Mar 102010

Jennifer walked into my apartment of her own free will. She was still covering her breasts with her hands with a misguided sense of modesty. Her face was red from the cold, or perhaps with the shame of what she had done tonight.

She had no idea.

The beast had to taste her. I pounced and pushed her up against the wall. My hands grabbed her wrists and pinned her. My mouth growled, then kissed her.

I took her mouth. Jennifer didn’t resist. She moaned as my tongue invaded her and claimed her. I drank her moans from her lips. I bit her tongue when it pleased me, and every time I did, she jumped. I just tightened my grip on her wrists. Her bare breasts pressed against my chest, and I was aware of every soft inch of warmth. Jennifer squirmed as I kissed her. I could smell her desire rising in response to mine.

When I broke the kiss, Jennifer let out a gasp of air. Her lips looked as swollen as if they had been slapped. It made me smile. Swollen lips would be the least of her concerns.

I grabbed her throat. I felt her pulse as I tightened my grip. Fear passed over her face and gave way to a smile. The smile annoyed me, and my fingers pressed harder. The smile faded, but her pussy flushed with new desire. That I liked.

“Unzip my pants,” I commanded her.

The smile almost returned, but she stopped herself. She was smart. She loosened my belt and then unzipped me. Her fingers trembled as she grazed my cock. She didn’t reach in and fondle me as so many women had. The beast approved.

“Take out my cock,” I told her. My hand closed a little tighter around her throat.

Jennifer pushed down my pants so they fell to my ankles. She reached into my boxers and moaned as she felt my girth. Her fingers trembled as she pulled out my hard cock. Gently, almost reverently, she explored the length of my cock with her fingers. The beast allowed her to because she did it with respect.

“Tonight, that is going inside you,” I told her. “Tonight, I will fill your cunt with my cock. When I tire of your cunt, I will ram my cock into your mouth. When I tire of your mouth, I will slam my cock into your ass. Do you understand me?”

“Yes,” she whispered. I released her throat, and she let out another gasp. Before she had a chance to catch her breath, I pushed her to the ground. She landed hard, and I was on top of her. My hands pawed at her pants. The button flew off as I ripped them open. When I pulled them off, I lifted her entire lower body off the ground. She fell back down as I tossed the pants aside.

Blue panties covered her sex. They were soaked. The smell drove me insane. I couldn’t stop myself. I plunged my face into her panties and licked the juices from them. My teeth bit down and tore into them. I shredded her panties as I ate my way to her sex.

She was shaved bare. After eating my way in, I started on her sex proper. I licked furiously, the smell luring me deeper inside her. This wasn’t the gentle licking of a lover. This was a savage devouring of her sex for every precious drop of cunt juice. Jennifer squirmed beneath me, but my hands and mouth kept her down on the carpet.

In time, my cock demanded his share. My face soaked, I rose up and kicked her legs apart. Jennifer lay there helpless as I mounted her. My eating of her sex had broken any last resistance. She was ready for me, and so was her cunt.

I growled as I entered her. My cock slid inside her soaking cunt and filled her entirely. Jennifer moaned. I buried my cock inside her. She lifted her body to meet mine, and I approved of the fresh smell of lust rolling off her. I felt her legs wrap around me and pull me in deeper.

We fucked. When the fury of the moon is upon me, there is no need for fancy positions or sex tricks from magazines. My cock was inside her, and that was all that mattered. All we needed were hips crashing into open thighs and balls slapping against wet cunt. All I needed was the sight of her breasts shaking from each thrust of my cock. All she needed was the heat I was ramming into her.

Jennifer grunted as I fucked her. I cared nothing for the violence that my fucking was doing to her.

She kept squirming underneath me. I realized she was trying to make herself comfortable on the cold carpet. Her movements just made me thrust harder.

She screamed her climaxes. They meant nothing to me.

When I climaxed, I howled my joy. All the frustration of the moon poured through my cock. I emptied inside of her and felt all the stress melt into her cunt. For one brief glorious moment, the beast inside me was quiet.

My brain was working again. I looked down at Jennifer and felt her trembling beneath me. I had used her roughly. The almost-goofy grin on her face told me she’d liked it. The beast might be sated for the moment, but I was not. I wanted more.

“Get up,” I said. I pulled out of her and grabbed her long brown hair. Jennifer tried to stand, but her legs weren’t cooperating. I didn’t slow down. I walked to my couch, still dragging her by the hair. She half crawled along, groaning as I pulled her ruthlessly.

I sat on the couch. Jennifer tried to join me, and I pushed her back to the floor. She looked up at me and saw that my cock was still hard. My thighs parted for her. My cock was a mess from our sex.

“I need a break,” she whispered. “I’m a little overwhelmed.”

The beast didn’t answer. It was up to me. We could talk. We could get to know one another before the beast needed more cunt.

