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Once upon a time there was a beautiful island. It was filled with wonder and splendor. The trees produced over fifty types of delicious fruits. The sand is so soft that people can have sex on it without any kind of chaffing. The waterfalls are so gentle that women used them to wash their hair. It was the greatest island ever.

Now some people said that the reason the island was so blessed is because of the tiki god, Coku. The great god had a statue on the island that was seven feet tall and carved from very hard wood. His impressive face was carved on the totem but the most impressive feature was the enormous cock that jutted from the statue. It was over a foot in length and was the envy of every man on the island.

The tiki statue was off limits to the people of the island. Men were allowed to present great heaps of fish to the statue and women were allows to present their best panties to the statue, but no one was allowed to touch the tiki god. No one remembered why this was, but the people of island knew there had to be a good reason.

For many years the island and their great tiki god flourished. That was until the Island Princess came of age. Now the island was well known for the beauty of its women but the Island Princess was so pretty that she made the island women look like one-coconut whores by comparison. Her hair was as black as a secret lover’s bedroom. Her hips danced with the slinky splendor of a sea eel. Her full breasts were as plentiful as a ripe fruit about to fall from a bending branch. The Island Princess was the loveliest woman ever born on the island and because of this, she always got what she wanted.

And what she wanted was to touch the tiki god and his magnificent cock. The Island Princess was of something of an expert in cocks. She had fucked the most handsome men of the Island and that was quite a trick considering her father would gladly castrate anyone who touched his daughter. The Island Princess had a collection of over twenty obscenely shaped seashells that she used for personal pleasure. Being a princess, she had also had the cocks of several pirates, explorers and enchanted princes. The Island Princess had a lot of experience but what she really wanted was to see how the holy cock of the tiki god would feel inside her.

“Daddy, may I please touch the tiki god?” she asked her father.

Her father’s face turned bright red with embarrassment. “Absolutely not! Why would you want to do such a thing?”

“You know,” the Island Princess said. “I’ve never touched a god before.”

The Island King signaled for his fan wavers to fan him harder. “I know what part you want to touch!” he accused his naughty daughter.

The Island Princess looked as innocent as she possibly could. “Please daddy? I just want to touch him a little.”

“”Never!” the Island King said. “Why I bet that if the tiki god, Coku, is ever touched in a manner that he finds disrespectful, that he would curse the island! The fruit will shrivel on the trees! Oyster Bay will stop producing pearls! The King’s balls will drop down to his ankles! You are absolutely, positively and completely forbidden from ever touching the tiki god!”

To make sure that his daughter understood, the Island King had this declaration passed into law. The council of wisemen gathered together to ratify the king’s law into custom. Voting was tense for a week until one of the wisemen changed his vote in exchange for some pork to aid his family. The pork was in the form of two pigs and they had quite a nice meal. Once the law was made into custom, the new custom was yelled from the highest peak so that the entire island knew of this rule.

The Island Princess had a terrible time dealing with rules.

The very next night, the Island Princess snuck out of the palace. She went to the beach where the tiki god stood. Under the jealous eye of the moon, the Island Princess walked right up to the tiki god and stared at it.

In the moonlight, the cock of Coku looked even bigger. The hard black wood was shiny in the moonlight. This close, the Island Princess thought she saw tiny veins carved into the wooden cock. The girth was quite impressive and the Island Princess just knew that it would feel perfect inside her.

The Island Princess bent down and planted a single kiss on the cock. As soon as she did, she stood back up and watched the island. No trees shriveled. The waves kept crashing on the beach. She had a feeling that her father’s balls hadn’t rolled off his bed.

“I knew that silly old custom wasn’t true!” the Island Princess said.

Now all she had to do was get that wonderful cock inside her. She thought about backing up into it but the cock was pointing up at an angle. The Island Princess climbed on top of the tiki god. She grabbed his hook nose for support and put her feet around the wide statue. Facing Coku, she lowered herself down onto the firm cock.

Her sex shivered as she felt the cold wood part her sex. The Island Princess kept lowering herself as she took more and more of the tiki cock inside her. She was so wet from thinking about this all day that the cock slipped quite easily into her. When the Island princess gets wet, an entire canoe would have no problem sliding in.

After a long glorious amount of time, the Island Princess was finally fully penetrated. She moaned as the dark wood reached places inside her that she had only dreamed of. Her entire body was tingling and the Island Princess was glad that she didn’t listen to any silly old custom.

“Who sits on my cock?” a loud voice boomed.

The Island Princess opened her eyes. The tiki statue was alive! The face glared down at her with indignant rage.

“Oh! It is a spoiled Island Princess!” the tiki god said. “I think I will keep you on my cock forever! Then the people of the island will know that I demand respect!”

The Island Princess felt the immense wooden cock inside her get even bigger! She moaned as it grew in size within her sex. Her thighs trembled as he pushed her to greater depths.

“How do you like that?” the tiki god boomed.

“A lot!” the Island Princess said.

“Foolish girl!” the tiki god said. “I am keeping you on my cock forever! Let’s see how you are when the entire island sees what a wanton slut you are!”

That got the Island Princess’s attention. She imagined how pissed her father would be if he found his daughter stuck on the tiki god’s cock. She thought about how insecure the handsome fishermen of the island will be after they know that they couldn’t measure up to what has been inside her. She thought about the old ladies of the Island who already snicker at her when she goes looking for obscene sea shells.

