Apr 232010

As a gamer, i don’t mind getting older in the least. In most games, you start out a weak wretch who has to savagely club small rodents until you earn enough experience to level. As you hit higher levels, you get to club more interesting creatures. It is the cycle of life I think. I stopped looking at again as getting closer to death and looked at it as leveling. Every year brings a new level and hopefully better loot.

This year brought me some nice achievements. I wrote a zombie fiction blog that was well liked. I put out my first book which was quite an undertaking for someone with my anxiety issues. I learned how to drive which is something I think I had given up on ever doing.

Most of all I think I have reached a point where I am really comfortable with myself. I write what I want to write. Every writer has this freedom but so few take advantage of it. It has made all the difference with me.

I also have a wonderful wife. We fight, we argue and we glare at each other but she respects me, she cares about me and she supports me in every thing I do. I sometimes wish I could have meet her 20 years sooner but that’s okay. Maybe I wasn’t high enough level to deserve her yet.

I also want to take a moment to thank my readers. You poor bastards. Even when I reduced down to a three times a week schedule, you kept reading me. No matter what I throw at you, be it Evil Queens or horny librarians, you keep reading. You have helped create a safe place for me to really stretch and explore what i want to write. For that I am thankful and you give me the best birthday present every year just by reading my crazy shit.

  5 Responses to “I Hit Level 37 Today”

  1. Eeee! Happy birthday, Shon! And thank YOU for writing so many lovely things, and for helping me find the motivation to try and write little bits and pieces of my very own.

    *offers blow-jobs and cake. ;D*

  2. Congratulations on your level-up. Hope you unlock something good today!

  3. I always get a kick out of realizing that someone has the same birthday as me. Have a happy birthday!

  4. Mesix- Woot! My favorite birthday gifts!

    SamuraiFrog – Hopefully I will unlock Getting Shit done :)

    Kristie – We’re birth-siblings!

  5. Happy birthday, youngun’. :D

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