These things didn’t hold much interest for me anymore.

I grabbed her hair and pulled her to my cock. Jennifer didn’t resist. She opened her mouth just in time for my cock to enter her. I pushed her down until my entire cock disappeared inside her.

Her breasts pressed against my thighs. She put her hands behind her, which was a nice touch. Despite her protests, she was sucking my cock rather nicely. She licked her juice and my seed with equal relish. I kept her head pinned to my lap. It just felt right.

I wondered for a moment when I had changed. When the beast first awoke within me, I used to spend so much time worrying about the women I craved. I was always deferential to my girlfriends to a fault. Now, I treat the women I fuck as though I own them. It is not just the beast inside me, either. The real me likes it, too.

Jennifer sucked harder as I pondered myself. She still had her hands clasped behind her back, and I knew she was lost in a fantasy of her own making. The beast in me inspires my prey to relish in the taking. Up and down, she slammed her mouth onto my cock with a force equal to my savagery. I approved.

I realized then when I had changed. The fucking was always fun, but they never stuck around. They were always eager to fuck, but when the lust was over, they couldn’t get away quickly enough. I have heard so many lame excuses about why they can’t give me a number or see me again. Once the mind-blowing sex was over, they feared me, and they were a little ashamed of themselves. Since none of them wanted to stay, I had started rejecting them before they had a chance to reject me.

My self-reflection was interrupted by Jennifer’s sucking. She was moving her head from side to side as she sucked me. The beast awoke to her extra efforts. My grip tightened in her hair as I felt my cock begin to surge. You might think after the women I have had that a blowjob would be nothing special, but you would be wrong. Jennifer was throwing her entire body into it. Her back arched as she moved, and her hips swayed as she developed a rhythm. Every part of her body was helping to suck my cock.

Both of my hands kept a grip on her hair as I came. Jennifer froze as the first splash of seed filled her mouth. She started to pull away, but I kept her there. Like a good slut, she relaxed and swallowed. I pumped into her mouth for a full minute. Since the change, my climaxes have been getting bigger and bigger.

“Wow,” she said when I finally released her. “I have never swallowed before.”

I grunted. “You do now.”

I reached down and grabbed a full breast. I squeezed hard and enjoyed the pain I was inflicting. A new scent of desire told me that she enjoyed it, too.

“You are unstoppable.” She laughed. “What is it? Viagra?”

Then I laughed. “I appreciate a good slut, is all. When was the last time you were used like this?”

Jennifer frowned at the term “used.”

“Never,” she said. “Boyfriends don’t exactly go for this and I have never had a one-night stand before.”

I nodded and got up. “Come with me to the bedroom.”

She started to stand, and I pushed her down. “Crawl behind me.”

The look on her face was priceless. It was like she’d waited her whole life for someone to say that to her. In that moment, I thanked the beast, for it allowed me to grant these tiny pieces of joy to these women.

“Come on,” I said as I walked down the hall. I heard her as she crawled behind me. “Let’s see if your ass is as good as your mouth.

It was.

I awoke sometime after dawn, my cock sticky from the sex. The beast slumbered. Three hours of fucking, two blowjobs, an anal fuck and a handjob onto Jennifer’s breasts had sated it. The sun was up, but I could feel the moon. When night fell, I would have to find another prey.

Jennifer was beside me. She was naked. Her body was marked with scratches and bruises. Her lips were swollen from the 100 times I’d taken her mouth. She looked like a mess, but I hoped she’d remember me fondly. Remember me fondly as she ran for her life this morning.

Her eyes opened. She smiled contently. To my surprise, she took my hand and placed it on her breast.

“What are your plans for today?” she asked.

For once, I was the one who was speechless. “I haven’t decided yet.”

“I have an idea,” she said. She crawled over to my cock. She took my dirty cock into her mouth and sucked me gently.

I couldn’t believe it. She wanted to stay.

  4 Responses to “Fiction: Wolf’s Bitch Part Two”

  1. Really nice one! I’m enjoying this series even more than the first Wolf series, if that’s even possible.

    A question I had even with the first series: so do all the women he’s with turn into beasts too, or how does that work?

  2. At this point in the story, Dylan has no idea who turns into beasts and who don’t. His boss, for example, didn’t.

    I am glad you are liking it! Sequels are tricky.

  3. This one is different. Deeper. I think it is the combined cruelty/vulnerability in your wolf narrator. Adds a whole other level to your storytelling that I don’t think has been there before. It’s dark, and smart, and really great. What inspired this? And what is next?!?

  4. Kel- I am glad you like it.

    Several things came together. I wanted to discuss the fickleness of BDSM relationships, the way lowered expectations factor into scenes and how the guy getting the most sex is the loneliest person in the room.

    What’s next? Oh man, I have debating that for awhile. I know what it should be, but I am still playing with making it a good story.

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