Jan 182010

Today on my blog I would like to take a personal day and talk about myself.

As a white man married to a brown woman, I feel indebted to Martin Luther King Jr. and the work he did for this kind of reality to exist. We are not a perfect society but I shudder to think of where we would be without him.

On a work note, my boss was fired and I was not. It is not that we did anything wrong as much as our CEO felt he could save money by firing the more experienced person as opposed to what I would have done which is fire the less experienced person and make the other person work more. I am sad to see my boss and friend go. I am also going through a weird survivor guilt thing where I feel guilty for not being fired. It has certainly filled my thoughts this weekend.

On a hobby note, my ‘Prisoner of the Wizard’s Harem’ is being savagely ripped through by proofreaders with better grammar then me. Today I am editing a draft of ‘Cell Phone Slave’ that will need to be ripped apart by said proofreaders. The way things are working out I suspect both books might be out in February. I apologize for the delays but I just want them to be perfect.

On a selfish note, I am enjoying the Hell out of Overlord right now. I bought the game off Steam at a discount but if I knew how much fun it was I would have totally paid full price. You play a dark lord who leads an army of the cutest minions you have ever seen. It is less of a war game and more of a puzzle solving game with horrible little creatures.

On a marketing note, may I recommend you check out my fiction blog, ‘Still alive in Atlanta’. It posts every day rise or shine. Jimmy Varn fights every day to stay alive in a zombie apocalypse. That’s topical, right?

  2 Responses to “Personal Day”

  1. Hey Shon–
    I’m sorry I never got back to you with proofreading for the Harem that you sent during the holidays, because by the time I got around to it, I figured you were working with a more advanced version. But if you still need help, I’d be happy to run through it again. Also, I’d be happy to look over Cell Phone Slave. On a similar note, the “About” section on Still Alive says his name is Jimmy Varns.

    Congratulations again on your marriage.

  2. Bridget- Cool, when I get my poop together today I’ll send you some documents :)

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