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Captain Geran Tux tried to open his eyes. Something was covering his sight. He tried to move it out of the way but something was holding his wrists. For that matter, something was holding his ankles too. As he became more awake, he noticed he was nude as well.

“Oh shit,” he said. This was not good. As a Captain in the Amethystine Star Fleet, Geran had been in some tough scrapes before. He had escaped from the prisons of Kan and once wrestled a vicious SnowBear on the ice world of Kellos. He was a hero and had the medals and long string of girlfriends to prove it.

Relaxing, he tried to remember the last thing he was doing. That’s right. He and a squad of the best Star Fighters had been engaged in a last ditch defense of their planet against the armies of that psychopath, Queen Erishella.

“Oh shit,” he said again. He remembered now. He remembered the gigantic battle barges of the Queen’s fleet. He remembered the mile long beams of laser death as they destroyed his wingmen. He remembered the tractor beams as they snared the survivors. He remembered being pulled out of his cockpit and being knocked unconscious.

He wondered about the rest of his team. Who was still alive? Pal died in that missile swarm. The enemy fighters took out Arik and Setz. He was pretty sure that he remembered Orkin’s ship blowing up for some reason or another. Shit, he might be the only survivor.

That was when he remembered Colonel Vima. The woman was a fantastic pilot but she always looked down on Geran. She said he lacked discipline. She told his commanders that he was too reckless. Reckless, ha! You don’t drop a torpedo down the ventilation shaft of an enemy space station and blow the whole damn thing up by being cautious!

Yeah, he was pretty sure she was still alive. If there was one thing he could count on, it was Aeria Vima still being alive to criticize him and make him feel stupid. Oh man, what if she was tied up naked somewhere too?

The thought made his cock come to life.

“Someone prefers to be tied up,” a woman’s voice said.

Geran’s blood chilled. That lyrical imperial voice was familiar. “Is that you, Erishella? Have you come out of your whore’s palace to taunt a real soldier?”

Laughter answered him. It sounded like she was in front of him. “That’s Queen Erishella to you,” she said.

Sharp nails dug into his thighs. Geran winced but he didn’t cry out. He had his reputation to worry about.

“I demand to be released according to the War Conventions of Kalos Four!” he yelled. “As a pilot, I deserve to be contained in a spacious cell with plenty of food and sunlight!”

Something gripped his cock. It was something soft and yet so wonderfully tight. It was her hand. It stroked him ever so slowly. Her hand pulled up his cock and cupped the tip. She squeezed him very gently.

“I think you will find the Euphorian War Conventions much more pleasing,” Queen Erishella said.

“I am not familiar with those,” Geran said. Her hand released his cock and was now cupping his balls.

“They are very simple,” the Queen said. “It states that I can do whatever the fuck I want with prisoners until they bore me.”

She squeezed. Geran bit his lip as pain shot through his body. His poor beloved balls were in a vice of merciless torment. Her sharp nails dug into his soft flesh and he thought his balls would burst.

The grip was released. As he gasped in relief, something warm and wonderful slipped over his cock. It had to be Erishella’s mouth. She barely had an inch of his cock inside her mouth but it was enough. The pain of his balls was forgotten with every flicker of her tongue.

She moved and his cock left her mouth. “You should thank me,” she said. “It is proper protocol to thank a Queen when they deign to kiss you.”

Geran swallowed. “Fuck you!” he said. He was too much of a pilot to be broken that easily.

He waited for more pain but it did not come. Something that tasted like fur was placed in his mouth. It expanded in his mouth and forced his jaws to part painfully. It stopped right when he though eh couldn’t open his mouth any further.

He heard footsteps leading away from him.

“And what is your name, pilot?” Erishella said.

“Captain Aeria Vima of the Amethystine Star Fleet!”

Geran’s heart raced. Vima was here? Was she tied up too?

“So forceful,” Erishella said. “I like it. I also like these wonderful breasts.”

Captain Vima squealed. It was a sound Geran couldn’t imagine the haughty Captain making. He wished he knew what Erishella did to her.

