep for him yet.

Lita came for him first. She walked right up to him and grabbed him by the back of his head. Her mouth kissed him hard, pushing her tongue inside his mouth without fear or modesty. He grabbed her back. His fingers enmeshed themselves in her wild blonde hair. Their mouths battled in a war with no loser.

She pushed him away, gasping for air. He was about to pull her back in when another touched his face. He turned just in time to greet Rhian’s mouth sealing over his. Lita released her embraced so that Nash could put his arms around the voluptuous curves of Rhian. While he explored with his hands, she devoured his mouth with an insatiable passion.

Rhian broke the kiss, licking her lips. Nash turned to the bard that he knew was waiting for him. Dylie leapt into his arms with a dancer’s grace. He held her easily in his arms as she pressed her mouth to his. Her tongue danced in his mouth, twisting and pushing with a skill he didn’t think possible.

As he held Dylie, Nash felt his loincloth ripped from his body. Kisses rained on his cock from two mouths. Tongues licked while lips nibbled all along his length. As Dylie took his breathe away from his mouth, the other two bards breathed new life into his cock with their lips.

Rhian was the first to take his cock inside her mouth. She took all of him between her lips and down her throat. He felt her bodice covered breasts press against his thighs as she consumed him. Down, down, down his cock went into her throat and Nash was stunned by how much she could take of him. Her tongue licked every inch of him as he went in.

He wondered where Lita was when he felt a lapping against his balls. The strong bard was surprisingly gentle as her tongue licked such a sensitive area. Her fingernails were not so kind as they bit deeply into Nash’s thighs. He didn’t mind them though. A tongue like Lita’s was worth a little pain.

With Dylie still in his arms, he broke the kiss. She looked at him with disappointment until he reached for the neckline of her dress. Holding her small body in one hand, he ripped the dress from her with the other. She laughed as he manhandled her clothes. Nash almost lost himself in her laughing eyes.

Almost. He turned his attention to her tender breasts. They were so small compared to his hungry mouth. He pulled her chest to his mouth and nibbled feircley at her breasts. Her pink nipples were like candy to him and he sucked as greedily as Rhian was sucking at his cock.

As Nash gorged on Dylie’s delicate breasts, Rhian was allowing Lita her turn. Nash shivered as he felt his cock engulfed by the blonde bard. She couldn’t take as much of him as Rhian could, but she made up for it with a powerful suction. She gripped the base of his cock like she was wielding a sword. Her head bobbed up and down on his cock with the fury of a storm.

Nash groaned. He tossed Dylie’s body to the bed. She laughed as she flew through the air. He wasn’t surprised when she landed on her back with her legs open.

“Enough!” Nash said. “All of you, into bed now”

Rhian stripped off her dress and happily climbed into the bed. Lita pulled off her bodice and kicked off her warrior’s boots. She then went to work unlacing her leather pants.

Nash couldn’t wait for her. He jumped into bed and tackled Rhian’s body. She squealed like a farmer’s daughter as Nash grabbed a handful of her breasts. Her pale skin was seasoned with lovely freckles. Nash suckled on her nipple with a growl. No matter how much he bit and sucked, there was always more breast to taste. Rhian moaned and pressed herself to him, happy to feed his appetites.

He felt kisses go down his spine. Shivers traveled his body as Dylie’s tongue skipped along his skin. Her small mouth kissed down to his ass while he gorged on Rhian’s breasts. Her fingers joined in, pinching and scratching his hard body. When reached his ass, he was shocked to feel her teeth on his bottom. Her gentle bites made his cock surge. The dimunitive dancer was full of surprises.

The bed groaned as Lita joined the pile. She pushed her way back to Nash’s cock. She took him back into her mouth. She stroked his cock furiously, as if trying to spill his seed while she sucked on his head.

Dylie’s bites on his ass worked in a sensual harmony with Lita’s sucking of his cock. The bites sent tingles down up his cock while Lita’s tongue licked with a fierce passion. His hips thrust back and forth between the two mouths.

Nash lifted his head from Rhian’s plentiful breasts. “Lita, I must return the favor of your mouth.” He flipped over onto his back. “I demand the chance to give you my own song.”

“Be careful what you demand,” Lita said but there was laughter in her eyes.

She climbed his body like a cat. Nash watched as heavy breasts swayed back and forth. Her wild hair was in her face but the hair between her legs was wilder. She straddled his face and Nash grabbed her ass to pull her down onto him.

She tasted glorious. He drank from her over flowing desire. The sounds of crying out made his cock swell. His tongue moved radily to see what other songs he could make her sing.

