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Once upon a time there was a wonderful island. It was the most romantic Island in the entire world. The volcano would only erupt in spectacular fireworks. The local alcohol was guaranteed to make you attractive to the opposite sex. Every night, ocean waves would gently crash on the bodies of couples making love on the beach.

The Island was ruled over by a wise Island King. He had a wife once and together they created a beautiful Island Princess. Shortly thereafter, the Island King’s wife ran away to some mythical place called Hollywood. There she makes movies including that one you saw this year with the achingly beautiful woman. Yes, that was her.

Anyway, the Island King could have any woman on the island but what he really wanted was a Queen. Every month he would send out an invitation to all of the Queens in the world. Once in awhile, a Queen would accept. Usually they only spent a week here on the most beautiful island in the world until they realized they could never be enough of a Queen for such a wonderful place. They would leave the Island, often too ashamed to even say goodbye to the King and his people.

The Island people accept this as truth since it is the story told to them by the Island King every time a Queen leaves.

As for the Island Princess, she usually kept to herself during these visits. The Island Princess was the most beautiful princess ever born. She had thick black hair as dark as a midnight tryst. She had lovely breasts the size of prize winning coconuts. Her skin was the color of golden bronze. When she danced, her hips shook with the power of a tsunami. Because she was so beautiful, the Island Princess thought it was unfair to be around a Queen who couldn’t possibly look as good as her.

That was what she told her father, but the truth of the matter was that the Island Princess didn’t like other people of royalty. She tolerated her father because well, he was the one who supplied her with a one hundred pearl a week allowance. As for people of royal descent, she had no use for them. She was a Princess and the thought of having equals seemed wrong to her. Why, that would be like fish having legs! Or servants having a union! It just wouldn’t be right!

So one day, the Island Princess was in her room while a Queen from far away was visiting. She was combing her hair with a diamond comb, wishing that her father loved her enough to buy her a diamond comb with some gold trimmings.

There was a knock at her door. The Island Princess frowned. No one knocked at her door. The servants knew to come through the crawl hole in the wall.

“Who is it?” she asked.

“It is I,” a voice said back. “I am the Princess of my Island.”

The Island Princess kept brushing her hair. If there was one thing the Island Princess had no use for, it was for other princesses?

“Go away!” she said.

“Please let me in!” the Other Princess yelled. “I am bored and your father sent me away he could spend time with my mother.”

The Island Princess put down her comb. She was not used to having to repeat herself. “Go away! I do not like Princesses! They are smelly and walk funny!”

“I do not smell!” the other Princess yelled from the other side of the door. “And I walk perfectly fine! Let me in please! All the men keep giving me funny looks.”

The Island Princess bit her lip. The men were giving this other princess funny looks? Could this other princess be beautiful too? That seemed dreadfully unfair to the Island Princess. She was the only person of royalty her subjects should be lusting after.

She stomped to her bedroom door and opened it. “You may come in, but I still think you are horrid.”

“Thank you,” the Other Princess said. She walked in and didn’t even bow first.

The Island Princess was speechless. The Other Princess was beautiful yet so alien looking. Where the Island Princess had hair as black as night, this Princess had red hair the color of sun kissed strawberries. While the Island Princess had skin the color of golden tea, this Other Princess had skin as pale as a polished pearl. While the Island Princess had full ample portions all over her body in all of the right places, this Other Princess had a slender body as sleek as a dolphin.

“Thank you for inviting me in,” the pale woman said. “Everyone is at the beach and I hate it there. My skin burns way too easily.”

The Island Princess graciously accepted the Other Princess’s gratitude. She motioned for a spot on the floor for the Other Princess to sit. To her surprise, the Other Princess sat on the Island Princess’s bed instead!

“Your island must not get much sun,” the Island Princess said. She went to her bed and sat down as well. She wasn’t going to let this foreigner enjoy her bed by herself.

“Oh we get plenty of sun,” the Other Princess said. “We just spend most of our time indoors. We are a very social people.”

The Island Princess stared at the simple white togas that Alathea was wearing. It hardly seemed regal enough for a princess. It wasn’t made of the finest grasses like the Island Princess’s grass skirt, and her simple bodice wasn’t made from prize winning coconuts.

“Is that the kind of clothes that royalty wear on your island?” she asked.

“Oh yes,” the Other Princess said. “It is very easy to take off at a moment’s notice.”

The Island Princess, who once struck an entire fishing boat blind when she took off her coconut bra, was amused by this. “Do you take off your clothes often?”

“Very often,” the pale princess from another island said. “We take baths, we massage olive oil into each other, and often we drink and wrestle in the nude.”

The Island Princess felt a heat growing between her thighs. “You wrestle with your subjects? That sounds very disrespectful of them. If they don’t let you win, you should try them for treason.”

“It is okay,” A the Other Princess said. “If I win, I do terrible things to them.”

“And what if they win?” the Island Princess said.

The Other Princess smiled and bit her lip. “Then they do wonderful things to me.”

The Island princess felt that special heat between her thighs. “What kind of things?”

“Can I show you?” the Other Princess asked.

The Island Princess thought about it. This small slender girl looked a little frail. She did have a certain something about her that the Island Princess liked, but she couldn’t put her finger on it.

