May 252010

In the spaceport city of Gloric on the planet of Euphoria, Queen Erishella commanded that a statue in her likeness be built. She wanted her regal form to be the first thing that visitors to Euphoria would see. White diamond marble was imported from the conquered Gem Moons so that her statue would be equally radiant in day time and at night.

The Erishella Colossus was nude of course except for the three tons of gold that formed her crown. Eight architects designed the slender legs that stood her statue a hundred meters into the sky. Seven architects designed the contours that depict her royal pubic bush. Six architects designed the curves of her lovely ass. Five architects designed the breasts that hang above the city with the promise of endless bounty and shade from the sun. Four architects were needed to accurately portraying the beauty of her face onto the stone. Three architects sculpted the marble curls of her long hair. Two architects polished her eyes so that they always shone. One architect sacrificed his sanity to make sure the Queen’s full lips were exactly right.

Devout loyalists to the Queen believe it is good luck to visit the Erishella Colossus before undertaking a journey by space. Men will ejaculate onto her marble feet while women will kiss her come stained feet.

On Queen Day, criminals are thrown from her breasts to their deaths. If they are survived, they are considered to have earned the Queen’s Mercy. To date, no criminal has yet to be pardoned.

–Euphorian Gazetteer

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