“Kill me now,” Captain Vima said. “If I ever escape, I will kill you for what you did to my fleet!”

Damn it, Geran wished he had said that. That Colonel Vima was always upstaging him.

“How can I let you go when you have such delicious nipples?” Erishella said.

Colonel Vima squealed again.

Geran’s groaned. Erishella was biting her! He wanted to see this! He struggled against his restraints but he couldn’t move his arms.

“Let’s see if the rest of you is delicious,” Erishella said.

Geran listened. At first he heard nothing but then he heard it. It was a moan. It was so quiet but he knew that sound. It was the sound that women make during the porn videos he watched.

Was it Erishella? It had to be. The evil Queen was a hedonistic madwoman. But what if it was Vima? After years of hitting on her, Geran never came close to even kissing her, but this crazy Queen was making her moan?

He pulled against his restraints but he stopped. If he struggled, he couldn’t hear those quiet moans.

The moans got louder. They also became faster. The moans turned into pants.

She was going to climax. Geran whimpered behind his gag. The frigid bitch, Aeria Vima was going to climax and Geran wasn’t going to see it!

“That’s enough,” Erishella said.

Geran sighed with relief.

“I will never give in to you,” Vima said. Her voice was shaky.

“Who said anything about giving in?” Erishella said.

Footsteps approached Geran.

“I see you have been listening,” Erishella said. Her grip returned to his cock.

Geran moaned.

“Want me to take off your blindfold?” Erishella said.

Geran nodded his head furiously.

“Say please, my Queen,” Erishella said.

He waited for the gag to be removed but it wasn’t.

She released his cock from her soft grip. “I’m getting bored,” Erishella said.

“Please, my Queen!” Geran said but the gag muffled his words.

Footsteps walked away from him.

“Please, my Queen!” he shouted into his gag.

The footsteps returned.

The blindfold came off. The first thing he saw was his restraints. He was being held up by antigravity restraints. Figures, that would make him easy to move around.

Then he noticed Queen Erishella herself. She was covered in blue scarves that seemed to be crawling over her body. The scarves clung to her and exposed parts of her as Geran watched. Her long curly black hair was held back by a golden crown. She had blue stiletto boots that explained why he could hear her every step.

He tore his eyes off the Queen and looked at Colonel Vima. Antigravity restraints held her at her wrists and ankles. Her blonde hair was loose and around her shoulders. She was completely naked except for her blindfold. Damn if her breasts weren’t as beautiful as he always imagined them to be. He looked down at her sex and even he could tell how damp she was there.

“Would you like to fuck her?” Queen Erishella asked.

He didn’t answer. Hell yeah he wanted to fuck her but that was Captain Vima. She might castrate him in his sleep if she knew what he wanted.

“I don’t know why I am asking,” Queen Erishella said. She walked towards Colonel Vima. She snapped her fingers and the restraints that held Geran floated in her direction. When he was a foot away from Captain Vima, the Queen held up her hand and the restraints stopped.

Fuck, being this close to Vima while she was naked was a delight. The best part was she was still blindfolded. Geran could look at her without the any threat of harm.

He was so close that he could see the bite marks on Colonel Vima’s nipples. He could see her bottom lip trembling with fear, or maybe desire. He was so close that he could actually smell her desire.

Queen Erishella ripped the blindfold off of Colonel Vima. The woman blinked and then saw that Geran was right there. Her eyes narrowed into hostile slits.

“Captain Geran!” Colonel Vima yelled. “Avert your eyes!”

Geran instantly did what she commanded. Because of this, he heard Erishella slapping Colonel Vima instead of watching it. By the time he glanced back, a red hand print was already forming on Colonel Vima’s face.

“He doesn’t take orders from you anymore,” Queen Erishella said. “You two are my toys and you will learn to get along.”

“We will never bend to your will!” Colonel Vima said. “Right, Geran?”

Before Geran could answer, Erishella had a hold of his cock again. His response was forgotten as he moaned.

