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“Jennifer is quite different than your usual girlfriends,” Ben said.

I took another drink of my beer to keep from smiling. Jennifer and I had skipped our usual night of endless sex to come to a party being thrown by an old college friend of mine. Martin had been pestering me to spend more time with him and Ben. The three of us had been friends forever, but once I changed, I’d found it impossible to hang around them. Seriously, what is the point of being around people, other than to fuck them?

“How is she different?” I asked.

Martin tried to answer. He looked at Jennifer, who was talking to his girlfriend, Valerie, and some woman I didn’t know. Jennifer was wearing a low-cut green dress that pushed her full breasts to even greater mass.

“She is um, much more, uh, what’s the word?”

“Hot,” Ben said.

That time, I did smile. “I’ve had pretty girlfriends before.”

“Yeah,” Martin admitted. “But Jennifer is different.”

I was enjoying this too much. I had avoided Ben and Martin because all they wanted to talk about was politics or reality shows. All I cared about these days were cunts, whimpers and screams. I wanted to see what they could perceive about Jennifer.

“How different?” I asked.

Martin knew what he wanted to say but lacked the courage. He wanted to say she was glowing with sex. He wanted to talk about how perfect her tits were. Martin wanted to say that Jennifer looked like she was made for fucking. He wouldn’t say it, of course. Martin was too civilized, too polite.

“She seems nicer then some of your other girlfriends,” Ben said. “I’m not saying they were bitches or anything, just —“

“They were bitches,” I interrupted. “I realized I fell for women who cared more about themselves than anything else. Jennifer is different.”

“She cares about you,” Martin said.

I took another drink. “She cares about my cock.” I said.

Both of them were rendered speechless. Luckily, Ben’s fiancée, Tina, came up to us just then with a plate of snacks. The subject matter turned to crackers and rare cheeses. The boys wandered away to talk to some other guys about the last episode of “Survivor,” leaving me alone with Tina. I declined the plate. There was not enough meat.

“We haven’t seen you around,” Tina said. Her red hair was down around her face in a nice cascade of curls.

“I have been busy,” I lied. The faint smell of her sex grew stronger. Shit. Other than fear of boredom, my other reason for avoiding my friends was Tina’s attraction to me. I have changed, but I am not enough of a dick to fuck an old friend’s girlfriend. Shit, I really thought their getting engaged would have fixed this problem.

She inched a little closer. I was forced to look down at her face and, not coincidentally, down her blouse. Her freckled tits were just one bite away. I knew she wanted me to bite that spot right inside her cleavage.

“I was getting the feeling you were avoiding me,” she whispered.

My heart pounded. The beast growled. Fuck, I had been fucking Jennifer for three weeks. I thought these kinds of moments were over.

“You’re Ben’s fiancée,” I said.

Across the room, Ben told a joke that had my friends laughing. I looked at them, but Tina only had eyes for me. She bit her lip before answering.

“I know,” she almost whimpered. “But lately, it has just seemed like a shame that we never hooked up.”

The beast has that kind of effect on women. It calls to them. The beast made women forget vows and promises. Until they satisfied that need, the women I chased can be just as insatiable as I am.

I growled. She took a step back, but I followed her. When I was close to her, her cunt exploded in new smells of desire.

“You want to be taken like a whore, don’t you?” I whispered. “You want to be used harder than Ben ever would. Hell, I could bend you over and fuck you while I make you tell me how inferior Ben’s cock is, and you would do it. You would do it and anything else I asked, wouldn’t you?”

God, sometimes I am not sure who is talking anymore. Was that me, or was that the beast? Is there any difference?

Tina was staring at me. Her lips trembled. I thought she was going to cry, but the smell coming from between her legs told me differently.

“Yes, I would,” she said.

More laughter came from the other side of the room. Ben waved us over. “You should hear this story Martin is telling us about his coworker.”

“Sure!” Tina said. “I just need to get more crackers. Dylan, will you come help me?” The pleading in her eyes told me that we would be doing other things in the kitchen.

“No,” I said. I walked past her without looking back. If we went into the kitchen, there was no telling where my cock might go.

I returned to Jennifer’s side. She smiled at me as I slipped my arm around her. Her smile turned into a groan as I grabbed a handful of her ass and squeezed.

“Jennifer was telling us about the IT department where she works,” Martin said. “I bet my company could get their contract easily.”

Christ, is that is what you are hoping to get? I thought Martin should be thinking about how he could take Jennifer back to his bed and use her. Not that I would have let him, mind you. I would have maimed him first. The idea gave me a weird sense of anticipation.

Meanwhile, Tina was masturbating in the kitchen. My enhanced ears could pick up the slick sound of her finger rubbing her wet lips. I could taste her almost-orgasm on the air.

