Mar 012010

I was proofreading ‘Cell Phone Slave’ for the 1000th time. I want to publish it on LULU so that the story can be enjoyed in its intended format, one handed in your bed. The story is 9 years old to me and I see things in it that are like a time capsule from an earlier me.

One thing that surprised me was that I introduced a character and then push her off stage. When Amaya visits the fraternity, she sees this woman.

They passed a woman washing the floor. Amaya stared at her with disbelief. The woman was completely nude except for a thick leather collar. Long blond hair covered her face as she scrubbed the floor with a sponge. The woman’s ass was glowing from red paddle strikes, and Amaya knew from her limited experience that the woman had been spanked within the hour.

The woman looked up at them and smiled. Amaya couldn’t believe how mature the woman was. She looked like she was in her thirties. What was she doing here?

Mark dragged Amaya past the woman. Nick stopped for a moment and did something Amaya couldn’t see. She did hear the woman moan, though. A flash of jealousy surged through her, stronger than any fear she was feeling right now.

“Was that another of Wesley’s favors?” Amaya couldn’t believe how bitter her voice sounded.

Mark tightened his grip in Amaya’s hair. “Oh, no. That slut is our little project. We can’t live on Wesley’s tossed scraps alone.”

Oh yeah. I distinctly remember creating that character to create the impression that Amaya had entered into a living, breathing BDSM fantasy world that she was only glimpsing. As soon as I made this woman, I knew I wanted to tell her story. I made a mental note to come back to her.

Making mental notes is fine if you don’t have a nervous breakdown, move to a different state and deal with an increasingly weirder marriage situation. I forgot about her. When I posted the story on my blog a few years ago I remembered her but had little interest in her.

Now though I am a bit more curious. The thing that strikes me about ‘Cell Phone Slave’ is that it is a coming of age story as much as it is a coming of slave story. Amaya is young and I think her story is believable because we all do crazy things when we are young. Now that I am older at the glorious old fart age of 36, I realize that men and women my age do even crazier things because we know better, and knowing better hasn’t worked out so well for us.

I feel like I am in a fertile state of mind. It happens when I hit a dry spell. I come out of it overflowing with ideas. I have an idea for a horror novel while I am currently writing a novel about a bounty hunter and a private eye. I have a feeling that a story about a woman my age getting involved with a bunch of horny frat kids won’t make it past the notebook stage. I suspect that I will forget all about her until I am reading that story again and I see her brief appearance.

Some erotic stories are best glimpsed.

  2 Responses to “Whatever Happened to the Unknown Character?”

  1. Cell Phone Slave remains one of my absolute favourite stories – and I wondered about that character as well. It’d be great to find out more about her :)

    xx Dee

  2. im with Dee on all points, it was one of the first stories that i read of yours Shon, who was she???

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