Mar 172010

Jennifer made me lunch. She insisted. When I told her that all I wanted was a rare hamburger, she didn’t even blink. The well-fucked slut went into my kitchen and went to work. She was naked, of course. I hadn’t allowed her to put her clothes back on.

I sat at the breakfast bar and watched her. She was beautiful, yes, but what fascinated me was that she was still here. There was no fear or disgust. In fact, she was working very hard to impress me. Jennifer wanted to stay. I couldn’t quite wrap my mind around that.

“When did you first learn of the lifestyle?” Jennifer asked. She was forming patties with her hands. Watching her knead the raw meat was turning me on.

I snorted at her question. “The lifestyle” is what people call bondage and sexual domination. There are books. There are clubs, protocols, support groups and Web sites. It is very civilized.

“I learned of it the first time I dominated a woman and she assumed I was in the lifestyle,” I told her. “She told me her safeword and asked what group I belonged to. That was the first time I realized that there was a community.”

Jennifer nodded. “I used to go to a group that meets on the north side of town, but I stopped going. Have you ever gone?”

I laughed. “Once. I was curious, and I went to a club. They cheerfully explained to me how I needed to respect the rules of the club, how I was to approach people and how people were not there to get fucked but to learn and explore themselves.”

Jennifer smiled. “I take it you didn’t like it?”

“I found one woman who met my needs. I grabbed her and took her home to fuck. She had a good time, but the next day I received an email from her dominant about how I had broken the rules.”

“What did you do?” she asked. The way she kneaded the hamburger was making her breasts jiggle in wonderful ways.

“I realized I needed to stop giving my e-mail when I fill out the dungeon form,” I said. “I also didn’t go back. They were not like me.”

Jennifer washed her hands and then heated up the frying pan. She got out some spices, including a few I wouldn’t have thought to put on a hamburger. I liked the focus in her eyes. Only when she had selected the spices did she resume talking.

“What do you mean, they were not like you?” she asked. “You are like no dom I have ever met, but I am curious what you mean.”

I thought back to that night at the dungeon. “I can tell what people want,” I said. “I am not bragging, it is just the truth. Women like you, you want to be taken. You want to be hurt and fucked and you want a little danger. You want to be prey. Those people at the dungeon, they weren’t that simple. Some of them wanted order and rules. Some of them wanted to be envied and admired. Some of them just wanted to be told how awesome they were. No single word could describe all of them because they were all there for different reasons.”

“Why did you go?” Jennifer asked. She put the first patty in the pan. The loud sizzle was music to my ears.

“I came to fuck,” I said. “I came to find someone who needed my cock. I came to conquer a new woman. That is all I ever want.”

“Do they have to always be new?” Jennifer asked. She said it casually, but I could hear her heart beat faster. I knew the answer she wanted. Because she was cooking my meal instead of running away, I gave it to her.

“Not if they are special enough,” I said.

She blushed. The beast in me relished the sight.

I got up and walked over to her. Jennifer smiled but looked down at the frying meat.

“I should pay attention to the food,” she said.

“Yes, you’d better,” I said. I stepped behind her and reached around. I cupped her breasts and pulled her to me. My cock pressed against her ass. She clenched as she remembered me entering it last night. My fingers tightened around those lovely breasts and did cruel things to her nipples.

“Watch the food,” I growled in her ear.

She moaned in response. I bit down on her shoulder. She hissed as my teeth clamped down. Her knees buckled a little, but my powerful hands kept her standing. The meat sizzled loudly but not as loudly as Jennifer moaned. My mouth claimed her shoulder with pain and teeth marks.

I released her in time for her to get my hamburgers onto the bun. No condiments, but Jennifer added some lettuce to the bottom of the bun to catch any grease. It was a nice touch.

As a reward, I let her suck my cock as I ate. The spiced hamburger was delicious. My seed down her throat was her lunch.

“I should go home,” she said as she wiped the drool from her mouth. “My roommates will be worried about me. I also have a presentation I should be working on for work.”

My stomach was full, and my cock was drained. My appetites had been sated. “I understand,” I said. “Let me give you my number. We can get together for dinner Sunday.”

Jennifer smiled. “I’ll give you mine, too.”

It felt strange to be exchanging phone numbers like a normal person again. I wanted her to go just so I would have the novelty of her coming back. That is the only reason I let her gather her clothes and get dressed again.

I wouldn’t let her take her bra. That was mine.

