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“I think I can take her,” Turnik said.

Nash Nighthammer grunted. He had had this conversation with seven other heroes this week. This was turning into the longest journey to fight an evil warrior, ever.

“What makes you think you can win, when so many before you have failed?” Nash asked.

Turnik smiled. Nash could read the madness in the thief’s eye. It was the same madness that allowed Turnik to rob the left horn of the Great Dragon itself. For Turnik, no goal was too audacious for him to try.

“Just look at her!” Turnik said, as if it explained it all.

Nash looked at the woman in question. She was walking ahead of the rest of party through the enchanted woods. Her name was Crimson Kate and she was truly a great beauty. Rich red hair fell about her bare shoulders and her nearly bare back. Great mounds of voluptuous joy filled the cups of her chainmail bikini. The ripe curves of her buttocks were in plain view because of the skimpiness of her chainmail thong. Crimson Kate was worth dying for.

“Tunik, you are daring but you are not a fool,” Nash said. “Crimson Kate is a Sister of the Chainmail; a warrior order of women so confident in their abilities that they only wear the most vulnerable of armor in order to taunt their enemies. Her breasts developed at the age of fourteen and at the age of fifteen she took a vow that no man may have her unless they defeat her in combat. In ten years, no one has ever claimed that honor. Rumor has it that her hair was originally black but the blood of her would-be suitors has dyed her hair red Do not become another notch on her sword.”

Turnik sighed. “Did you see the fight yesterday? Bart the Mighty challenged her to a duel.”

“Aye,” Nash said. “And we wasted an hour of travel time just so Crimson Kate could cut off his hand. Now he will be known as Bart the Mighty One-Handed.”

Turnik snorted. “If I was down to one hand I am sure it would become mighty indeed.”

Nash laughed. “And the day before that, Pendrick the Swift became Pendrick the Still Fast But Walks With a Limp.”

“I never saw anyone get kicked in the nuts so hard that it lifted him off his feet,” Turnik said.

“And the day before that, Kelak the Dwarf lost an eye, a gold tooth and his dignity.”

Turnik sighed. “Crimson Kate is eliminating more of this party then the forest goblins.”

“Exactly!” Nash shouted a little too loudly. “We are on a great quest to destroy a wicked Warrior of Darkness! Let’s save our energy for that instead of lining up to get castrated by one woman!”

“Agreed!” Crimson Kate yelled back. The entire adventurer party erupted in laughter.

“Maybe you’re right,” Turnik whispered. “But still, look at her!”

Later that night, Nash was forced to look at her as another member of their party challenged Crimson Kate to a duel. This time it was the priest, Vip the Holy. At first Nash thought Vip was challenging Crimson Kate in some misguided attempt to quiet her influence on the party. After seeing Vip’s eyes follow Crimson Kate’s breasts more than her sword, he suspected otherwise.

Crimson Kate was merciful this time and merely broke his shield arm. The duel was called off and their overworked apothecary administered to the less than holy priest. To Nash’s surprise, Crimson Kate walked straight over to Nash.

“You watch every duel,” the tall redhead said to him.

“We all do,” Nash said.

“No, they watch my ass and my tits,” Crimson Kate said. “You watch how I fight. Are you scouting me out, warrior?”

“Tits and ass are nice,” Nash said. “But your fighting is truly beautiful. I have never seen one as good as you.”

Crimson Kate scowled. “Flattery has never defeated me either.”

Nash sighed. “Sleep well, warrior.”

He turned around and went to his spot under a tree. Nash didn’t look back. He didn’t see the look of confusion on Crimson Kate’s face.

The next morning, Crimson Kate walked beside Nash.

“I was once challenged by three princes in a single day,” Crimson Kate said. “They offered me wealth, power and titles if I would but bed them. I refused them and then they challenged me. Now I hear that they had to find a fourth brother to father an heir to throne.”

Nash chuckled but did not comment.

“A being from the stars visited me one night,” Crimson Kate said. “He said he had traveled the world but I was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. He told me a poem he composed that was five hundred lines long. When he drew a flaming sword, I thought he would have me for sure but I beheaded him. Now there is one less star in the heavens.”

Nash glanced at the sky as if looking for the missing star but he did not comment.

“I was courted by a unicorn once,” Crimson Kate said. “It tried to mount me in a secluded glade and I was force to geld the magnificent beast.”

At that, Nash laughed but he did not comment.

That afternoon, Turnik couldn’t resist any longer.

“Today is your lucky day!” Turnik said to Crimson Kate. “I challenge you to a duel! Today I make you a woman!”

The party stopped and cleared an area for the duel. Turnik prepared himself by chugging an entire flask of ale. Crimson Kate prepared by sharpening her sword.

Nash Nighthammer walked up to her and spoke for the first time that morning. “Please spare him,” he whispered. “He is a fool, but he is a friend and I know he can steal the codpiece from the Dark Warrior if we let him.”

Crimson Kate looked at her sword. The way she slid the sharpening stone along the length of the blade made her breast almost jiggle out of the chainmail bikini. Almost.

“What if I say no? Would you fight me to protect him?”

“No,” Nash said. “I would not fight you.”

Crimson Kate looked at him with her beautiful green eyes. The look on her face was pure scorn. “Are you a coward, Nash Nighthammer?”