“Captain Tux has already made his position clear,” Queen Erishella said. She stroked his cock with her hand.

Colonel Vima glared at him. “Captain Tux, I am ordering you right now to control yourself.”

With her other hand, Queen Erishella slapped Colonel Vima again. This time Geran saw as Vima’s breasts jiggled from the force of the slap. His cock throbbed and he moaned louder.

“The Captain has already made his choice,” Queen Erishella said. “Captain, would you like to climax?”

“Oh yes, my Queen!” Geran said.

Colonel Vima snarled. “You always thought more with your cock than your brain!”

“Ignore her,” Queen Erishella said. Her faster pace in stroking him helped Geran do just that. “I want you to look at her. I bet you never had her while you served together. Now that you serve me, I could let you have her every day. You could bite her breasts. You could eat her. You could make her suck you. You could fuck her every time I allowed. Would you like that?”

Geran groaned. Some part of him that was proud to be an Amethystine Star Fleet pilot wouldn’t let him answer. He had always escaped before. He was sure he might again this time. If he admitted how nice it sounded, Colonel Vima would have him up for court martial when they got back to Fleet Command.

“In my glorious mercy, I will let you climax,” Queen Erishella said. “The only question is where? Shall I have to soak her breasts? Shall I let you shower over her juicy sex?”

“I will rip your nuts off myself, Geran!” Colonel Vima said.

“You have a wicked mouth,” Queen Erishella said. “We shall put it to use.”

Queen Erishella waved her hand. The restraints that held Geran lifted into the air. The restraints stopped when his hard cock was level with Colonel Vima’s mouth. The murderous look in Colonel Vima’s eyes threatened his erection but Queen Erishella’s gripping hand helped him there.

Geran’s cock was inches from Colonel Vima’s mouth. Queen Erishella was stroking his cock now at a furious pace. Colonel Vima’s eyes glared at him with all her malicious hate.

Queen Erishella reached for the Colonel Vima’s hair. She twisted it painfully in her fist. Captain Vima cried out as Queen Erishella pushed her head towards Geran’s cock.

For one brief wonderful moment, Geran was sure that Colonel Vima was going to suck him. Then he saw her teeth and he knew what was more likely to happen. He tried to pull back but the Queen’s grip wasn’t letting him go anywhere.

“Climax, Captain,” Queen Erishella commanded.

“Don’t you dare!” Colonel Vima screamed.

Geran didn’t have a choice. His cock happily exploded. He showered a thick load of seed onto Colonel Vima’s face. Some of it landed on her cheeks but a lucky strand landed in her mouth. The shocked look on his superior officer’s face almost made him feel better than his orgasm did.

“Very good, Captain,” Queen Erishella said. “You liked that, didn’t you?”

“Yes,” Geran admitted. Colonel Vima continued to glare at him, but the effect was lessened by the amount of seed on her face.

“Very good,” Queen Erishella said. “Now, what about you, Colonel? Would you like to fuck the Captain’s ass?”

“What?” Geran shouted.

Colonel Vima kept staring at Geran. A drop of seed trickled down her cheek. “How would that work exactly?” she asked.

“I have plenty of phalluses around here,” Queen Erishella said. “It would be an easy matter to strap onto you. We could have you fucking the Captain’s ass in just a few minutes.”

Colonel Vima smiled. “I would like that very much.”

Queen Erishella clapped her hands. “I knew you two would make fun toys.”

Geran’s long night was just beginning.

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  1. Oh, light-hearted and wonderful. I like the playfulness and the corruption of this story a lot. The implied twist at the end, even more yummy.

  2. Hell yes!
    That is all.

  3. Delightful! Will there be more, or is it left to the reader’s imagination?

  4. t’sade- Thanks!

    Xan- lol, Thanks!

    Kathryn- I am pretty sure nothing I add at this point will be better than what you have already imagined.

  5. this is,in my opinion,the best queen E. story yet. you are a very talented writer.

  6. Katygirl- I am quite fond of it myself.

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