Mar 242010

The full moon was gone, and Jennifer was still with me. Even stranger, the beast inside me still wanted her. It had been a week and a half of fucking the same woman. I hadn’t thought that such a thing was possible.

I was growing quite fond of her.

In the morning, I wake up first. I roll over and push apart her legs. My face goes to her cunt; it has been calling me all night. I dream her dreams, and she dreams mine. We dream of fucking. By the time morning comes around, I am hard, and she is wet.

My mouth eats her to life. I lick at the juices that have collected all night. I kiss and nibble until her thighs clench around me and she calls out my name. She always comes, but that is not my concern. Her lust is my breakfast.

When I am full, we go to the shower. Jennifer was the one who initiated bathing me, and the beast approves. Her soapy hands scrub my body as I stand against the water. I don’t lift a finger to clean myself. That is what she is for. I am sure it is something she learned from the lifestyle, but I don’t mind. It makes me feel like a king to be attended to.

At some point during the shower, I take her. Sometimes I grip her hand to my cock and have her jerk me off. I explode in a shower of seed onto her wet body. Sometimes I take her mouth. I savagely fuck her face while the water threatens to drown her. Most times, though, I just push her against the wall of the shower and fuck her there. I pin her body until my cock is sated inside her.

Once the beast is pleased, Jennifer cleans me again. What impresses me most is how she manages to clean herself and me at the same time. She lathers up her full breasts when she cleans my hairy chest. She soaps up her legs in between running her hands along my thick thighs. My cock and her cunt get scrubbed at the same time with her hands. She cleans her hair quickly before taking her time massaging my scalp.

We towel each other off. I enjoy the chance to grope her clean body and examine the marks I left the night before. Every new bruise and place where I have bitten her seems to shine with healthy vigor. There are more marks every morning.

Jennifer cooks us breakfast and then she leaves for work. I go to my desk and handle all of the new technical requests from my job. My boss has let me work at home ever since I fucked the shit out of her. It was for the best. I have a hard time getting work done in an office building full of cunts. The apartment is a little better, since most of the women are away for the day. Without a lot of prey around, I can actually accomplish what I need to do to get paid.

I still think of cunt, though. Now it is Jennifer’s cunt I think of and what I plan to do to her next. It is an odd feeling to have a woman more than once. Usually, the beast responds to what women want and I go along for the ride. These days, I have more control. The beast wants cunt and dominance, and I want respect, affection and novelty. We collaborate all day to decide what to do to Jennifer next.

After work, Jennifer goes to her apartment and gets ready. I imagine that is when her roommates express their concerns to her and beg her to spend a night at home. They might pick a movie and try to convince her to join them. It wouldn’t hard to believe that they might even stage an intervention, worried about the abusive boyfriend who leaves such nasty marks on her throat and body.

Jennifer comes back to me every night.

I smell her as she gets closer. I can smell her desire as she runs up the stairs to my apartment. I can close my eyes and hear her heavy breasts jiggle as she runs. I can hear her heart beat faster and faster till she knocks on my door. I can sense her need.

When I open the door, I always yank her into the apartment. Most of the time, I grab her by her long hair, but sometimes, I grab her by her shirt or pants. I am so much more powerful than she is; I can tug her off her feet with one hand. She squeals when I take her in, and when I hear fear in that squeal, my cock throbs twice as hard.

I throw her to the floor and take her. If I am feeling especially creative, I might toss her over the side of the couch or throw her over the breakfast bar. My fingers tear into her clothes and pull them from her body. Jennifer takes so much delight in gift-wrapping herself. Sometimes she wears stockings and a dress, while on other days she tightly binds everything in pants and a thong. No matter. They all coend up on the floor.

When she first gets home, I like to fuck her from behind. My hand pushes her head down as I push my cock into her. Lately, she has struggled more, and I am quick to subdue her. I pull her arm behind her back and force her back down as I fuck. Some nights, I slap her round bottom hard and fast till she surrenders to me. The harder she fights, the louder she ends up moaning when I make her climax.

She has become more feral. She scratches me now. When I get on top of her to fuck her, she digs in her sharp nails and drags them across my back. She bites down on my shoulder and nearly draws blood. When I fuck her from behind, she arches her back and bares her teeth. She slams back into me as hard as I slam into her. Our kisses involve more teeth than tongues.

But she has no beast inside her. When I fuck her, she is my prey. The hunger inside her is to be used and taken. If she has become more savage, it is because she is responding to me in the language I understand. She drinks my seed not because she craves it, but because she loves to be the object of my hunger.