A small weight settled on him and then his cock was engulfed in pleasure. His moans were stifled by Lita’s sex. Dylie’s cunt gripped him tightly with a dancer’s strength. Her thighs embraced him as she began to move. He didn’t need to see her dance to know it was beautiful. His cock told him every movement she made.

Lita was doing a dance of her own. She gripped his hair and fucked his mouth. Nash was up the challenge. He used his tongue like a hammer, pounding away at her sex. He breathed when he was able. All that matter to him was the bard’s pleasure.

Well, that and the wonderful dance Dylie was doing on his cock.

With one bard on his face and another on his cock, he wondered where Rhian was. He wondered no more as he felt his hand pulled away from Lita’s ass. His fingers were pressed against a wet sex and Nash knew where Rhian was. She pressed his fingers inside her and Nash felt her heat. Slick with desire, she opened easily for his thick fingers. Rhian’s cries joined Lita’s and Dylie’s in a chorus.

Lita’s thighs clenched around Nash and he knew. He flicked his tongue as fast as possible. His entire body was a testament to his power and that included his tounge. He licked Lita to a body shaking orgasm and did not stop she fell exhausted from his body.

Lita collapsed to the side of the bed. “Your tongue was like a shot of poison,” she laughed. “I can barely move.”

“Oh, I can still move,” Nash said. He sat up with Dylie still on his cock. The redhead giggled as he flipped her over onto the bed. He grabbed both of her ankles and spread her lovely legs wide. He knelt between her legs and pulled her body against his cock.

“Shake your love,” Dylie taunted.

“I will,” Nash said. His face still slick with Lita’s desire, he leered down on her body. His hips bucked and he fucked her. He might not be a dancer, but he was a warrior and he had battle armies for hours. Thrusting into a tight sex would be easy but no less fierce.

Dylie cried out as his hips picked up speed. In and out, in and out, his cock hammered into her. He shook her entire body with the power of his thrusts. His grip on her ankles was like iron, keeping her spread for the fucking. Within moments, his cock was a blur inside of her.

Rhian came over to Nash. She kneeled beside him as he thrusted. Her arms went around him as she nibbled at his ear. Her plump body a welcome incentive as he thrusted faster.

Even Lita was moved by his actions. The exhausted bard reached between her legs and continued what his tongue had started. She couldn’t match Nash’s cock in girth but she certainly matched him in speed.

Dylie cried out her orgasm. It was a high scream of joy and wonder. She pulled at her pert breasts as the pleasure swept through her. Her scream of pleasure degenerated into a babbling of some kind of bliss.

Nash pulled out and turned to Rhian. Outside the rain had started to fall. He had no words for her. He was too filled with lust for all three of them for witty comments. He just wanted.

He pushed her down to the bed. Freckled thighs part for him. His cock slipped into her and they moaned in unison. Her red hair fanned out behind her like a sunrise. He pushed deep into her, watching her breasts jiggle in response.

Nash fucked Rhian. His powerful hard body rubbed on top of her deliciously soft body. His broad chest crushed her plump breasts. His strong thighs pushed against her warm legs. His hard cock pushed into her soft sex. Their bodies became a fusion of legs, hands and motion.

They were not alone. Lita crawled over and offered her breast for Nash’s lips. He eagerly took her offering, sucking on her erect nipple. Dylie found the will to move and crawled over to behind Nash. He felt her hand on his balls. It would take a dancer to be able to gently cup his balls and keep pace with his thrusts. Her gently fingers stroked him to faster speeds inside Rhian.

Rhian climaxed. The rain outside grew louder and her scream of joy was taken by the wind. The other bards sang with her, adding their moans to Rhian’s to form a song so beautiful that it almost made Nash weep.

Instead of weeping, he climaxed instead. His cock erupted into Rhian’s sex. Dylie’s gentle stroking urged him to empty his balls while Lita’ smothered his gasping mouth with her breasts. Embraced by the three bards, he pumped ntil every drop of his seed was gone.

The four stopped moving. Bodies shifted to get more comfortable until there was a tangled web of legs, arms, breasts and cock. Lust flared from time to time, resulting in something being sucked or something getting groped. For the most part, they were content to nestle within the heat of each other.

Nash drifted to sleep while someone tried to lick his cock back to life.

As beds went, Nash thought this one was very well warmed.

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  1. Now my seat is rather well-warmed. I think this is my favourite Nash story so far!

    xx Dee

  2. Thanks Dee! It was a fun one to write.

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