“No,” Nash said. “I just don’t fight my friends. And neither should you.”

The duel was fast. Turnik was a trickster and agile but his attempt to get dirt in her eyes failed miserably. So did his poisoned dart as well as his concealed knife. To the surprise of the rest of the party, Crimson Kate merely disarmed him and pressed her sword to his throat till he quit.

Some members of the party whispered that she spared him because she found his roguish good looks attractive. When they offered this opinion to Nash, he merely nodded in agreement. For some reason, Turnik thought the theory was rubbish.

As night fell, Crimson Kate approached Nash Nighthammer as he selected his tree for the night.

“Nash, I did as you asked,” Crimson Kate said.

“And I thank you,” Nash said.

“I have a boon to ask of you,” Crimson Kate said. “Will you walk with me?”

Nash didn’t hesitate. “Of course.”

Crimson Kate led him deeper into the forest. The rest of the party was too busy tending to their wounded and preparing for camp. Nash could smell the cooking of rations as they walked into the trees.

“Here,” Crimson Kate said. She sat on a fallen tree log and pointed to the other end of the log for Nash to sit down.

Nash sat down facing her. Crimson Kate placed her sword between them. He placed his warhammer on the ground beside himself.

“I took a vow,” Crimson Kate said. “No man may have me unless the defeat me in battle.”

“I will not fight you,” Nash said.

“I know,” Crimson Kate said. “I did not take a vow of chastity.”

The brave warrior woman did not elaborate. Nash waited until he realized that he saw something on Crimson Kate’s face that he never thought he would see. It was fear.

“A vow of chastity is different from allowing no man to have you,” Nash said carefully. “In fact, I think not having a vow of chastity would make the other vow easier.”

Crimson Kate nodded. Her beautiful red hair fell in front of her face. Nash suspected that she was happy for the cover.

“If you wish,” she said quietly, “I would like your company for what I am about to do.”

“I would like that,” Nash said.

Crimson Kate’s face blushed as red as her blood soaked hair. Without saying another word, she released the clasp that hung from the center of her chainmail bra. The cups fell open to reveal the freckled beauty beneath.

“You know, I always thought the chainmail would chaff the skin,” Nash said.

“They would but the Sisters of the Chainmail have their armor made by a talented hermit who uses magic metals,” Crimson Kate said.

Nash looked at the magnificent breasts. The nipples were a pale pink color that merged into the paleness of her skin. Each breast was pert and firm despite their size. He wondered if that too was due to the magic of the metals.

Crimson Kate continued to undress. She rose slightly from the log to undo the clasp on her chainmail bottom. The bush of hair she revealed was just as fiery as her name. Nash saw that her hair was already damp.

“Your cock,” Crimson Kate said. “Let me see it.”

Nash pushed aside his loincloth. His manhood pointed at her, eager to bury itself in her forbidden crimson.

She looked down at his cock and smiled. The warrior woman reached between her legs and started to stroke herself. She was fierce with her ministrations. Her fingers pushed at herself roughly, attacking the folds of her sex with the same fury that she fought with.

Nash watched with wonder. He had seen women pleasure themselves before but never a woman like Crimson Kate. Her mouth growled with pleasure and rage. Her muscular thighs clenched the side of the log with fearsome power. Her torso gyrated like a skilled fencer. The way she put her entire body into it made her heavy breasts bounce constantly. She shook her head back and forth till she was surrounded by a halo of fire.

Nash was perfectly still except for his breathing. He didn’t want to disturb her at all. He knew what he was watching was rare and a single wrong move could result in a fight. Worse, it would result in Crimson Kate stopping and he didn’t want to be responsible for that.

Crimson Kate’s fierce eyes locked on Nash. “Stroke yourself,” she said.

Nash frowned.

“Stroke yourself, please,” Crimson Kate said. “As one friend would for another.”

Nash smiled. He gripped his cock with his hand and started to stroke. Normally he would need to spit to lubricate himself but watching Crimson Kate had fired his desires. If anything, he was going to have a problem holding off his climax.

Crimson Kate had no such trouble. With her eyes focused on Nash’s cock, her fingers attacked her sex with increased passion. She plunged her fingers deep into her sex with rugged thrusts. Her pale white thighs opened wider and wider. With her other hand, she grabbed her breast and squeezed deep of her soft flesh.

“Ah!” Crimson Kate cried out. Her body shook with the force of her orgasm.

Nash couldn’t hold back. His cock released and sent forth a shower of seed towards Crimson Kate. Nash watched with amusement as his seed landed on one of Crimson’s Kate’s breasts. His amusement faded as Crimson Kate looked down on the mess he made.

“I mean no offense,” he said.

Crimson Kate smirked at him. He was struck by how girlish her smirk made her appear.

“That might be the closest anyone has ever come to getting past my defenses,” she said.

Nash couldn’t hold back as he laughed. Crimson Kate joined him. The two friends laughed in the safety of each other.

“We should head back to camp,” Crimson Kate said.

“Agreed,” Nash said. “And may I ask a boon of you again?”

“Anything,” Crimson Kate said.

“Can you not cripple any more of our fellow adventurers till after we defeat the Dark Warrior?” he asked.

“That is a fair request,” she said. “Though I will be in a better mood for their challenges if we were to repeat this every night.”

“That is a fair trade,” Nash said.

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