May 072010

Greetings citizens of Euphoria! It is I, Queen Erishella. I have taken this moment out of my busy schedule to talk to you on this most special occasion. It is Tax Day and I want you to know how much your sacrifices are appreciated by your Queen.

This year, your taxes will pay for the continual invasion of the Gem Moons. although we are raping those wealthy Moons for every scrap of value they posses, we have not yet been able to fully process all of the loot. It takes money to plunder money.

Your taxes will also pay for the construction of my first Pleasure Palace here on Euphoria. Many of you are already hard at work building my gardens and seven tiers waterfall and heated pool. Some of you have already enlisted in the special sexual training required to serve in my Pleasure Palace. Rest assure that your taxes are helping many beautiful people learn how to lick their Queen properly.

Your taxes will also pay for many of my gorgeous gowns, hair styles and articles of seduction. As you Queen, I understand that I must present the ultimate in decadent beauty at all times. I must wear the highest heels, the tightest corsets and the most revealing bust line in all of the land. Trained specialists tend to the royal hairs of my cunt so that when I ride the faces of our enemies, I will present a bush worth respecting.

Finally, your taxes will continue to pay for the universal health care you enjoy. I may be a merciless dictator with enormous perverse appetites, but health care is just common decency.

Now it has come to my attention that some of you can not pay your taxes. Have no fear! In my infinite wisdom and mercy, I will allow those without the funds to pay their rightful taxes the ability to work off their taxes in the Royal Brothels. If you can not pay, you will be able to sexually satisfy and pleasure my soldiers, my administrators and my courtiers. Who knows? Perhaps you may even have a chance to be beaten horribly for my own personal pleasure?

I am bored now with addressing you. Your Queen will retire now and lounge luxuriously in the large bags of credits that you have paid to me today. Farewell my minions and remember, pay your damn taxes.

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