Mar 192010

My fiction blog, ‘Still Alive’ will be ending soon. It has been a wonderful experience. It is my first major non-erotica work and over all I think it is a success. I think it could be better, but as a first time thing, it is not too bad.

My goal was to do another fiction blog with an erotica theme. The plan was to set it on a space station where everyone is having sex until something bad happens. I have been in love with the idea for over a year but the actual story is problematic. I have an outline but after a year of kicking it around, I find myself unable to really connect some events in the outline to others.

Which brings me to the one pearl of wisdom I want to give fellow writers. Ideas are fine, but the execution is EVERYTHING. if you can’t turn ideas into a story, the idea alone can’t carry the story.

I have spent the last week grieving over my lost story idea. Luckily I have the mild success of ‘Still Alive’ to bolster me. I want to do another fiction blog because I find it an interesting format for telling a story. Fictional characters have far more interesting lives than real people, which generates enough content to justify a blog.

So I started kicking around ideas for another fiction blog. My intent would be for a short three month period to cover. I just needed some other situation, like zombies eating Atlanta, to be the theme for the blog. I started cataloging disasters.

My wife and I try to watch at least one show together every night before I go write and she draws. With most of our shows on hiatus, we turned to our DVD collections and pick a show to watch. We had been watching a lot of Nero Wolfe and I wanted a change of pace. I love mysteries but I like supernatural mysteries a smidge more. I like the idea of having to consider everything from haunted puppets to werewolves as a suspect.

This week we watched ‘Kolchak: The Night Stalker’. It was a television series in 1974 starring Darren McGavin as a crusty old newspaper reporter who keeps investigating mundane crimes only to find out that witches and monsters are involved. It is one of my favorite series ever.

Last night I was telling my wife about how I wanted to do another fiction blog, but I had no idea what to do. About five minutes into the conversation, we both mentioned Kolchak as an obvious idea. Duh. Kolchak worked for a small independent news service, but a modern day character could be a blogger who did investigating part time in addition to his day job.

It has been snowballing in my head ever since. The blog could be intermittent. The fictional blogger could investigate one mysterious occurrence, burn out and quit blogging for a few months. Then as he discovers another mystery, he could return to the blog to document it. Instead of a monster a week, it may only be three strange mysteries a year.

Instead of trying to come up with a project as a one time thing, I have come up with something that can go on indefinitely. Or something I can quit easily if get too burned out on it.

It would also be a major non-erotica undertaking. I don’t see myself quitting erotica but I have to admit that I am itching to write more horror. I think the sadist in me just enjoys inflicting horror on characters too much. It may cut down on my erotica writing but hopefully the erotica I will be writing will be of a higher quality.

I have a feeling this year is going to be very interesting.

  2 Responses to “Failure, Rebirth and Writing”

  1. I ran an erotica character blog for just over a year myself. It was a very rewarding and enjoyable experience. I loved doing it, though it ended up being very fluffy (for me). Still up there since I got a permanent LiveJournal account, but I just couldn’t continue it anymore.

    I look forwarding to seeing your new project. (And waiting for your book to show up, I just got the Lulu confirmation today.)

  2. t’Sade- I am curious how long I can sustain it, which is why I want to engineer reasonable breaks. I will most likely write months in advance.

    Woot, hope you enjoy the book!

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