I walked her to her car. Her breasts bounced freely within her shirt and coat. So many women had walked down these steps, but Jennifer was the first to not have to do it alone. I doubt that she understood how special that made her.

We kissed before she got in the car. My hand went to her ass, and I squeezed it blatantly in the parking lot. When I had stolen her breath again, I broke the kiss.

“See you Sunday,” I said.

“Yes,” she said. Such a simple word and yet it thrilled me in such a strange way.

I went back to my apartment. I did the dishes and washed the sheets. Since the change had come over me, I felt little need for entertainments. I used to read and watch movies. They feel lifeless to me now. These days, I sit by the window and enjoy the air. There are 100 smells on the wind, and although not all of them are sexual, enough of them are to amuse me.

Today, I smelled a woman who wished to be locked in a cage. I wondered how Jennifer would look inside a cage. I imagined she would hate it, which made my cock throb.

For an hour, I enjoyed the scent of a woman who wished to be forced to masturbate for a man. It was such an easy desire, but the force with which she desired it was amazing. She thought masturbating was a filthy act and wanted so badly to do it for an audience. I resolved to make Jennifer masturbate for me some time soon.

The scent faded and was replaced by that of an older woman who lusted for her nephew. Not only did she desire forbidden lust, but she wanted the teenager to blackmail her into it. She wanted him to take pictures of her while she sucked his cock. It was a brief desire quickly extinguished by a powerful orgasm. It made me wonder if Jennifer had a camera.

I was getting annoyed with myself. My thoughts kept coming back to Jennifer. I missed her. It had been so long since I had been in any sort of relationship that I had forgotten the annoyance of separation.

It must be the moon. I resolved to go down to the mall and people-watch. Just watching the secret sluts walk by was better than any movie. Plus, I could always find a new prey and fuck the shit out of her. I had made no commitments.

Ah, but the twinge in my stomach told me differently. I felt something very odd. It was guilt. Jennifer might be upset. The beast in me growled. I belonged to no one. I closed my eyes and listened to the howling monster inside me. It felt no guilt, and neither should I.

I went downstairs to my car. As I passed the spot where Jennifer had parked, I smelled her. The odor of her cunt was as strong as if I had just eaten her.

It stayed with me as I got in my car. I rolled the windows down. My power of smell had never been this strong before. I thought I’d known all of my abilities. My endurance, my strength and my effect on women were things I took for granted now. This level of tracking was new. I had to push it.

I followed the scent as best I could in the car. It made no sense. The diesel, the litter and the stench of the tires should have obscured Jennifer’s scent, but I could follow as if she were opening her thighs right next to me. I followed it down the street from the grocery store and into a neighborhood I had never been to. The scent took me to an apartment complex. I parked my car right beside hers.

My cock was hard. The idea of finding new prey was ridiculous. Jennifer was here, and I wanted her.

I followed her smell right to her apartment door. A Hispanic woman answered the door. Although she was very beautiful, there was no scent to her at all. To me, she might as well have been an old maid.

“Hello, is Jennifer here?” I asked.

The woman frowned. “You must be Dylan. She has been telling us all about you. I didn’t think she was expecting you.”

I forced a smile. This woman was standing between me and my cunt. She had no idea how dangerous that was.

“I thought I would surprise her,” I said. “May I come in?”

The poor woman had doubt. I could see it in her eyes. The smarter side of her brain was telling her to shut the door and lock it.

“Sure, “she said, and she stepped aside.

A tall woman was sitting on the couch. She was thin and just as dead to me scentwise as the Hispanic woman had been. Her eyes took me in and saw something that they liked.

“You must be Dylan,” the tall woman said. “My name is Pam. You’ve met Nina already.”

I nodded. My smile felt so fake, but I kept it on. “I’m glad Jennifer mentioned me or else this might have been even more awkward.”

Pam laughed, but Nina didn’t. I instantly had more respect for Nina.

“It is not every Friday that Jennifer spends the night somewhere else,” Pam said. “We were worried us till she texted us last night.”

I wondered when that had been. Perhaps when she begged to go to the bathroom? I guess I shouldn’t be annoyed, but the beast was. He loved control, and he was annoyed that she hadn’t asked first.

“Is she here?” I asked. “I think she left her lipstick at my place.”

Pam laughed. “And you came all this way just to return it? How sweet of you.” She was practically leering at me.

“I’ll get her,” Nina said. She headed down a long hallway. Three-bedroom apartments could be quite spacious.

