May 172010

‘Cell Phone Slave’ is up for sale. Now you can finally purchase a material copy for use in your bedroom, on your lap or the back of your lover. George Sportelli did the cover which gives the book an incredibly gorgeous look.

If you prefer, you can also purchase the book as a PDF for a cheaper amount but seriously, why would you? Grab the paperback copy and impress your friends! Better yet, buy a copy for that certain someone that you know would enjoy it. My email is crammed with letters from people who say they used ‘Cell Phone slave’ was a way to seduce their significant fuck buddies. If they can get some, so can you!

Seriously though, this is the most requested story I have for publication. I am glad so many of you have enjoyed it and I am tickled beyond beleif that my story can now have a treasured place on your shelf, on your nightstand or under your bed.

Click on the button to purchase a copy of ‘Cell Phone Slave’.

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  5 Responses to “Cell Phone Slave”

  1. Oh, brilliant! This remains one of my favourite stories of yours, so will be delighted to have it in paperback :)

    *goes and orders*

    xx Dee

  2. Thanks Dee. Nice to know my books will have such a great home.

  3. I guess I can only ask, but would you ever consider someday releasing the books with a more neutral cover so it can be read on trains, buses and other public places without fear of being stoned to death? :)
    I wanna try out the Harem book, but the cover keeps on scaring me off… ^^;
    Seems a shame to just confine my reading to ‘inside my room’ as well, I’d like to take your adventures anywhere with me in printed form.

  4. Mystique- Well dang, that’s something that never occurred to me. There goes my all oral sex idea for the Librarians cover.

    I’ll see what I can do.

  5. Thanks for considering, I know how much you adore the current designs, so was nervous about asking. ^^;

    Otto is definitely for keeps, should a collection of his stuff be released in the future.
    Claire’s adventures as well, I wouldn’t mind considering too. ^^

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