I squeezed Jennifer harder. God damn. It wasn’t even a full moon! I had this craving for another woman and I was fighting it as hard as I could. As much as I mocked how mundane my friends were, I envied their stability. I wanted this to work with Jennifer. I didn’t want to fuck this up.

Martin said something, but I wasn’t listening. I did hear Jennifer’s response, though.

“I am sure a guy as handsome as you, Martin, could sweet-talk my boss into trying your company, “she said.

Martin smiled and I smelled the scent of desire coming from Jennifer. She was flirting with him! Worse, I could smell how much she liked it!

Fuck no.

My grip tightened on her ass. “Have you seen the view from the balcony, Jennifer?”

She winced at my grip. Fear wafted from her. Jennifer knew she had fucked up. “No, I haven’t. Let’s go look.”

Martin was already moving on to entertain other people. I resisted the urge to grab Jennifer by her hair and just kept an iron grip on her ass. We went to the sliding balcony door and pushed it open. I closed it behind us as we looked out at the Atlanta night sky.

“Are you mad?” Jennifer asked.

For some reason, the cold night air was driving me crazier. My hand left her ass and grabbed her throat. She cried out in surprise but groaned as I squeezed.

“You are my bitch,” I said without anger.

“Yes, Dylan,” she moaned. “I only complimented him on his appearance.”

My fingers closed around her throat. “I could smell your pussy when you flirted.”

Her cunt was driving me crazy. My jealousy was bringing all sorts of new desires to the top. Shit, my jealousy was turning me on. Jennifer was mine, but I’d never had a chance to really establish it before. Thoughts of Tina were fading away fast.

“Turn around and lift up your skirt,” I said.

She looked past my shoulder. “They might see us.”

I spun her around. She groaned as I pushed her against the railing. I kicked her legs apart and lifted her skirt. She wasn’t wearing any panties because she had given them to me on the drive over.

“They might,” I said. The balcony light was off, so I had a feeling that the glass sliding door would just reflect the party inside back on itself. As long as no one turned on a light, we were OK. But who fucking knew? I had to have her.

I pulled my cock out. I guided it between her lovely thighs and slipped right in. Jennifer moaned. I shoved myself hard and quick, penetrating her in one swift motion.

“Fuck me, my bitch,” I told her. “The faster you get me off, the less chance we get exposed. The less chance everyone sees you for the slut you are.”

“Yes,” Jennifer groaned. I am not sure if she was agreeing to being a slut or agreeing to move. Either way, she began to move. Bracing herself against the railing, she pushed back against my cock and pulled forward. It was awkward work, but I made her fuck me as we looked out at the Atlanta night.

I reached around and cupped her breasts. My fingers scratched against her exposed cleavage. When my nails dug deep, that is when she really humped my cock.

“Who is my bitch?” I growled in her ear.

“I am,” she whimpered.

Jennifer fucked faster. The wind was cold, but our heat kept us warm. The sounds of the party were behind us, but we ignored them. The threat of someone coming out at any moment was looming. For Jennifer it was a terrifying possibility, but I think I was intrigued by the idea of coming out to my friends as who I truly am: a rutting beast.

“Don’t you fucking dare come first,” I growled.

Jennifer nodded her head in compliance. She was too close to answer with her mouth. She kept moving her body against me. She engaged in a one-sided dance, swaying, humping and grinding against me. I denied her any help as I stood there. I wanted to make her work for it. The beast simply enjoyed her dedication to getting me off.

I climaxed hard. Thoughts of Tina were banished as I emptied into Jennifer once again. Like a good bitch, she held back on her orgasm even though she could feel me filling her.

“Now you can,” I said.

She climaxed instantly. She tossed her head back and opened her mouth. I expected a howl, but her pleasure was silent. She shook from head to toe as her orgasm rippled through her. I almost howled for her.

I pulled out. I could smell my seed trickling down her leg. Like a good slut, she didn’t attempt to pull her skirt back down till I told her to.

“Now, try to remember who owns your cunt,” I said.

Jennifer was beaming. “I will.”

I was sure she would. More important, I was able to rein in the beast and redirect its attention to her. This could work. I could stay with one woman and stop the cycle of endless one-night stands. I could have awesome sex and something close to a normal life again.

We opened the glass door. The party was continuing, and no one appeared suspicious. I was feeling so optimistic that I was going to try to talk to Ben and Martin about any damn thing they wanted to.

The good feeling lasted till Tina came back into the room. Our eyes met, and the smell of her cunt met my nose a second later. The beast mocked my dreams of self-control.

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  1. That was a good last sentence. You’ve led us down a twisty path, we think we see the end and then the hairpin turn comes up. Cool.

  2. Bluewords- Thanks. I think twisty path is the best description for this story lol.

  3. I love you so much.

    This is a *wonderful* chapter.

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