“Come sit down,” Pam said. She was motioning to the couch beside her. It was interesting; she was obviously attracted to me, but I couldn’t smell her. I wondered what her tastes were like. I realized I didn’t give a fuck.

“I’ll stand,” I said.

Nina walked in, still frowning. I didn’t care because Jennifer was right behind her. Her hair was wet, and she smelled freshly showered. She was glowing when she hugged me.

“What are you doing here?” she said. I noticed she skipped the question of how I’d found her. Good girl.

“I had a question for you,” I said. “Can we talk in private?”

“Sure, come to my room,” she said.

Nina scowled at me as I walked away with Jennifer. Pam shouted her joke.

“Be sure to behave, kids!” she teased.

Jennifer blushed, but I didn’t care. I closed the door behind us and grabbed her throat. It felt good to have my hand around her neck again.

“Ohh,” she moaned. “I am so glad to see you. I have missed you.”

The beast didn’t care, but I was touched. “I missed you,” I said.

“How did you find me?” she asked.

With my other hand, I reached between her legs. I pressed through the sweatpants she was wearing and cupped her sex. The heat warmed me.

“I followed this,” I said. “Your cunt called to me, and I have come to answer it.”

Jennifer moaned. “Not here, please. Not with Nina and Pam here. Let’s go back to your place.”

The beast raged in defiance. I agreed.

“Right now,” I said. I pushed her down to her bed. “Take off your clothes.”

Jennifer looked at me for a second before she started to disrobe. In moments, she had stripped off her shirt, her bra, her sweatpants and her panties. She was fast, but she was also quiet. I was impressed. Too bad I had no such concerns about the noise.

I grabbed her legs and flipped her over. She squealed briefly before controlling herself. I pulled her legs until her ass was hanging over the bed. She stayed still as I unzipped and let my pants fall. Cock in hand, I entered her.

Jennifer groaned as my cock returned to its rightful place. She grabbed her sheets as I pushed forcefully into her. Her tight ass clenched as slammed in my cock. I was glad to see that her cunt was just as wet as I had smelled.

We fucked. To be more accurate, I fucked her. The bed shook with the force of our fornicating. Jennifer was dead quiet, but the bedsprings were giving us away.

Her silence annoyed me. I slapped her ass while I fucked her. These were not the thoughtful taps I had seen at the dungeon either; these were the hard slaps of my big hands hitting her round ass. My hand fell on her with the righteous fury of a man claiming his woman.

The first slap caught her by surprise, and Jennifer cried out. By the third slap, she was biting down on her sheet to keep from crying out. It didn’t matter. The sound of her ass getting spanked echoed through the room and, I suspected, through the apartment as well.

The sounds of fucking, spanking and creaking bedsprings filled the bedroom. Jennifer was doing a good job of keeping quiet, but the sounds of sex were all around us. I knew she was horrified by the idea. Nina and Pam would know that I came over purely to fuck her. She was humiliated.

She was also incredibly wet. Jennifer climaxed once and then quickly again as I pounded her cunt. I stopped slapping her ass and reached for her long brown hair. My hand pulled her head back and forced her to arch her back as I thrust. The sweet sound of her whimpering added to the mix.

I came. I felt the muscles of her cunt milk my seed from my body. I wiped the sweat from my face and wiped my hand on her ass.

“Good slut,” I said as I pulled out.

Jennifer found the strength to turn over. “Thank you,” she said. I am not sure if she meant for the compliment or for the fucking. “Will you be staying?”

The beast was silent. I was actually intrigued by the idea. What would it be like to hang out with her friends? If Nina had hated me before, she was going to hate my guts now.

“No,” I said. It seemed too normal to consider. I almost didn’t want to push my luck.

“No,” I said again. “I’ll be by to pick you up on Sunday.”

Jennifer looked up me. Her cunt smelled of sex and my seed. “I can’t wait.”

I reached down and scooped up the panties she had been wearing. No matter what else was happening, I was going to keep collecting my trophies.

“Get dressed,” I told her. “I want to you to see me to the door.”

The smile that blossomed on her face was amazing. For some reason, it made me sad. Perhaps I knew that this giddiness could not possibly last.

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  1. please tell me there will be more, its just the kind of dark yet soft story i’ve be missing for a very long time… delishesly yummy

  2. It is funny, I wasn’t sure how many parts there were. I had to look it up.

    There are 7 parts total, so we have four more to go at one a week.

    I’m glad you are enjoying it!

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