Mar 152010

I have a big work project coming up. We do this SUPER thing once a year, where my life becomes really long days for about six weeks. It eats away at my soul and the only reason I put up with it is because the pay is outrageous. On the other hand, by the time it is over, I am exhausted and quite pissy.

Which means writing is going to become a real bitch. It is hard to write after you are sitting in front of a computer for 10 hours. It is hard to write when you can think of a hundred other things that need to be done. It is really hard to write when what you want to be doing is anything BUT sit in front of a computer some more.

But you know, tough shit.

I read a lot of articles about writing. The number one complaint among writers is the lack of time they have for writing. They have kids. They have hobbies. They have spouses who like to be noticed every once in awhile. I get it. I sympathize. It can be really tough to find the time to write.

If it was easy to find time, then everyone would be writers.

I think you have to mean about time. I think you have to be vicious. There is time to write but man, you have to claw for it. You have to plan for it, stalk it and then pounce.

When it is time to write, you gotta be ready.

I learned this at the car factory I used to work at. Man, you have not gone insane till you worked a 12 hour day when all you really want to do is bust out a BDSM epic. I used to have literally half an hour a day to write. It was sandwiched between be getting home and having to go to sleep for the day so I can get enough rest to go back to work.

I used to get so much done in that half hour. Mostly because I spent 12 hours thinking about it. I had details worked out, names decided and all those tiny things that slow you down. I told the story to myself all night long. I rehearsed it orally to myself. By the time that magic half hour rolled around, my fingers just flew.

I’m not saying it is easy. Every day, life throws new shit at us. If you work at a job where you actually have to use your brain like I do now, you will be forced to work on your stories during bathroom breaks, driving and eating. If you are lucky, you will be dreaming it.

That is the thing about writing. We rarely are fortunate enough to have the time we want when we want it. The only solution is to fucking seize it where we can.

  5 Responses to “Stealing Time”

  1. Awesome timing. I was just sitting here, feeling the urge to feel sorry for myself begin to creep up onto my shoulders. “Oh, I’ve got so much work to do! Oh, I’ll never get it all done! Oh, nobody helps me!”

    Thanks for reminding me (and all the other writers out there) that shit happens. The only solutions are to suck it up or quit.

    Since quitting is not about to happen, I’ll just mosey back to my work now.

    Thanks again for the pep talk. Perfect timing!

  2. Indeed, my journals haven’t received any love this year and I was thinking to myself that I may need to literally ‘micro-manage’ myself to create a slot to spend writing.
    Problem being, I get carried away with my thoughts and a set timeslot isn’t enough as the voices in my head are screaming for attention to be penned down)

    But current end result being I don’t write or upload anything for others, it’s a constant turmoil with me for the last few months, heh.

    Think I’ll hop over to eBay and order a bottle of extreme self discipline.

    But many thanks for this post <3

  3. My father used to say, “It isn’t a matter of having time, it is a matter of making time. You choose to make it, if it is important.” Yeah, its hard, but if it is important, you’ll find the time.

  4. JM – I find that feeling sorry for oneself is a writer’s easiest trap. I think we are drama queens at heart.

    Mystique- I think a big help for me was realizing that the time I had to write was not the time to be thinking about writing. I had to do that thinking before that precious sit down moment :)

    t’Sade- I hope your post school time has been productive :)

  5. Actually, fairly productive. My wifetype is pregnant so planning to have a spawn of evil in August. Plus, I started a mainstream (i.e. non porn) novel which I hope to have done by said August date. Got a short story or two written, a commission done, and some programming off my plate. Also set up MythTV so Fluffy could have her Hulu on the big screen.

    Other than that, not much. :)

    I really need to finish Dolcett Girls and get it out the door. And I’m *almost* done getting Mummy’s Girl as an ePUB format (remember, you have a chance of getting a free iPad if you make it an ePub through Lulu). Though, with the way you set up your book, I recommend a slightly different ePub format (though it would be fantastic as an ePub).

    Still feel useless though. Partially because I started working out again, which always seems to kill my day.

    I blame my productivity on refusing to turn on the TV.

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