Jan 022010

I am back from Puerto Rico and incredibly lazy. After a few days of staring at a beautiful beach I find it very hard to do anything but write and eat. I will give you a real post on Monday, I swear it.

In the meantime, posting has begun on my other blog, ‘Still Alive’. Thrill to the daily adventures of a man trapped in Atlanta during a zombie crisis. It is not non-erotica but still for adults due to violence, cursing and wishing he would get laid. Come to think of it there is a shitload of cursing. Probably not safe for work in any shape or form.

And yes, it will post daily. I know you find that hard to believe considering I barely update this blog three times a week but trust me. ‘Still Alive’ will post daily till its conclusion.

So please check it out and tell all your friends. You know how much I suck at self marketing. Spread the word and enjoy my dip into horror.

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