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The beast was hungry. Visions of breasts and cunts haunted my dreams. My cock was hard, and my legs ached with the need to run. I could smell every woman in my apartment building. I knew which ones were horny, and I knew which ones would be mine if I asked.

The moon was full again. For several months, I had managed to tame the insatiable thing inside me most of the time, but when the moon was full, I didn’t even try. I could work from home during the day, delaying my urges until the night. Then I could drive to a club or the mall or anywhere public and find my prey for the night. I would fuck her, come home and go back to work the next day. I had fucked over 100 women, and I never came home unsatisfied.

Do you have any idea how many women entertain submissive fantasies? I had no fucking idea — until that strange night when I met a beautiful stranger on the train and she changed me with a savage fuck. Now I can smell a submissive woman from a distance you would not believe. Even better, once I get near them, they know that I know. They know that I can make almost any dream come true for them. They know that I will fuck the shit out of them.

The only real drawback — well, if you don’t count the incessant hunger — is the fact that after I fuck a woman, the excitement goes away. I regain my senses, and apparently, so do they. The looks they give me sometimes, it is like they are afraid of me. I made their dreams come true, when some dreams are better unfulfilled.

You know how some guys dump girls after they fuck them? I have the worst time getting a girl to stay while I put my pants on.

If I weren’t so busy looking for my next lay, I might have time to get depressed about it.

When the full moon comes around, the rules change. Usually, I can delay my hunger for a day or two. While out of town at a business seminar, I was able to behave for three whole days. At the full moon, though, I don’t control the beast. The hunger takes charge, and I will fuck whatever suits my cravings. That is just the way it is.

I called in sick to work. My boss doesn’t care. I have fucked her a few times, and she is glad when I take a day off. It means I am spending it fucking someone else and not her. I put on a clean shirt and a pair of jeans. Christ, I used to dress so much more professionally. Now I prefer clothes that are easy to fuck in.

It was Friday morning, and I had to feast. I could smell a woman one floor above me who wished to be slapped during sex. I took a deep breath and could feel her need. She was horny right now, and I could have her.

I pushed her out of my head. I had rules. Being what I am doesn’t come with a fucking handbook, but I had picked up a few things.

Rule #1: Don’t fuck where you sleep.

When I first became who I was, I fucked a girl in my apartment complex. I kept running into her, and she kept shying away as if I were her stalker. I’ll bet she is counting the days till her lease is up. I know I am. The last thing I need is for my neighbors to wonder why the cute blonde nearly squeals when she sees me.

I left my complex and started walking. Atlanta is a big city. With so many women and so many desires, I knew it wouldn’t take me long. I had never been picked up from the side of the road, but shit, it could happen.

One thing I have noticed is that while I might be able to smell 100women, one smell will stand out. One woman will want it so badly that she almost reeks of it. Somewhere is a woman who needs it more than the others, and the beast inside me wants her most of all.

I picked up her scent in a Publix parking lot, of all places. I laughed. Maybe I could pick up a meal when I picked up my prey. Her scent grew stronger as I headed for the grocery store. She was inside, and I was going to find her. By the time I walked in, I had forgotten all about eating — unless it was pussy.

People moved out of my way. Housewives who suspected what I was wouldn’t meet my eyes. Men who treat women nicely found reasons to go to another aisle. Helpful store employees knew better than to ask me if I needed anything. When I am hungry, people flee.

I found her. She had long brown hair that was going to be perfect for pulling. Despite the heavy coat she wore, I could sense her heavy breasts. Expensive boots covered her feet, and I couldn’t wait to put them over my shoulder. Her nose was a little pointed, sharp and dangerous-looking.

She hadn’t seen me yet, but I could smell her. Her cunt called out to me. Every breath told me more about her. I knew she liked to be choked. I knew she read porn online. I knew she sometimes dated a guy she couldn’t find a fault with. I knew her back was begging to be scratched.

I had to get inside her.

Silently, I stepped up to her. It is something I can do these days without thinking about it. When her head turned, my feet were already sidestepping. There was no real reason to sneak up on her, but I certainly enjoyed doing it. Prey should never see me coming.

I put my hand on her shoulder. She jumped, but she didn’t try to get away. She turned to me, and her lips trembled. It is curious how she didn’t say anything.

“I want you,” I said. “I can feel your desires, and I want to feast on them. I’ll choke you, I’ll strip you, and I will fuck you. Tell me your name, and come with me right now.”

She didn’t answer. The beast in me growled in annoyance, but I knew that patience worked best. My proposition was dirty, vulgar and shocking. It had to be soaked in to be appreciated.

“Jennifer,” she said.

“Good, but you made me wait,” I said. “Give me your bra, right now.”

Those full lips of hers parted in shock. Oh, I could not wait to shove my cock between them. To my delight, she argued.

“Right here?” she said. “I don’t even know you.”

“Give me your bra now, or you never will,” I said.

Jennifer bit her lip. She opened her coat and revealed a red blouse over the heavy breasts that I’d known she had. handed me her coat and then reached into her blouse sleeve. I thought about insisting that she take her shirt off, but I am not an animal.

An older man walked by, pushing his cart. When he lingered near us, I growled at him. He wisely kept moving.