“I will not be embarrassed in front of commoners!” the Island Princess said. It was hard to throw a good tantrum when you are impaled on a cock.

“You’re not going anywhere!” the tiki god said. To prove his point, his cock got even bigger inside the Island Princess! She moaned with girlish delight.

“We’ll see about that,” the Island Princess said. She put her feet on the tiki god and pushed as hard as she could. The cock was so big inside her that she couldn’t move an inch. The only way she was going to slide off is if she could make that cock smaller.

The Island Princess knew one sure way to make a hard cock go back down.

The Island Princess gave the tiki god her wickedest smile. She grabbed her lovely mountains of breasts and gave them a good squeeze. Her hands crushed her breasts while the tiki god watched. She pulled on her dark nipples till they were as hard as the tiki god himself.

“What are you doing?” Coku boomed.

“If I am going to be stuck here, I might as well enjoy myself,” the Island Princess said.

She wrapped her legs around the tiki god and leaned back. The Island Princess groaned as swiveled her hips back and forth. Just because she was stuck on his cock didn’t mean she couldn’t move. She could still dance. Her hips moved back and forth as much as the massive cock would allow. Her torso rolled up and down, shaking her lovely breasts.

It felt so good inside her. The Island Princess dripped her royal juices down the wooden shaft. She clenched so hard on the tiki god’s cock that even Coku was groaning. The Island Princess shook her head from side to side as her passion overtook her. The moonlight rippled off the long black hair as it swirled around them.

“Harder!” she moaned. “Get harder!”

Coku groaned. He forgot how nice it was to have a Princess back on his cock. Back in the old times, Island Princesses used to dance on his cock all the time. They danced to celebrate the New Year, they danced to celebrate the first days of summer and sometimes they danced because it was a cold night. Over the years, the island people stopped riding his cock. Maybe it was the slow gradual emergence of a culture more reliant on scientific observation than mythological worship. Most likely it was because of the unfortunate incidents of splinters. Whatever the reason, Coku was one neglected tiki god and this squirming Island Princess reminded him of just what he has been missing.

The Island Princess saw that the first rays of sunlight creep over the horizon. Pretty soon, the fishermen would be waking up to catch the morning fish. If she didn’t escape soon, the Island Princess was going to be laughing stock of the island!

The threat of humiliation turned the Island Princess on. She thought about every fishermen watching her. She thought about how embarrassing it would be to be caught humping the tiki god. She thought about how jealous each of them would be.

“Yes!” the Island princess screamed. Her orgasm shook her entire body. She shouted her pleasure so loudly that even her father woke up from his royal slumber.

The Island Princess heard a loud growl coming from Coku. The tiki god was shaking like a volcano. She felt a pulsing coming from the wooden shaft. She bit her lip as she waited for the imminent release.

BOOM! The tiki god’s cock exploded with magical might. Because he is a tiki god and not a man, his cock burst a fountain of delicious tropical alcohol instead of messy man seed. The force of his tiki orgasm sent the Island princess flying off his cock. She soared high into the air and landed in a patch of soft bushes. She was very sticky but otherwise unharmed.

The orgasm didn’t end there. The magic of the tiki god flowed through the entire island. Fruit grew to ten times their normal size. Fish threw themselves out of the water and onto the beach to be picked up by stunned fishermen. Frigid spouses woke up with an intense urge to fuck like teenagers. Keys were found exactly where people remembered leaving them. It was truly a blessed time.

The most magical change was to the tiki god himself. His massive cock was just as big but now it was pointing downward. Coku also had the biggest smile on his carved face. No one understood what had happened to make the tiki god so happy but they were very grateful. Fish and fresh panties were laid at his feet in tribute.

As for the Island Princess, she snuck back to her room and pretended to be asleep. It took her all day to wash the tropical alcohol from her body. She was walking funny for a week but no one seemed to connect the Island Princess’s soreness with the new smile on the tiki god.

After a few weeks, the magical blessings of the tiki god faded. His cock began to point upwards and his smile turned into a frown. To bring back his favor, the people of the island presented the best fish, fruit, and panties to try to win back his glory.

The Island Princess knew it was her duty to bring back the smile of the tiki god. She owed it to her people. She also owed it to her very needy sex.

And that is why the tiki god smiles every few months. It is also why the Island Princess stopped collecting naughty sea shells.

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  1. Tee-hee! Oh how I’d missed the sexy siliness of island princess stories!

  2. “Keys were found exactly where people remembered leaving them.”

    This was a fantastic story, absolutely wonderful and it made me smile. Thank you!

  3. Mad- I should have known sexy silliness would bring you back out :)

    t’sade- I spent hours figuring out that line. Originally I had a comment about computer usb cords untangling but I realized that might be too personal.

  4. Yeah well. Apparently I’m easy to figure out. I, too, loved the keys line, too cute!

    I don’t know about the island people having too many USB cords to untagle, but if you stopped filling your desk with so much inspiration there might be fewer cord to untangle. Just sayin’.

  5. Mad- I need that tiki USB port.

  6. self-actualizing USB cord tangler!

  7. Love the Island Princess series. She makes me want to be a spoilt sex-mad prima donna! Oh, wait…

  8. Caramella- lol, Nice to see I hitting that target demographic.

  9. Now that was hot! Full of everything that turns me on – large wooden penises, potential humiliation, and great orgasms :)

    xx Dee

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