Once the beast has had cunt, we can talk. When she is naked and sweaty from our fucking, I can slow down and actually speak to her. With my cock still inside her, she tells me about her day.

You might think I would be bored to hear her talk about coworkers, traffic and deadlines, but you would be wrong. When she talks, it is a rare glimpse into what normal people do. It reminds me that there is a world out there that doesn’t revolve around cunts and hungry beasts. Jennifer’s talk about work and friends reminds me of what I left behind.

It also makes me damned grateful for what I have now.

Last night, we were sitting together on the couch when she asked me a question.

“Will you ever get tired of me?” she asked.

I reached between her legs. I scratched the prickly skin of her sex. When we first met, it was shaved smooth, but lately, she has been letting the hair grow out. I didn’t order it, but I approve. The more she is like an animal, the better.

“As long as this is waiting for me to take it, I will have it,” I said.

“You sure?” she asked. “You are not going to want to fuck someone else? Someone thinner or someone prettier?”

My fingers scratched at her cunt. Jennifer hissed at the pain, but she made no move to stop me. In fact, she opened her thighs to me.

“I don’t know,” I said. “I don’t think so, but you never know. Part of me wants to tell you that I will only fuck you. Part of me wants to assure you that you are the only slut for me. That part of me wants you to feel like the most special woman who could ever be in my life.”

“What about the other part?” she said. Jennifer didn’t name the beast, but I think she was starting to know about him. That was the part of me she loved the most.

“The other part will keep fucking you until he doesn’t,” I said.

“Until then,” Jennifer said.

I nodded and grabbed her hair. She started moving for my cock on her own. My cock slipped into her mouth, and that put an end to her questions for that night.

After we are done talking for the night, Jennifer makes me dinner. Every meal is a different offeringI think she researches recipes while she’s at work. She has figured out that I prefer rare meat and creamy sauces. I wait eagerly outside the kitchen to see what she has created next. I think her meals flatter the beast.

We eat in silence.

Jennifer cleans the table and loads the dishwasher. I stalk the apartment and wait. I know I could fuck here right there over the sink, but then who would do the dishes? Even the beast knows to let the prey do her chores. I wonder around the apartment and try not to give in to the smell of cunt.

When the dishwasher starts running, she is all mine. I come for her. I come running, and I grab her. Most of the time, she just screams and lets me take her. I’ll carry her back to the bedroom and have my way with her.

Sometimes, she runs. Oh God, I love it when she runs. Even if she only makes it six steps, that thrill of chasing her is unbelievable. I stop thinking, and I just act. One time I leaped over the coffee table, and she was so stunned that I immediately caught her.

When I catch her, I fuck her right there on the floor.

If she doesn’t run and I manage to control myself, I drag her back to the bedroom. I will take her mouth or her cunt, or if I am feeling very horny, I will fuck her ass while she kicks and screams.

At this point, I like to fuck her face to face. I want to see her eyes as my cock enters her. I want to watch her breasts bounce with every thrust. I want to be able to put her legs over my shoulders and just thrust down deep. I want her to be able to slap her face or her breasts as I please.

Some nights, I just like to wrap my fingers around that throat and squeeze. Jennifer loves to be choked, and when she is being choked, her pussy changes. The musk grows stronger, and it makes me fuck harder.

Jennifer often climaxes while she is almost out of breath. Her body goes still, and her eyes widen. I watch her open her mouth and no words come out. I don’t stop fucking. The beast refuses to let go of her throat till he comes.

Only when my seed fills her cunt do I release her. Jennifer gasps with such an explosive force that I sometimes get another erection. With my seed still flooding her, I start fucking her all over again.

It is not unusual to climax two or three times before I get tired. I am just as amazed as Jennifer. Not since I first transformed have I been this insatiable. There is something about her that the beast just keeps devouring.

We sleep together. The bed is a mess and stinks of sex, but we sleep deeply. She curls up next to me, and I always have my arm over her. Jennifer is mine, even in sleep.

I don’t know how long this is going to last, but I like it.

Until then.

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  1. I do adore this story – and really like the turn it’s taken.

    Until then. Indeed!

    xx Dee

  2. De- I am glad you like it. I wasn’t sure how many people would be put off by the turn.

  3. Yummy, with a terrific building up for the coming chapters. I love it.

  4. t’sade- Thank you :)

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