Jennifer pulled out her bra. Great pink cups fell into my hand. I clutched my trophy and gave her back her coat.

“Good,” I said. “Let’s go. You’re driving.”

I took her by the arm, holding her bra in my other hand. I made no effort to hide my trophies. Jennifer put her basket down as we headed for the door. People stared at us, and all of them whispered, but no one stopped us.

We got into her car. I kept her bra in my lap. Jennifer was shaking as she put in her keys. I have that effect on some women.

“I don’t do things like this,” she said.

“You do now,” I answered.

I reached across and slipped my hand under her blouse. She groaned as my fingernails went over her breast. Her nipple slipped between my fingers, and it was already hard. My fingers closed around it and pinched her terribly.

“That hurts,” she said.

I pinched her harder. “Drive,” I said.

I gave her directions to my apartment. I held onto her breast for the entire drive. I squeeze and pulled on her poor nipple. Jennifer groaned, but she didn’t complain. I sank my fingers into the soft breast that was mine now. My nails caused her discomfort, but I could smell the effect I was having on her pussy. It just made me squeeze harder.

“This building here,” I said when we reached the apartment complex. Jennifer pulled into the parking lot and waited.

She was such an obedient girl. The beast inside me growled again. When the moon is full, obedience isn’t enough. I can fuck a woman any night. What the beast craved was complete control. The beast craved humiliation. The beast would be satisfied with nothing less than breaking her completely. It was just who we were.

“Take off your coat, and give me your blouse,” I said.

Jennifer smiled. Without any complaint, she took off her blouse and handed it to me. The street lamps bathed her topless body in yellow light. Her breasts were truly magnificent. Large and plump, they were two perfect moons. I couldn’t wait to mark them.

“I live upstairs,” I told her. “Apartment 301, if you look up, you’ll see me go in at the top of the stairs. I’m going to go first, and when you see me enter, you’ll count to 100. Only then can you come up to my door. I will decide then whether I will let you in.”

“Like this?” Jennifer asked. She was pointing at her lovely breasts. A new scent came from her pussy. It was strong and pungent with fear and desire.

I fought the urge to fuck her right here. “You have your instructions.”

I got out of the car with her clothes. Slowly, I walked up the stairs. The beast twisted inside me. The moon makes so many demands. I want sex, but I want cruelty, too. I want to fuck now, but even more than that, I want my prey to suffer. What I crave requires patience, and on these nights, I have so little. Jennifer might complain, but she had no idea how much more it hurts me.

I reached my door and looked over the landing rail. Jennifer was still there. She was covering her tits, but that was OK. The cold, brisk air would remind her of her nakedness.

The door opened, and I threw her clothes on the floor. Once the door was closed, I put my head against it. I tried to slow my breathing. The beast was screaming, but I made him wait. The cunt would be all the sweeter.

Just because I couldn’t see Jennifer didn’t mean I couldn’t tell where she was. Part of it was from her smell. Now that I had her scent, I could smell her need from the parking lot. I could smell the sex and the almost-paralyzing terror she was feeling. What I’d asked of her was too much, but it came from what I smelled of her. I had made a request straight out of her deepest desires. Now she had to choose to give in to them.

I heard her on the stairs. It might have been my imagination, but I could have sworn I heard her heavy breasts bouncing as she came up the stairs. Her gasps as she ran up were as clear as if she had been standing right next to me. She was shivering from the cold, but she was also shivering from the fear of someone seeing her. I knew she had her hands over her tits, but Jennifer’s tits were too big to be covered by her hands. The best she could do was cover her nipples and expose the rest of her jiggling breasts.

My mouth was almost drooling. I wanted to rush through the door and leap on her. It took everything I had not to fuck her outside on the stairs.

My cock ached. I moaned.

There was a knock at the door. I could smell her heat. She was terrified but so damned horny.

I didn’t answer.

There was another series of knocks, louder this time. Now she was really scared. Shivering outside my door, exposed and vulnerable, Jennifer doubted her choices this evening. She was also very wet.

I didn’t answer.

More knocks came. “Hello?” Jennifer said. It was cute the way she was trying to get my attention yet somehow be quiet enough to not get anyone else’s.

I heard her whimper. It was such a delicious, pitiful sound.

The beast could wait no more.

I opened the door. “Get in,” I growled.

Jennifer’s eyes were wide with fear. She saw him. She saw the beast in me, and I think she understood exactly what she was in for. Part of me wanted to scream at her to run. I wanted her to flee and get the hell out of what I had planned for her tonight.

But I knew that if she did run, the beast would chase her back down. Part of me, that sick, twisted part of me, wanted her to run just so I could drag her back here.

Jennifer came inside and sealed her fate.

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  1. Lovely, very lovely.

  2. I realised as I was halfway through the story that I was narrating it in my head, not just reading. A deep, gravelly male voice that battled to retain control. I don’t remember that happening before – this is the power you exert on me, Shon!

  3. t’Sade- Thanks :)

    Caramella- I had that voice talking in my head for about two months lol. You should hear him discussing pizza.

  4. Heehee… Furious Pizza, served with Anarchic Soda and Garlic Bread of the Apocalypse!

  5. Guh. Hot. I’ll be in my bunk, wanking furiously!

    xx Dee

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