Feb 122010

My video card died this week. That means my computer still works but my poor motherboard has to do all the graphics and well, it can be slow as shit. I will get a new card this weekend but in the mean time, I have been doing weird offline things like reading books and watching movies.

The break has been useful in one aspect. I had this idea for a new novella and I just need to nail down the characters. I call it ‘casting’ because I try out different character ideas in my head with the same plot. By trying different approaches, I tend to hit the ground running when I actually start writing. A lot of my characters have already been in one story that is never written before I ever do put them down to paper.

This novella is a little different in that I want characters who will blend two genres of movies. I am a big fan of grindhouse over the top b-movies like ‘Escape from New York’ and ‘Death Race 2000’. Recent movies like ‘Planet Terror’ and ‘Doomsday’ are fun tributes to the mad genius of John Carpenter. In fact, ‘Planet Terror’ is the first movie that me and my wife saw together and it is considered our romantic movie.

I am also a huge fan of softcore erotica movies. The plot emphasis of softcore movies appeal to me over their hardcore cousins, but I also enjoy the rather sexually casual insanity of softcore movies. In those films, there is always a reason to have sex or to get naked. Every action becomes foreplay which in my humble opinion is how it should be.

What I like about both genres is that they each one exists in its own universe. In grindhouse movies, bullets fly like confetti. Every villian is a crazed madman and every hero has a snarl and dark past. In softcore movies, no one wears a bra for long, lesbians happily switch orientation at the slightest provocation and no business can’t be saved if you switch to bikinis. Both genres defy reality as we know it but they adhere to their own reality. I want to make a blender of those realities and create something new.

Well, something very similar to what I already did with Thigh Vs Thigh. I covered a lot of this ground before with two enemies, Amy and Bethany. Now that I am older and happily married, I am more intrigued by the idea of two partners. Like a Tango and Cash except they fuck each other more.

Right now I have Max Cox and Olivia Pusse’. Max is a black male stripper turned bounty hunter. Quite frankly, I think male strippers are a neglected character type. Think about it, a male stripper is totally ripped. He’s got killer abs, knows how to dance and he had biceps the size of cannons. Being a bounty hunter just means he has brains too.

Olivia Pusse’ is a bit harder to nail down. She is a private eye, but I am having trouble nail down her softcore movie side. At first I was going to go with Nurse because that is what Pam Grier was in Coffy. I resisted that though because sometimes it is fun to pay tribute, but what we should all strive to do is innovate. Besides, ‘Coffy’ is more grindhouse than softcore. I also like the idea of the big tough guy having the more salacious job origin. So that ruled out camgirl, sex blogger and escort for Olivia. Right now I am leaning towards Cheerleader because it is not a job that commands respect but it does create expectations of beauty. It is still up for debate.

I am sure Pusse’ and Cox will be coming to a monitor to you sometime this year.

  4 Responses to “Casting”

  1. Have you considered casting Pusse against type? In “So I Married an Axe Murderer,” Mike Meyer’s finacee was a butcher. That could make for some interesting subplots.

  2. A butcher would be interesting for sure. I worry though that it is too reminiscent of horror movies as opposed to sexploitation.

  3. Since Cox is kind of going against gender stereotype, why not do the same with Pusse’? Maybe Pool Girl or Pizza Girl? Food for thought…

  4. Oldfan- That’s not a bad idea. I’ll kick it around in my head.

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