Apr 302010

Hello, I am Dr. Otto Von Madd. You may know me through my line of high tech sex toys and papers on Particle Masturbation. I am here to talk to you today about a serious problem afflicting the world, oral deprivation.

All across the world, men and women are not getting the oral satisfaction they need. They have spouses who think it is yucky, or some spouses who don’t do it very well. Some people are single and have gone without oral sex for much as several years. Some people get oral sex on a regular basis but yet it is still far below their needs.

That is why I have started the Make-A-Suck Foundation. Here we pair up the orally deprived with those generous men and women willing to make someone happy with their mouth. Our computers will work out location, gender preference and mouth-to-organ comparability. We are a non-profit organization concerned only with the oral well being of the world.

So if you are orally generous, please volunteer your time and your tongue to this important cause. If you doubt your skills, the Make-A-Suck Foundation will provide you with intensive training. So not only do you get a chance to make others happy, but you can learn new skills and make friends at the same time.

Please give as much as you can to the Make-A-Suck Foundation. The sexual organs that get licked into perfect ecstasy may just be your own one day.

  3 Responses to “Make-A-Suck Foundation”

  1. I am sure my sadistic Master would love to list me in the registry. He has been training me long and hard (oh, yes, he has been ever so hard), never sparing the rod when deeming it necessary to drive home the importance of any particular technique. Now he takes great pride in demonstrating the results of his work, and enjoys sharing the talents of his prize possession for the sake of the greater good.

    Especially if he can watch.

  2. Oatmeal girl- lol, watching is so important. Thanks to the Von Madd Voyeur Satellites, your Master could get a DVD collection of your work.

  3. Why are we up so early on a Saturday morning? (I know why I am. Had to give the girl cat her antidepressant. You probably were up to something more… up.)

    I know the sadist would love having the DVD set. But he’d love even more being right there in the room. Is that ever an option?

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