“You may,” the Island Princess graciously allowed.

Alathea moved closer to her on the bed. She smelled of cypress. Her shoulder brushed the Island Princess’s skin and she was surprised how soft the Other Princess felt.

The Other Princess’s pale white hand parted the Island Princesses’ grass skirt. Her hand slipped past her thighs and against her thick bush of hair. The Island Princess gasped as the questing fingers danced along the edges of her sex.

“That is not entirely unpleasant,” The Island Princess said.

“Open your legs and I will show you something else,” the Other Princess said.

The Island Princess granted her request. She parted her legs and even lifted her skirt so she could see better. The Other Princess’s pale fingers slipped into the thick bush of hair and into the Island Princess’s sex. The fingers tender pushed inside of her, pushing and massaging their way into her.

“Oh, this is not horrible,” the Island Princess allowed.

The Other Princess smiled. “I am glad you said that, for we are doing it wrong.”

With the Other Princess’s fingers still inside her, the Island Princess let out a happy sigh. “I will not accept doing something wrong. As a fellow Princess, I demand you show me how you do things on your island properly.”

“It is only fair,” the Other Princess whispered. “Take off your bra.”

The Island Princess took off her bra. She was impressed that the Other Princess did not go blind at the sight of her breasts in all of their glory. In fact, the Other Princess dipped her head down and took one of the Island Princess’s nipples in her mouth. Her tongue drummed a satisfying beat on the Island princess’s nipple.

“This is not awful,” the Island Princess admitted.

Still sucking her nipple, the Other Princess pushed the Island Princess back onto the bed. More fingers entered the Island Princess till she had four of those slender fingers inside her. The Other Princess kept suckling at her breasts, biting and licking in just the right manner that was quite pleasing.

“This is not bad at all!” the Island Princess yelled.

The Other Princess stopped sucking on the Island Princess’s breasts and kissed her way up her neck. The pale princess’s fingers kept thrusting and now the Island princess’s hips were meeting her thrusts with her own motion. Their harmonies of motions were a testament to the possibility of world peace.

The Other Princess kissed her way up to the Island Princess’s mouth. The island Princess opened her lips and accepted the foreigner’s tongue. The two princesses kissed with a passion they usually kept to themselves. Ordinary commoners can not take the full fury of a Princesses’ kiss, but with each other they had no such concerns. Lips were bruised, tongues were bitten and breathes were stolen as the two kissed.

The Island Princess’s sex tightened around the pal princess’s fingers. The Other Princess broke the kiss just in time for the Island Princess to climax. The golden princess screamed out her joy in a song of triumphant squeals.

“That was not annoying,” the Island Princess conceded.

“This is just one of the ways we pass time on my island,” the Other Princess said.

The Island Princess pushed the Other Princess onto her back. “Even with the men?”

The Other Princess laughed. “There are no men on our island! The Island of Lesbos has only women.”

The Island Princess parted the Other Princess’s thighs and lifted her toga. A delicate patch of red hair awaited her. Before she dipped down to drink from the Other Princess’s fountain, the words of the pale princess sunk in.

“Wait a minute, what is your mother doing here visiting my father then?”

The Other Princess shrugged. “She wanted a tropical vacation. Will your father be mad?”

The Island Princess took a lick between Alathea’s thighs. A river of desire was already flowing from the pale lips. She liked how the foreign princess shivered under her tongue.

“No, I don’t think so,” the Island Princess said. “He will think she is a woman lover anyway for rejecting him. I doubt he will even notice.”

In fact, the Queen of Lesbos stayed for an entire week. The Island King really liked her since she often spent the night telling dirty jokes and pinching the asses of the servant women. He found that he was quite fond of the Queen and looked at her as a fellow drinking buddy and friend. He didn’t even try to hit on her because he liked hanging out with her so often.

When the Queen and her lovely daughter left, the entire Island came down to the beach to wave good-bye. The King was so sad to see the Queen go that he didn’t notice how little he had seen his daughter the past week. Nor did he notice how rosy her cheeks were or how her hands seem to naturally curl into a fist when she was distracted.

“I think she was a very nice Queen,” the Island King said to his daughter. “I invited them back next summer. What did you think of her daughter? Did you two get along?”

The Island Princess toyed with a lock of red hair that she had woven into a bracelet.

“She was all right.”

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  1. *squee*!!!!!

    I love how FUN these stories are. Thanks for writing this for me :)

  2. Thanks for giving me an idea I wouldn’t have thought of myself :)

  3. Ee! This is adorable!

    The island of lesbos thing was particularly clever –when you first described her, I thought you were referring to an Irish princess, but I think I like this much better.

  4. Mesix- Mostly I wanted a redhead or a blonde to contrast with the Island Princess’s black hair. I did worry for a moment about how many redhead Greeks there were until I realized that an Island Princess story is not limited by genetics and reality :)

  5. Nom. And NOM – that was great!

    xx Dee

  6. Dee- lol, thanks!

  7. I thoroughly enjoyed this story very much =) Got me a bit tingly in my sex area ;) Hope to read more from you. (I write stories too… but needless to say… you have a better knack than I do) =) Great Job!!!

  8. Girlfriend Experiences- Thank you!

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